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Gospel Music? Yes? No?

Posted by Job on October 3, 2008


5 Responses to “Gospel Music? Yes? No?”

  1. Jonathan De Leon said

    Hey Job what are feelings on these videos?

  2. Jonathan De Leon said

    I meant:

    Hey Job what are your feelings on these videos?

  3. Devon said

    Well to be honest, rap is not my favorite genre in any event to begin with…I suppose for young people this could be positive…

    I cannot say dogmatically that it is wrong but I really am not sure???

    I mean, there are some good words I suppose….I really like Hymns, Southern and Black Gospel…older stuff ….. I can’t say I am into ‘christian’ rock or rap or much of the contemporary christian music….

    I suppose if this is touching some young people, then I guess it is a good thing….

  4. Andre said

    Christian Hip-Hop/Rap is a genre that does garner a lot of different opinions. I think as long as it’s inspiring and passing on the word of God, it’s a good thing. You should check out this guy. Tre The Third. I think his myspace is just I wouldn’t really necessarily call it gospel, but it has a great message.

  5. Chris said

    If you’re a fan of gospel music, I recommend that you give Micah Stampley a try. He just released his new album, Ransomed, and it’s getting great reviews. If you want to hear some of his music, check out his MySpace –

    – Chris

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