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The Black Value System Is A Different Gospel!

Posted by Job on October 8, 2008

From I’m Speaking Truth

The Black Value System Vs. The Bible


5 Responses to “The Black Value System Is A Different Gospel!”

  1. James said

    The black value system should be something the media took a look at before they endorsed a candidate who signed onto it.
    If a Republican were in a chuch that members signed onto a white system then there would be an uproar.

  2. Job said


    Please do not pretend that Republicans do not have their longtime flirtations with the “sit down boy!” white supremacists. As a matter of fact, the Republicans only ended the official race – baiting stance in 2000, when George W. Bush convinced them that diversity was the only way to hold onto power (which incidentally was the main reason why I backed Bush over McCain in 2000, prior to that race I was actually a McCain fan). But there is still a huge Bob Grant – Jared Taylor – Steve Sailer – Charles Murray – John Derbyshire segment of the GOP that claims that blacks are genetically inferior and that our legal, economic, social, etc. policies should reflect that reality. Lots of said conservatives have abandoned Christianity in favor of Darwinism because of Christianity’s assertion that all men are equal. As a matter of fact, the National Review Online had a piece yesterday which asserted that Obama would be anti – science because he would oppose genomics research that would prove the inferiority of the black race. See that link below. Bottom line: if a person rejects Christ, it does not matter what else such a person accepts.

  3. Yeah, Murray and Jared’s views are nothing more than neo-eugenics. They deny that those who are poor or non-white can achieve great intellect via education and other forms of intervention. Mainstream scientists rebutted Murray’s Bell Curve book.

  4. James said

    When I look at the candidates in the race only one has signed onto a racial supremist doctrine. Anyone who signs a document like this should be disqualified by most people who prefer assimilation and acculturation of all Americans. Anyone who sat under and baptized their children into this bile is also questionable.
    I am black and would not sit under this sewage. I am an evangelical Christian who loves the company of any friendly Christian. The Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan was also honored by this church. Please correct me if I’m wrong on this. These segregationist teachings must be opposed whether they be from white or black churches

  5. James said

    The Republicans allowed blacks in California to vote in their party long before the DNC decided to take them in in 1968. In fact if you watch “Eyes on the Prize” it was the Red Rooster Democrats who proved to be more segregationist. You also mentioned eugenics.
    Still only one major candidate has signed onto a racial supremist and segregationistic doctrine and he isn’t the Republican. Even though I am a black Evangelical I don’t mind you putting a few zingers on the GOP, especially the current occupant of the white house. I hope whites would stand up to racist that look like them just like I would want the same for my melanin shade.

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