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Should Christians Pray That Congress Stands Firm And Not Pass The Bailout?

Posted by Job on October 2, 2008

My angle of course is not whether the bailout is good or bad; I am presupposing it to be quite horrid for the country and the world. The only question, then, is whether to pray against this wickedness or not. I say yes. What is your opinion? 

Senate passes its own bank bailout package


5 Responses to “Should Christians Pray That Congress Stands Firm And Not Pass The Bailout?”

  1. I think Christians should pray that the Lord’s will be done and leave it at that.

    If this fulfills Revelation 6:6, why should we be afraid or scared? It only means the coming of the Lord is near. If the lawless one is revealed so far beyond all doubt, that all Christians totally agree on who the lawless one is by name, what do we have to fear? It only means the coming of the Lord is near. And I say, come quickly Lord Jesus.

    No, I don’t want the so-called “bail out” to pass, but if this brings fulfillment of Revelation 6:6, I say the Lord’s will be done and come quickly Lord Jesus.

    So I’m resigned to leaving it in the Lord’s hands. From what I see, I stand against the bailout, but I pray the Lord’s will be done.

    This is like the famine in scripture. Do we like famine? No. But would scripture for the church be what it is without the famine that was prophesied in Acts and happened? No. So the Lord allowed a famine to come and we learned a lot from it. Scripture would not be what it is without it.

    No I don’t want famine, no I don’t want a future collapse bigger than a possible shorter collapse, I don’t want any collapse at all, I don’t want any people hurting for making ends meet, but I’ll leave it at the Lord’s will be done in prayer.

    The saints didn’t want Paul to go and I certainly would have been hoping Paul could stay as they did, but it had to be Acts 21:14 and I think that’s best.

  2. Job said


    That is a valid perspective. My perspective is that the bailout is evil, and that we should pray against evil. I also recall that God did stay His hands or delay things in response to prayer in the Old Testament. I know, new covenant, better promises.

  3. How many US Senators who voted for this do you think read all 451 pages?

    I know I don’t have time to read it all and I’m sure if this is the one the House adopts and Bush signs, mounds of mess would be found to have been approved in it, found later…

  4. James said

    This is a shell game. This is something else Bush will have to account for when it flops. He should’ve vetoed every bill since the DNC took over. This another GOP backed spendocratic bill.

  5. And James, Bush was a “spendocratic” even before the Democrats took over. Even not counting war spending, he spends more than historically noted Liberals.

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