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Sarah Palin Tries To Use Her Own Seven Year Old Child Piper As A Political Shield AND IT FAILS!

Posted by Job on October 13, 2008

This is the example of a strong bold principled Christian woman that has the support of not only frauds like James Dobson but more serious people like Al Mohler? It is amazing that conservatives not known for being overtly religious like Charles Krauthammer and Kathleen Parker have recanted their support of Palin while Christian leaders and opinion makers are still backing her.

Palin Drops Puck at Flyer’s Game Receives Mixed Reaction

“The GOP Vice-Presidential nominee said at an earlier fundraiser that she would stop some of the booing from the rowdy Philadelphia fans by putting her seven year old daughter, Piper in a Flyers jersey. She said, “How dare they boo Piper!”” Classic. I wonder if J. Lee Grady still thinks that Palin is a prophetess like Deborah. Oh, great, and she is pro – life, right? So am I, as is every legitimate Christian. But are we seeing here that being pro – life does not necessarily a legitimate Christian make? (Plenty of, er, Muslims are pro – life by the way.) But goodness, apparently being pro – life means having them to exploit them for your own personal ambition?

Incidentally, this Fox News report in claiming that her play might have worked … well their take is controversial. From a comment on their own site: ”

…if you’re going to tell a report a story, report in its entirety and be accurate. Let the readers also know, she was “BOOED,” at this game. Pretell. what the h____ has happened to “fair and balanced reporting? Get the video and allow your readers to hear it!!!!!!

I’m ever so grateful for my parents raising me right!”

But hey, that is Fox News, owned by the world’s biggest pornographer Rupert Murdoch, who calls New Age syncretist Rick Warren his pastor. We should expect them to act like that. For a woman that so many Christians, including serious ones not affiliated with the religious right, are seriously desiring for her to serve as some sort of Christian leader or role model in the secular sphere, we are to expect more. You would think that we would have learned this already from having been burned so many times by George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, and so many others who used evangelical votes to gain power for themselves and their masters.

Now whether Palin is another George W. Bush – a liar and deceiver from the start – or is merely someone a bit eccentric and confused and is probably being used by McCain and others, I am not in position to say.

Maybe I am being easy on her because she is a woman. (Or maybe it is because I can personally relate to a person who made one of the biggest gaffes of the campaign while going out to get cheesesteaks. Unless it was staged to contribute to an eventual Obama victory, that incident was probably the best example of how completely unready for the national stage Ms. Palin is. But hey, if I was in Philadelphia, I would have gone out for one of their favorite cheesesteaks too. Getting a cheesesteak versus being John McCain’s vice president: NO CONTEST!) But I will definitely say based on her behavior that Christians should stop viewing her or passing her off as “our Christian warrior representative” and start supporting and advocating (or opposing and rejecting) her based on her views and qualifications. Which, if anyone can let me know anything that she actually DID as city councilwoman, mayor, oil and gas commissioner, and governor aren’t quite that bad.


6 Responses to “Sarah Palin Tries To Use Her Own Seven Year Old Child Piper As A Political Shield AND IT FAILS!”

  1. Devon said

    Job, honestly, your really reaching on this one!!

    In your desparate pursuit to somehow paint the right as bad as the left, you end up overreaching constantly in your hope to find as much evil on each side…

    Let’s see….which side is it that supports socialism, higher taxes, abortion, gay agenda, multiCULTurism, unfettered immigration, hatred of Christ and Christianity, moral relativism, revisionist history, and on and on…

    Now, you will answer by saying that people on the right also support some of the above items….and that would be correct..

    However, the principle of Conservatism are against those above evils….just because their are people on the right (south park republicans, RINO’S, Libertarians) and others that are diluting what we Conservatives stand for, doesn’t take anything away from Conservative Values…

    When a Conservative decides to run, then I will gladly support them ……

    The problem is that the whole political paridigm has shifted further and further left and we are now to the point that someone like McCain now represents the right…a moderate at best…

    We have a fundamental disagreement here….you believe unless a Puritan or perfect christian runs for office, you cannot vote for them….I , on the other hand, realize that in the political world, we work with the hand your dealt…and that quite often is taking the best alternative….as poor as that may be in this case…

    Only in Heaven will we be governed perfectly and justly…down here, we do the best we can ….

  2. James said

    I like Palin better than the senators who voted for the Panic/Fraud/Bailout/Rescue bill.

  3. Job,

    But are we seeing here that being pro – life does not necessarily a legitimate Christian make? (Plenty of, er, Muslims are pro – life by the way.)

    You know the Pharisees would also fit the pro-life, anti-homosexual everything mold of so-called “Judeo Christian values” too.. And hey, the Pharisees kept more laws than the ones given the “Judeo Christian values” label.

    And for anyone wondering what Job was talking about regarding her recent gaffe, see: Sarah Palin’s Pakistan Cheesesteak Gaffe.

    I think Palin trying to run the kid as cover was cheap and having lived a few years in the Philadelphia area, I can tell you what everybody already knows, Philadelphia fans are ruthless! If she wanted to cater to the crowd, she should have tried wearing the gear herself, at least a jersey and a hat too. It probably would have lowered the boos by about 20% 😀 😆 . It’s Philly, one of the most Blue towns in America, she knew she had boos coming and should have just taken it, or performed the pandering herself. At least she was not Michael Irvin laying on the field of play injured, unable to move and being booed, oh that was so ugly when that happened… And Irvin kept his Cowboys jersey on!

    Devon, both team Obama and team McCain support murder of innocent babies in their own special ways. Obama via abortion and McCain via embryonic stem cell research, which Obama also supports. Think of those babies as Christians being used as lab rats and ask yourself if you still feel you’re seeing such a good “alternative” in John McCain. (Can you say those babies being used as lab rats are not elect of God?)

    James, the only reason Palin didn’t vote for the bailout, is because she’s not a US Senator. If she was, she would have been lock step with the rest. Come on now. You know Palin is the pork queen of Alaska! She got more federal pork rolled her way than most states, even took the money for the bridge to nowhere, nixed the bridge for political points and KEPT THE MONEY.

  4. James said

    There is nothing about Obama that I agree with but breathing air.

  5. James said

    To flip over what you said about the senate votes. Palin made a few blunders as an executive of a city and a state but Obama has never had an executive position to make those errors. He usually votes present to take a stand on anything but being president. He has not done his current job well. If I were his employer and asked him to give an account he would be the first to be laid off.
    Neither Palin or any of the senators have been good leaders. I could vote for the one who would do the least damage. I could vote for an independent who I mostly agree with.

  6. Devon said

    That’s the thing though James….McCain is not a great candidate by any means…but Obama is simply brutal….and consider this, the Left are going to control the Senate, Congress and Presidency….that is scary…Pelosi and Obama…yikes…they are not just left…they are radical left…

    Of course, you could argue that this will lead us into the Book of Revelation…

    Thank Goodness the Lord is still in control of whoever is in power down here…

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