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Ravi Zacharias and Jack Hayford Joined Noted Pulpit Pimps John Hagee, TD Jakes And Joyce Meyer To Pull Off Pray For Peace Of Jerusalem Event!

Posted by Job on October 6, 2008

Two cannot walk together unless they be agreed.

Major Global Prayer Initiative for Jerusalem Peace Begins

Millions of Christians from around the world are expected to take part in the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem on Sunday. The annual event, observed each year on the first Sunday of October, boasts support from many prominent Christian leaders including T.D. Jakes, Jack Hayford, John Hagee, Sunday Adeleja, Ravi Zacharias, Michael W. Smith, and Joyce Meyer.

These leaders and thousands of others have signed a document calling for global prayer for Jerusalem and all its inhabitants. “As Christians and believers in the Word of God, we have a responsibility to pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” wrote Joyce Meyer of Joyce Meyer Ministries. (As Christians, you are also supposed to discern who you pray WITH.)

“America and Israel have been friends and allies for many years now and today we must continue to stand in support of Israel,” she added. “As the body of Christ we must ask God to bring them not only peace in the natural, but also peace spiritually through relationship with Jesus Christ.” (So Joyce Meyer is now among those claiming that our temporal political alliances are spiritual aims of the eternal kingdom of heaven. In other words, typical religious right ideas that are quite frankly not much different from the left wing flavor of amillennialism, the social gospel.)

The prayer initiative takes its calling from Psalm 122:6. which states: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: ‘May they prosper who love you.’” (So are we to fulfil that scripture by praying with occultists, Satanists, Hindus, and Buddhists? Or only with other Christians? And are we to make a big political and media spectacle of obeying scripture? Or did not Jesus Christ say that such smacked of Phariseeism?)

Besides the event in Jerusalem and in local churches worldwide, the DPPJ will also feature a 24-hour global prayer conference on Sunday. Last year, more than 700 people dialed-in from 14 nations to the prayer line to unite in intercession for Israel.

“To pray for the peace of Jerusalem is to pray, ‘Lord, let your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth, not only in the ultimate revelation of His King coming from Heaven, but in the present revelation of God’s peace as it comes into our hearts in a troubled world, to bring to the heartbeat center of the world, something of a peace that alleviates the tensions, the hatred, the bombings, the torments,” wrote Dr. Jack Hayford, co-chairman of the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.

This year, more than 200,000 churches in 175 nations will participate in the largest Israel-focused prayer event in history, according to the DPPJ Web site. The Jerusalem Celebration will be broadcasted live across 192 nations through GOD TV. (Please note: GOD TV was the Todd Bentley promotion central channel)


10 Responses to “Ravi Zacharias and Jack Hayford Joined Noted Pulpit Pimps John Hagee, TD Jakes And Joyce Meyer To Pull Off Pray For Peace Of Jerusalem Event!”

  1. Jesus never said he came to bring peace but a sword, pray for peace??? I think a better topic would be Justice for Jesus, why pray for the peace of a city earmarked for destruction..Rev16:19.The best prayer I have ever been taught aside from the Lord’s in the Bible are these three words..”Amen,Holy Spirit..have your say, have your way, this day”dr.ed,a footstool of Jesus.

  2. The OT says pray for the peace of Jerusalem in the book of Pslams. Jesus never came for peace in his First Coming, but that doesn’t mean we don’t act peaceful. Jesus is different form us. There will be peace after the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. There is nothing wrong for praying for the betterment of the Middle East at all (not just for Israel, but every nation that resides there).

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  4. […] Ravi Zacharias and Jack Hayford Joined Noted Pulpit Pimps John Hagee, TD Jakes And Joyce Meyer To Pu… […]

  5. Carolyn said

    As I read some of this “stuff”, this negative stuff I can’t help but wonder to myself what YOU PEOPLE do for others.
    Comments like TD JAKES HAS A GAY SON!! So what. Why is that important to a Christian. All the comments about Joyce Meyer and how much money she makes. Why are these things important to you people? It’s none of your business. No one is making you watch Joyce Meyer or Rev. Jakes. No one is making you send them money.
    I see no comments about how much money pro ball player or movie stars make. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???
    You guys need to get a life or could it be you are paid to do this.

  6. Carolyn said

    My comment is awaiting moderation?????? Oh I just bet it is.

  7. Devon said

    Well Carolyn, for what its worth, I am appalled at what sports and movie stars make for their efforts…I quit watching baseball when a player got 25 million per season…honestly, that is appalling…

  8. […] Ravi Zacharias and Jack Hayford Joined Noted Pulpit Pimps John Hagee, TD Jakes And Joyce Meyer To Pu… […]

  9. Elohim said

    My question is wheres the truth? kirk franklin joel osteen everybody that comes out in TBN they are all part of the skull and bones masons iluminati the only thing i can say is run for your life and tell a lot of people as much as you can the Lord will blesse you become a John the baptiste of this era

  10. Elohim said

    Carolyn this one is for you are you with Jesuschrist or are you with the its ok god knows crew your part of who you support

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