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Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Christian Sex Advice Column

Posted by Job on October 6, 2008

Amazing how Christians have gone from opposing mainstream media attention given to people like Dr. Ruth Westheimer (who can now be seen on a PBS television show aimed at children) and Dr. Joyce Brothers to casting aside considerations of public modesty and running with the exhibitionist culture. Further, this feature of theirs has existed at least since 1997.

So, I almost feel a little bad for going after certain televangelists as well as some contemporary and gospel artists who have gotten into the show some skin and jiggle act, because rather than being innovators pushing the margins of what is considered to be accepted by Christians, they are actually only newcomers to something that has been going on in mainstream acceptable evangelical Christianity for some time.

Am I opposed to Christians discussing such topics? Of course not. But such discussions should take place in private between a church pastoral staff and married couples. Bedroom activity should not be exposed to the world so that anyone and everyone, regardless of their Christianity or for that matter their spiritual or emotional maturity level, can read them. I suppose that because it is in a Christian magazine with the articles written by Christian marriage therapists makes it OK, somehow different from a similar offering in secular outlets? Well, I suppose that we need Billy Graham’s Christianity Today, which represents the evangelical mindset that Christians need to engage the world rather than separate from it in order to be able to more effectively spread the gospel and transform the culture for the better, to answer this question for us.


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