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Tony Evans Now Hanging Out With Paula White. Oh Yes, And Andrae Crouch Too!

Posted by Job on October 1, 2008

From Melvin Jones.

Giving Honor Where Honor Is Due – Or Not



12 Responses to “Tony Evans Now Hanging Out With Paula White. Oh Yes, And Andrae Crouch Too!”

  1. Apostle Samuel Solomon said

    Not surprising………

  2. Apostle Samuel Solomon said

    Paula White just wants a rich man to keep feeding her pride, but God says PRIDE goeth before destruction and haughtiness before a fall and she is going to FALL HARD!!!!!! And may not get back up either………..

  3. Devon said

    Oh no, Andre Crouch….oh man….what is going on with the Body of

  4. Who are Andrea Crouch, Paula White and Tony Evans?

    That’s a rhetorical question… I don’t know and I couldn’t care less.

    Glad you think it’s important..

  5. Apostle Samuel Solomon said

    That’s funny. God even says that He is no respecter of persons, but Pope, we are just trying to keep the body of Christ straight and if someone doesn’t police them then it will just get worse! We are our brother’s keeper!

    And here is a photo of her that doesn’t look like a Pastur, but more like a stripper…………judge for yourself

    And God will judge too and if she doesn’t repent NOW she is out on her ear and God WILL humiliate her to the utmost! That I promise!

  6. Justice said

    The interesting thing about this is, most if not all of these pastors are have husbands. Some are co pastors. I know two of them personally and what they went through growing into their call. How many male pastors have suffered through breast cancer. They have written books, gotten their Doctorate’s in Divinity and earned the respect of their flocks. These are exceptional women! I personally know one who flew to a major city to keep her promise to speak at a women’s conference with a broken leg. She received pennies to nothing for her pain. She preached from a desk chair with wheels and a music stand…ever seen a chair walk??? It did!

    These are committed ladies. Called and anointed. The real problem is, male preachers and pastors do not have a problem working women to death in the church, with the children, with programs, the maintenance, Sunday school and ministries. We can “speak” from anywhere and say anything, but something magic happens when we are asked to speak fromt he pulpit or wear a title God has given us. Its about money. Men do not want the competition of women in being able to pastor because they see it as loosing ground in a financial area and hence, controlling the church.

    These are not just preachers, the women on the cover of the magazine have mega congregations for 4,000+ members. Many of the ministries if not all of them started as bible studies in their homes, Cynthia Hale is another powerful example.

    We need to study the Bible. Look at things in context, understand the Jewish culture and why things were said as they were said, and let God be God. God has always used women to spread the word: What do you think he told the Woman at the well to do to the extent that she left her water pot to do it…water pots were valuable assets; who was at the tomb first to receive the message of the risen Christ? What about Deborah in the old testament? The Prophetess in the temple who helped bless Jesus? His mother Mary…does it make sense that God would send the word through a woman, but not allow her to preach about Him?

    Preachers are quick to say, where the bible is silent, we should be silent. The Bible does not say that women should not preach. Nor does it say they should. We have to look at it in its fullness with prayer and fasting. If any preacher comes forth and is not call, its only a matter of time before he or she falls. Gamaliel in Acts 5:35 gave wise counsel when there was question over the authenticity of two disciples. Perhaps, that is the best approach.

    Another approach is, since the brethern are so divided on the issue, debate it, not allowing interpretation, but only relying on what the Bible actually says.

    The reason why some have women ordained pastors and ministers and others don’t in the Baptist denomination is, again the larger churches are needed to keep the finances going. If they have women and pull out, there is trouble int he camp.

    At any rate, no one can stop God. If he calls and there is an answer, whatever he wants done will happen. The sad thing is, so many people who are following such a narrow thinking are missing out on what God is doing.

    As you may suspect, I am a minister with a doctorate in a highly regarded profession. I have lived this “no female ministers battle with the Baptist for years. God says shake the dust. Women just have to make up their minds that they are going to be obedient and do what God says and go where he says go. He is faithful and he is strong. He opens doors. I have ministered to 30 in a congregation as wll as three thousand, all races, denominations and ages. The Baptist Pastors cannot stop God. Morever, all Baptist pastors are not created equal. Some are open to God’s move for women. Others cannot be due to fear that their congregations will turn against them or because of th lack of spousal support.

    Bottomline: Lets not give this more attention than it is worth. Pray for the pastors, respect them and let God give them the wake up call. Anyway, its not about the pulpit or the title…Jesus was called “teacher” and didn’t have a pulpit or a church building…he even stood in a boat!!! Be encouraged sisters….we have much work to do…and lets just be about it! Women need us, they are hurting and God’s got our backs. Just keep serving God’s people, forgiving the rejection, pressing like Paul and loving like Jesus.

    Be Blessed!

    • Tiffany said

      That may all be true dear sister but Biblically speaking, a woman is not to have authority over a man. You have to line up with the Word.They can teach other women, and should..[These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children,Titus 2:4]
      But they are not lining up with the Word of God when they assume spiritual authority over men. Men are to be priests and the head,
      [In I Cor. xi, 3-5, he says to the Church at Corinth: “But I would have you know that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.]

      The truth in love,

  7. Drew said

    you peooplel are really WAY to into this I dont even know who these men are but I know who she is. What you need to remember is that any press is good press. stop blogging and acting like you give a damn and eventually she will go away……

  8. Erica said

    How can you warn of correct a person that you don’t go to or spend some time with? as believers aren’t we suppose to do that when one of our brothers or sisters is in error; or do we just shout to them from afar?!!!

  9. sue said

    Paula White is just plain vain and out for herself. She is a seducer of men. She is too say it politely a very loose woman, someone like Potipher’s wife, basically a whore. She drains her flock of money and I pray Jesus takes this Pharisee down down down down. Too many predators and wrong people in the pulpit. We need some new fresh talent that will STAND for jesus regardless……………….

  10. Newlifecs06 said

    He without sin cast the first stone. If you are your brother’s keeper, pray for them not judge them. You’re not God. Perhaps you are being used of Satan yourself.

  11. Thinker said

    Who is Paula White anyway,is she a so called woman preacher.

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