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Gospel Music? Yes? No? Take 2

Posted by Job on October 10, 2008

With the first video I say no because I disagree with the doctrines expressed in the music. I much prefer the second video. What say you?


4 Responses to “Gospel Music? Yes? No? Take 2”

  1. N. Spears said

    When I was drinkin the Word Faith kool-aid I used to listen to Israel and New Breed all of the time. Now, it just makes me shiver. I do like Lacrae and the other LAMP Mode artist. Have you heard Shai Linne? He is my favorite.

  2. Job said

    N. Spears:

    Yep, I agree 100%. Thanks for the Shai Linne recommendation. From what I have seen, Lacrae has better music, but Shai Linne better lyrics.

  3. Jonathan De Leon said

    Hey Job so what type of music do you prefer? Rap, rock, or other?

  4. Job said

    Jonathan De Leon:

    Quite honestly, my first preference is rap. My second preference would have to be traditional gospel. My third preference is classical, and after that choral/hymnal. I also have a strong affinity towards bluegrass gospel that I cannot explain.

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