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Kenya to deport Obama critic Swift Boat Veteran Jerome Corsi

Posted by Job on October 7, 2008

At first I thought (hoped) that Corsi was in Kenya doing some investigating into Obama’s background, a task that the media refuses to take upon itself. (For instance, is Barack Obama’s real name Barry Sotero? And was Barack Obama’s father Kenyan, did his family migrate to Kenya from Arabia as some claim?) Regrettably, it just looks like he was seeking publicity for himself to sell his book. What a shame. It appears that Corsi is no different from the rest.

Kenya to deport Obama critic Corsi- (UPDATED)


22 Responses to “Kenya to deport Obama critic Swift Boat Veteran Jerome Corsi”

  1. stophate said

    You mean the anti-Islam, anti-Catholic, anti-semitic, homophobic, 9/11 conspiracy theorist is finally getting the treatment he gives others ? This guy is simply into making a buck by fear mongering and hatred. I don’t think there is anybody he hasn’t managed to get angry at him.

  2. Anti-Catholic?? When is dissenting with Roman Catholic doctrine illegal? It is. People have a right to disagree with Catholic doctrine. Corsi is Catholic, so this argument doesn’t wash with me. 9/11 conspiracy theorist? I know plenty of 9/11 Truthers who are very intelligent and wise. People have right to agree and disagree with 9/11 Truth tenets. Anti-Islam? Dissenting with Islam doesn’t mean you stereotype every Muslim as a terrorist fanatic. As for those other points, that’s Corsi’s business to respond. The question is that it’s wrong to jail an innocent man who peacefully wanted to investigate information. Also, much of his book is accurate. I’m not saying everything in it is true. This doesn’t justify his arrest at all. Stop hate? Sorry, I will not stop hating evil, corruption, injustice, and unfair arrests (regardless if it happen toward people I disagree with personally).

  3. I mean it isn’t illegal to dissent with Catholic doctrine in America.

  4. stophate said

    I could be wrong but I betcha 10:1 Truthseeker is sitting in a dark basement with a piece of tin foil on his head to protect him from the government mind control. lol

  5. Job, he was there to investigate Obama and slated to reveal details of his findings. 15 minutes before he was going to do that he was picked up and taken from the event by immigration officials. The main purpose was the investigation, you don’t think he expected to actually make big book sales in Kenya do you?

    The book, features many details that many would like to cover up.

    The research and his book are all related matters.

    You can see more details at WND: Kenya detains Corsi during Obama probe. Be sure to read that.

    When Jerome Corsi gets back state-side, he’ll probably have some scoop the Kenyans didn’t want told.

  6. Nice. The only response you give is an ad hominem attack. Aren’t you the type that is suppose to be so “tolerant.” Frankily, questioning government lies from the war on terror to our rights being violated isn’t being a tin foil hat person. It makes me an intelligence, strong, and able human being. I’m an American and I have a perfect right to question the so-called facts given to us from our leaders from about 9/11 to other aspects of the world. I rejects the lies given by certain people in the government.

  7. Job said


    All right. The article made it appear that he was only there to sell books and to use Obama’s half brother in a publicity stunt. Hopefully he did actually find some information while over there that we will be finding out soon.

  8. Job said


    So, you do not desire to know more about Barack Obama’s background? You must admit that Obama’s family has had a knack for getting themselves into positions of power and influence. How many 6 year olds write kindergarten essays saying that they want to be president of the United States, especially 6 year olds that jump around from Hawai’i to Kenya to Indonesia? I already know about John McCain’s background and motivations; it would be very helpful to know the same about Obama, especially if it turns out that Obama is just using the people who perceive themselves to be controlling them.

  9. stophate said

    Its too bad some people spend their time spinning conspiracy yarns and spreading hate about Christians and judging others. Maybe if they spent more time in the word and less in the world then things might be clearer. I’m just a regular church going veteran, husband and father and its not that complicated. Personally this election is easy for me, one side is gonna spend more of our money on the the poor and the working class and is against the war ( pro life ) and the other claims to be pro life but hasn’t ever done anything to prove it and doesn’t give a flip about people, unless you are a millionaire that is or a defense( I hate using that word it should be offense lol ) contractor. God Bless.

  10. Job said


    Well, the people who spun conspiracy yarns about George W. Bush were ultimately vindicated. Do you agree or disagree?

  11. It’s kind of ironic that some who demonize those who outline conspiracy facts when conspiracies are outlined in the Word of God for thousands. It’s a despicable stereotype to say that people who are pro-life are pro-war. Tons of conservative Christians opposed Bush’s policies, the wars on terror (including those in Afghanistan), and are pro-life. Also, real intelligent people don’t believe or concieve of spreading hate about Christians. We just hate evil and injustice in the world. Also, judging isn’t monolithic as we are required to judge righteous judgment as found in John 7:24. Not to mention that dedicated people have been studious in studying the Word of God for centuries, yet they understood the goings on in the world. This election has 2 major candidates that are pro-war (depending on which type of killing you desire. Even one of them wants strikes in Pakistan, which is occuring now violating Pakistani sovereignity), want super spending when you’re in an economic downturn, and agree with the bailout (which allows the Treasury to have Big Brother power, have millions of dollars in Pork barrol spending, and allows the IRS to be a spy network against innocent taxpayers. This bailout has done nothing to stabilize the economy at all. It was a lie and welfare for Wall Street). One is better than the other on some issues. The other is worse than the other on some issues.

  12. James said

    False promises were spewn all over tonight in the debate. John McCain is using Obama’a magical words “middle class.” McCain has entered the Obama twilight zone of false promises. Obama is the champion of silver tongued promises and McCain tried to mimic and be Mr. Spender. The Obama folks will not be deterred from their great leader who will promise more. The Democrats are like Lucy with the football “I promise you Charlie Brown you can kick it.” The people strain with all their might to kick it but fall on their backs again and again. What the DNC takes from you is not a football but your paycheck.

  13. James said

    That was a great post. I was a medic in the army now I’m in the Coast Guard. I am a pro-life Christian. If the new president of Iraq says we are needed then we should stay to keep order. The moment he says “Thank you-your services are no longer needed then we should destroy the ammo and bring everyone home.

  14. Thanks

  15. Devon said

    Stophate, are you actually referring to Obama as a christian? The guy that fully supports abortion and the gay agenda??

    The guy that is a universalist! Obama is many things…but he most certainly is not a regenerate christian….though we all should be praying that he becomes one….

  16. cathy said


  17. James said

    If you look at many other articles on this site you would see that the left Christians are in a struggle with the right Christians. People who are pro-life will flop,& those who believe marriage is between and man and a woman will flop.
    Because of Obama you have people who are willing to discard the teachings of faith for socialism. The suburb churches will have a social divide but I see Obama stickers on many vehicles in the parking lot of black churches. I see very few McCain stickers anywhere. If you had a McCain sticker at an inner city church then you better have more security guys in the parking lot so nobodys tires get slashed.

  18. James said

    There should have been a background investigation on Obama while he was running for the Senate that would have clearly shown his proper identification and family history. This stuff should have been out there long ago. Every few years I have to get my credentials updated and I’m just a worker bee. Kenya should let this man get the facts.

  19. Tonya said


    So much hate for Obama and so much love for McCain. Obama is no more responsible for who he was born to, where he lived, what school he attended, what religion his parents raised him with or the color of his skin than any of you!!! See my friends you pull the gnat out of your brothers eye, when you have a plank in your own. How is it that anybody can sit up here and talk about Obama and his liberal views. If you ever had a friend who cheated on their spouse or you stole or know someone who stole or told a lie or coveted or hated then you my friend are a hypocrite. See you tolerate what you will but turn around and sit in the judge chair. Did you breath the fire of life in Adham nostril, did you speak to the sea and it receded, can you tell me the expanse of the universe? Than how can you judge who a man is by who he was or what he did?? Do you know what’s in a man heart because the bible said “God searches the heart of men”. Just because Obama doesn’t feel that he has the right to oppress anyone’s views or life style, people get angry. Is abortion wrong…the bible says that the life of a creature is in its blood. Can Obama tell a woman if she should or shouldn’t have an abortion, no because the spirit of God is the revealer of truth. If she’s having a abortion, in her heart she knows its wrong but she chooses to go against the grain. Didn’t God know Cain was going to kill Abel, yet he did not stop him, however he gave him a warning!!! God is watching us every minute of every hour of everyday and yet we still live even though we choose to do evil. Every man will give an account for his evil doings and the bible does tell us to rebuke a man in his folly so that we don’t share in his punishment. But the bible also tells us judge not lest we be judge with the same judgment on judgment day. I’ve also heard the questions about who is he?? Why does it matter, he was raised up for such a time as this!!! Do any of you believe in redemption or forgiveness, does a mans past dictate his future??? Why should he be guilty by association??? Than any of you who have questionable friends, relatives, husbands, wives and children, I petition you to charge yourselves with their crimes because it is guilt by association!!!

    Who am I you ask?? A 34 year old mother of four homeschooled children who has been married for 11 1/2 years, I served my country and I’m educated. However I think that people need to look past the past!! If Obama is not the right candidate then simply don’t vote for him. Why does his race, past affiliations and lineage concern you. Is John McCain pure as snow, are you??? Jesus said he who is without sin cast the first stone!!! Throw a stone now!! Because every word, every thought, every gesture, every good and bad deed is being recorded in heaven as you read!!!

  20. Tonya said

    I should also make one more note, If Obama is from something else or of something else. Than God will surely deal with him, make no mistake!!!

  21. Job said


    If you think that I am promoting John McCain, you have not read this weblog very often or very long. I actually criticize McCain far more because I consider the religious right to be a far bigger problem for evangelical and fundamentalist Christianity than the religious left.

    “Do any of you believe in redemption or forgiveness”

    I am not trying to determine whether he is going to go to heaven. I am trying to determine whether he is fit to be president. By my standard, neither he nor McCain measure up. If either of them do, I would like for you to tell me what qualifies either for the office. Both men have spent the last 12 months lying, shifting their positions on the same issue 3 to 4 times in a matter of weeks. If you think that they are just going to turn that off and start being honest men once in office, well look at Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, etc. and get back to me.

    “Why does his race, past affiliations and lineage concern you.”

    Because he has already demonstrably lied about some of them and I want to see if he is lying about more. And besides, if he had strong ties to Nazi Germany, wouldn’t you like to know that? Of course you would! Ooops, well maybe not, because Pope Benedict was literally a former Nazi, and the Bush family made a mint off Nazi Germany. Further, Clinton, Gingrich and the Bushes are members of a variety of the same secret and not so secret societies who all have some degree of culpability in this global financial mess that we are experiencing right now. So maybe we SHOULD HAVE cared more about these guys’ backgrounds, because we are certainly paying the price for not.

  22. Job said


    By the way, why do we have an ambassador to the Vatican? Don’t you find that to be, you know, strange?

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