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TBN Star A.R. Bernard Is An Ecumenical Leader?

Posted by Job on October 1, 2008

I had always wondered why TBN was so intent on promoting A.R. Bernard, who is not the typical personality that they get behind. Now we know the answer: it is all about the new world order of government, politics, and religion, and Bernard is a major player in it. It is also curious that Bernard takes the reins from Calvin Butts, a fellow who went from being a minor figure to a major player in New York ecclesiastical circles for a TV stunt where he bulldozed some rap CDs. In a similar fashion to how TD Jakes did not take off after the Time Magazine cover claimed him as the next Billy Graham (forcing the folks to go to Rick Warren and Joel Osteen instead) Butts did not achieve the media profile that many predicted. But for a TBN Pentecostal like Bernard to take the lead of a major ecumenical organization is rather significant. It really does show that the Pentecostals are going to play a major role in the globalist plans. 

Nation’s Oldest Ecumenical Council of Churches Installs New Head

NEW YORK – The Rev. A.R. Bernard, founding senior pastor of Christian Cultural Center, was officiated as the new president of the Council of Churches of the City of New York Thursday night, during an installation service where speakers called for the revival of the Church. Bernard takes the reigns of CCCNY, the nation’s oldest ecumenical council of churches, from the Rev. Dr. Calvin O. Butts III who served as president for the past 10 years. Butts is pastor of the historic Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem.

Speaking from the stage of his Brooklyn megachurch, Bernard said the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who by aligning his opinions with that of the black church, has sparked a dialogue on what the church truly is.

“It’s an opportunity for us to clearly define who we are,” he told a responsive and enthusiastic crowd. We are not the white church, black church, or Asian church but “The Church,” said Bernard.

His words echoed a rousing sermon given earlier in the three-hour service by the Rev. Elder Bernice A. King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who received a standing ovation before and afterwards. (Please note: Bernice King is a crony of notorious pulpit pimp Eddie Long, and is playing a major role in getting Long into good graces of the civil rights leadership community after Long flirted with the Republicans in 2000.)

She said it was no coincidence that it was her first time delivering a sermon since she visited the site of her father’s assassination 40 years ago. Reading from Scripture, King said it took 40 years for the situation to overturn for the beggar at the Beautiful Gate in Acts 3. It also took that long for the Israelites to enter Canaan Land from the time of Moses to Joshua. King pointed out that it has been 40 years since God spoke through “prophet King” and challenged “the church” to posture themselves so that God can bring change to the status quo. (“Elder” King failed to mention that her father, unlike her grandfather, rejected the virgin birth, deity, atoning death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So if her father was a prophet, it was of the false variety. Of course, Bernard knows this also, yet he allowed this woman to get up and lie in his pulpit. So Bernard fits right in with these people.) 

To “bring Christ into culture” is what this installation is about, she said. (There we go again. More Pentecostal dominionism as described in this link. I suppose that children of prophets can forget about what the Bible says, which is that to be in Christ is to be in emnity with the world, that if you love the world then the love of God is not in you, and that the world hates and rejects Jesus Christ, and that Jesus Christ is going to have to Himself come and subdue a wicked rebellious world with a rod of iron.)

Joining Bernard on the executive seats were vice presidents of the Council G. Morris Gurley, attorney/banker; Bishop Norman N. Quick of the Church of God in Christ; and the Rev. Arabella Meadows-Rogers, executive presbyter of the Presbytery of New York City. (So we have a moneychanger/lawyer, another Pentecostal, and a female pastor of an apostate liberal demonization – excuse me denomination. Quite a group.)

The Rev. N. J. L’Heureux, Jr., executive director of the Queens Federation of Churches, was re-elected as secretary. The Rev. Dr. Adolfo Carrion III, superintendent emeritus of the Spanish Eastern District of the Assemblies of God, was elected treasurer. (Looks like this group has basically been taken over by Pentecostals and charismatics.)

Each of newly installed officers received a certificate of installation, Bible, constitution of CCCNY, and a map of New York City. Bernard was additionally bestowed the presidential stool, which Executive Director Emeritus Dr. John Hiemstra described as representing “the yoke of Christ'” as he placed it over Bernard. (Anyone familiar with initiation rites of the various societies and cults, please comment.) Several elected officials, including two legislators and two Borough presidents, attended Thursday’s service and gave congratulatory remarks to Bernard.

Bernard, who founded CCC in 1978, also founded Brooklyn Preparatory School (BPS) in New York City in 1993. He also sits on the current New York City Economic Development Corporation Board. He is recognized by several New York publications and magazines for his work in African American and Christian communities in New York. Bernard is the host of two weekly television broadcasts, “Faith in Practice with A.R. Bernard” and “The A.R. Bernard Show,” and nationally syndicated radio broadcasts.


9 Responses to “TBN Star A.R. Bernard Is An Ecumenical Leader?”

  1. c_asia said

    You are hateful, carnal and have no understanding of the scriptures. You are possessed with the spirit of the Pharisees and Saducees and you do not speak the truth of Gods word.

  2. Jude 1&3 said

    Yes. and there was a very revealing article about the good Rev. in the New York Times earlier this year…
    & C_asia, if you are a member of ‘the center’, well, I will pray for You…

  3. david said

    You are a very hateful person and I pray the Holy Spirit guides you to true understanding. I have been to many churches in NYC and the Christian Cultural Center has a great leader in A.R. Bernard. Who are you to throw stones at a man of God (under proper authority)you never met? If you do not penetrate this fallen world, how we spread the gospel. Is it for us alone. I pray for you.

  4. Shubel Hawkins said

    Dr. Bernard is personally a fine man and he should be credited for his service to the Lord and years of devoted ministry. It is easy to attack someone that has risen to the status of power and authority that he has attained in New York City and the nation as perhaps one of the most important “evangelical” leaders. We must always consider that fundamentalist reactionaries may attack him because he is black and fundamentalism is steeped in racism. Bernard is a brilliant and gifted man and no one should doubt that he believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that in many respects his theology is benign.

    On the other hand, Dr. Bernard’s theological and ideological approach are problematic, his teaching is little different from other evangelical messages of this age, which represent the impact of organizational leadership, Wall Street, man-centered, and psycho-therapeutic teachings. Because Dr. Bernard believes that he can bring the gospel to bear upon culture by interacting within systems of power and influence, he risks becoming more like the people within those systems than he realizes. In fact, the question is, can he resist the allure of power? Rome certainly did not, nor did the right-wing fundies in the era of Moral Majority influence. Dr. Bernard represents the rise of a suit-and-tie urban (mostly black) professionalism blended with contemporary evangelicalism, schooled and savvy to beat the band. He is everything that Louis Farrakhan wishes he could have been, not only because Bernard chose better (Bernard has Jesus and Farrakhan has a pimped up “Muslim” messenger as his paradigm), but because Bernard did things right by appealing to the better educated black professionals with a message that is part gospel, part motivation, part business plan, and part upwardly mobile identity. His followers and defenders are myriad and they all tend to respond the way some have responded here, but accusing his critics of being demonized. They see him as a great biblical teacher and as a kind of savvy Joseph in Pharaoh’s court, representing the people of God. Others, including those who basically like and sympathize with him, fear that he is roughly the modern evangelical version of Booker T. Washington, for better and for worse. Time will tell whether he has brought the Kingdom to culture, or whether he’s become entangled in the culture of power. Pray for him, he needs it. In the meantime, if you’re looking for expository biblical teaching, you may have to look elsewhere.

  5. I used to faithfully attend CCC for several years. I have to say that A.R. Benard is a very dangerous man. He has a cult like following, especially amongs his volunteers. They see him as a god. “Pastor” can do anything he wants and it’s ok, even if it violates scripture. The bible says not to listen to ungodly counsel, yet he takes his followers to amex & disney to learn from them? The main reason I left CCC was because “Pastor” endorsed the false and demonic catholic doctrine!! Read DEUT 13

    • Josh said

      I agree with Reynaldo. I use to attend as well but started realizing that he makes people praise him as much as they would god. He teaches people to praise Obama, who is against what god loves and people are quick to take the man’s advice. My brother called their advisor and asked them why is the pastor clouding his judgement because of the president? Also he said its not right he told people to vote with whatever your instincts tell you. That’s wrong because racism/ignorance runs through the blood of many people because I have witnessed it. So, of course their instincts will say Obama. This man AR Benard is a false prophet. When my brother was askin questions, the advisor said through the phone “where in the bible does it say homosexuality and abortion is wrong in gods view?” When my brother schooled him with scriptures, the man hung up. If people read this and argue still. It proves you’re blind to Christ and are serving your OWN Christ. Read Romans 10:1-10 and Matthews 7-23

    • lou said

      good for you. and may the Most High God Bless you.
      That man is a mess and the people who follow him and do not read ( or better,study and obey God) are a mess too!

    • B Mack said


  6. ceesea said

    Working with people in NY city ( I am sure its the same everywhere) and hearing them brag about what BLACK CHURCH IN HARLEM OR BROOKLYN , the BRONX OR QUEENS they go to, teaches you a lot about their church and their so called pastor(s) without you ever having to step foot in those hangouts (churches)
    for one Most of the trouble Makers on jobs go to church, The black woman who gossip all day go to church, the people who can’t stop trying to break up married people on the job all go to church and or have prayers pinned on there cubicles and bibles on their desks ( it makes us REAL FOLLOWER OF CHRIST ashamed) I see black woman fight at work — curse out supervisors, chase married man on the job, Yet these same black woman will brag that they are going on a womanS retreat on the weekend or they are currently fasting. They dress like sluts on the job – talk with the dirty mouths and are very materialistic to where any one who does not worship clothing or 1500 bags they put down. Yet they will come to work and steal company paper by printing things for their church groups on the job printer. SOME MARRIED WOMAN WILL NEVER KNOW WHY THEIR HUSBAND HAS NO INTEREST IN THEM – BUT THE TRUTH IS THEY MAYBE SOME WOMAN WHO GOES TO A BLACK CHURCH THATS COMES TO HER HUSBANDS DESK 12 TIMES A DAY AND CRACKS SEXUAL JOKES AND ………SO ON AND SO ON… ( NEED I SAY MORE)
    I tell you this to say this……..If this is what comes out of these churches than why would anyone want to go to them accept for people who are living the same way. WHILE THE HINDU, MUSLIM, AND CO-WORKER WITH NO PROFESSED RELIGION ARE SAYING LOOK AT THESE FOOLS…….


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