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Sarah Palin’s Thomas Muthee Is A Word Of Faith Dominionist!

Posted by Job on October 1, 2008

I put up a post defending this fellow a few days ago. Fortunately IndependentConservative informed me of my insanity, and I removed it. Good thing too. First of all, Muthee is a Word of Faither. Second, the guy is a dominionist. This article talks about the “Christians should rule the world” mentality of third wave charismatics and Pentecostals that people like Muthee exhibit … even though the spawn of Azusa Street is almost uniformly Cyrus Scofield pre – tribulation rapturist, their attitudes towards politics, government, and secular activity come straight from the Origenist amillennialism that the Roman Catholic Church used to justify their goal to take over the world.

So we know what Muthee believes. The question is whether Palin believes it also. Because if McCain wins in 2008 as I fully expect him to, Palin is your president in 2012. Further proof that no matter who wins, Christians need to pray, serve the Lord, and resist evil in all that we do. We have to be careful and discerning. I fell into supporting Muthee out of my opposition to witchcraft, but it looks like this fellow supports something far worse: a false version of Christianity that wants to dominate the globe.


27 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s Thomas Muthee Is A Word Of Faith Dominionist!”

  1. If Palin does not agree with all the mess of all the people she continually allowed to “lay hands” on her and continued meeting with some of them EVEN THIS YEAR, she’s not to be trusted simply because she knew better and kept going to see them.

    But everything to me indicates she’s on board with them, but adjusting her views even in areas they are known to stand against for political gain.

  2. Devon said

    I’m interested in you thinking that McCain is going to win? Right now it is a close race with Obama leading….

    Granted their is 5 weeks to go but this race is a toss up with Obama with a few percentage point leads….I guess it all depends on how the economic turmoil turns out..if it gets worse, I would think the dems win…

  3. Job said


    I have developed a political theory in recent months: the guy who wins will be the guy capable of doing the most damage the fastest. Why did Nixon win in 1968 and 1972? Because only he could have created the EPA and gone to China. Why did Carter win in 1976? Because Gerald Ford, badly weakened by Nixon and Watergate, could never have created the Department of Education or implemented our current policy in the Middle East. Why did Reagan win in 1980? Because the massive economic, foreign policy, and military changes that he put in place could never have been pulled off by anyone other than someone who was viewed as a very conservative patriotic Christian. Had anyone else given amnesty to illegal aliens, made pro – abortion Sandra Day O’Connor his first Supreme Court nominee, presided over all of the fraud and scandal in the Department of Defense contracting process and ran up huge deficits that have only gotten bigger since, and send an ambassador to the Vatican. Only Reagan’s VP would have been allowed to push us into war with Iraq, to pass the Clean Air Act (the precedent for the global warming regulations), to totally skate on the savings and loans debacle (along with McCain), and to shut down so many of our military bases. Now Bush tried and failed to get NAFTA through, but failed because of a coalition of paleoconservatives and unions. So he moves aside and Clinton gets into office and is thereby able to overcome the union opposition by virtue of his party. The things that Clinton got away with by pretending to be a conservative Democrat could have never been accomplished by a liberal Democrat or a conservative Republican. George W. Bush? More of the same. Clinton tried to pass the Patriot Act and failed. Clinton tried to get China most favored trade nation status and into the WTO and failed. Clinton tried to enact No Child Left Behind and failed. Please note that attempts to greatly increase homosexual rights also failed under Clinton, who actually wound up signing the Defense of Marriage Act. And an attempt to increase government regulation and involvement in the healthcare industry failed, but Bush got prescription drugs through.

    So, I believe that a liberal black man from Chicago with African and Muslim roots named Barack Hussein Obama wouldn’t be able to so much as sneeze and wipe his nose without the talk shows and blogs wondering if it was some sort of secret signal to Islamic terrorists to blow something up (remember the “terrorist fist jab” nonsense)? Now back when Obama had very high approval ratings and was promoting peace, I thought that he would be the one guy who would be able to get African and Latino nations to join the globalist economic system. But now that he has been forced to promise to keep troops in Iraq and threaten military action against Iran and Pakistan in addition to becoming very unpopular with a significant portion of the American electorate, I doubt it. I am now convinced that the person who would do the most damage would be McCain, the guy who rescued America from the Obama horror, and of course the Palin who made it possible. McCain will sign the McCain – Lieberman climate change pact and then exit the scene. And then one of either Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin will replace him, and that is when the damage will REALLY be done …

  4. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well. I still think Bush won’t be giving up power. I pray that I am wrong.



  5. Job said


    I have been hearing rumors that George W. Bush will cancel the elections, using the financial crisis as an excuse, but I strongly doubt them. That is why I have not made a post on it.

  6. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    I believe that if Obama wins the election the following will happen. There will be some kind of terrorist attack. Then Bush will call martial law. Then the change of power will never take place.



  7. James said

    I think that Bush would want to leave office sooner than later. He’s been president under under 9-11, blamed for it. The Iraq war was a total disaster until Rumsfeld got fired and now we have a weak economy.
    Billions have already been squandered and now he is a lame duck under 2 years of the DNC holding the Congress. I’m surprised he hasn’t resigned yet.
    The world will celebrate on inauguration day and so will W.

  8. Devon said

    John, I wish we were betting man because I would take out a loan of 100 000 dollars and gladly bet you that Bush will give up power….some of you guys and your conspiracy theories are seriously over the top…

    I mean you really take ‘Alex Jones’ that seriously? Or that ilk??


  9. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    What you are saying is logical. But satan isn’t logical. Bush should be the happiest of all to be done with the job. Yet if Bush fails to give up power this country would be plunged into revolution and unfortunately a bloody one.



  10. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    I don’t know about others on to the same thing. This is just how I see it. The devil is the father of lies according to the Bible. I don’t trust one single person in congress or senate. But thanks for the name I will google it and check it out.



  11. James said

    President Bush could not go out in public anymore if he were to do something so insane. He will go back to his ranch and Cheney will go hunting if he isn’t already.
    I don’t think they would work a full day if they weren’t trying to get that panic bill passed.
    The look on his face is pathetic exasperation. I don’t believe wants this job anymore. He is just holding the spot for the next guy hoping nothing else falls apart.
    The Congress is totally out of control now. Neither party has good leadership now. This president can’t help Nancy Pelosi when he really wanted to. The past week spoke volumes to me. This president will do whatever Nancy Pelosi asks him just to prevent riots in the streets.

  12. Stu said

    You guys ought to see what’s happening up north of the border … you know, good old Canada … the place that supplies you with your energy and resources. We got an interesting election happening here as well. Nest few months will be anything but boring.

  13. Devon said

    Hi Stu…yes my fellow Canadian we have got a good one going up here and looking like a Conservative majority…Thank Goodness….

    John…so you are saying, that you know that every person in the Congress and I suppose the Senate are wicked evil people???

    Wow…that’s quite a bold statement coming from a mere mortal!!

    The problem is that some of you guys are far far into your own personal conspiracy theories that you forget about the obvious evil right in front of your eyes….

    Indeed, if we were betting men, and I would bet anyone this because I know your conspiracy theories are mostly bunk, I will give you a thousand to one odds…on one dollar, that President Bush will give up his Job as he should in Jan 09…

    That means, I put up one Dollar to your thousand dollars….that’s because I do not believe in silly conspiracy theories ala Alec Jones, Tex Marrs, Democracy Now, Daily Kos, etc etc…

    OF course, since we are not gambling men, and rightly so, I can only make the offer in theory….

    P.S….I wasn’t recommending Mr. Jones website to you…ha ha ha….now you’ll be hooked….

    Take care

  14. James said

    Bush knows he is hated deeply by so many people that he will be gone most of the time. The hatred is so bizarre and deep seated that he knows about the dangers of BDS, Bush Derangement Syndrome. People hate him so much a new conspiracy pops up everytime something happens.

  15. Although, conspiracies do exist in the world. The reason is that’s biblical and apart of history from the assassination of Lincoln to creation of the U.N. It’s annoying to hear some people (not here) to deny any conspiracy, then go around mocking people who embrace a legitimate conspiracy. This is a new day and we will not obfuscate the existence of real conspiracies in the world. Bush isn’t to be blamed for all evil in the world, but he was passed many bad laws in America.

  16. Jeannie said

    With all that is going on in Congress…who is behind a lot of our high prices; and the conflicts of deciding who our next President will be.
    I will make no predictions, but I will pray that the man who mocks the Bible in Public, the man who is for abortion amd with his own mouth is not oppossed to “gay marriages”…despite what his VP pick says…I pray he does not get into office.
    Sure good come out of an evil ruler; but I’d rather see good come from a godly ruler in our land.
    My oppinion.

  17. James said

    Biden will say that he isn’t for gay marriage but I bet Obama would either support it outright, give a nuanced opinion or say it is above his pay grade. Gwen Ifill’s book includes Deval Patrick who is outright for gay marriage in my state. Obama is the cookie cutter image of Deval Patrick. Inexperienced, haughty, and a staunch advocate for homosexuals. The liberals here in Massachusetts are now admitting their error in not putting a more qualified democrat in the statehouse. The country wants a socialistic democrat who can promise to end war, hunger, forclosures and Obama is riding the wave of socialism. That is why Palin addressed the middle class last night. You will hear middle class constantly now to tap into that yearning for more socialism. Obama will go after the rich more than ever in this bad economy and promise the world in chocolate sauce. He cannot keep his promises of free this and that without taxes. Raising taxes on anyone always hurts the economy. He can fund a program by taking money away from a wasteful program but that rarely happens.
    Democrats promise the world but republicans only promise lower taxes. Neither will balance the budget without cutting spending. This panic bill to banks is the worst bill I’ve seen this year. It won’t open up a bank that has already closed.

  18. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Obama isn’t any more a socialist than Clinton was. Clinton promised to do something about helath care and didn’t.

    Obama favors the war in Afghanastan!

    Take it from somebody who knows what the Socialists are like, it is not Obama.



  19. Devon said

    At heart, I think Obama is quite a socialist (and that isn’t a compliment) but he has come more to the center since this election started…I mean, he had too…he was on the radical left and he has smartly tacked to the right to get more votes..

    I think the real obama is the one that sat under the hate preacher Wright for 20 years….the question is, which Obama will show up if he is elected…

    Either way, it will be disastrous for America and the World if he is elected….McCain is hardly perfect either…but still better…

    James, I like the way you think….and your in one of the most left wing States too…ha ha ha….you must feel like a lone voice in the midst of all that insanity….

    Take care

  20. James said

    Obama is a socialist and his negative remarks against the bible made me think he was plain Marxist.

    The Panic bailout bill is a shell game. The market has been on a rollercoaster ride since it was passed.

  21. David L. Williams said

    Something to consider in casting your vote: In the past, each president was tested by Russia soon after entering office, before fully settling down. It was a challenge of sorts, to see how courageous the new prez was. Fortunately, we have had presidents in the past who knew how to handle this test. Reagan was not tested in his second term, they knew better. Russia is now oil rich and feeling its wheaties. They are now setting up a possible test in Latin America. If Obama is elected, will he know what to do?..DavWms

  22. Devon said

    I might be in a minority here but I really think that Russia is such a paper tiger…I mean I know it has nukes but they are not stupid enough to ever try and use them..and their conventional military is a joke…I mean an abolute joke…And not to mention, the Russians are literally slaughtering their population to death through abortion…

    Even with their new found oil money, it would take them a generation or two to even catch up with American and Western technology…

    I think the real challenge will come from continuing Islamic terrorism in the West and abroad…that is what the future President is going to have to deal with…

  23. Angie said

    Churches today are in bed with politics as we can see. Can Palin really see Russia from her house? Wow!

  24. James said

    Churches on the left will be praying for one guy and churches on the right will be praying for the other.
    I am disappointed with all three senators more than Palin right now. This Panic bill is an awful sham putting the burden on our children to remove.
    I like McCain’s view to cut pork barrell spending but he signed the biggest waste of taxdollars of our lifetime. He may as well make all the promises of Obama at this point because the rhetoric folded like a cheap suit.
    The country is yearning for socialism that is why you are hearing more about the middle class from Obama, Biden and Palin.
    The hockey mom stuff is aimed at the middle class. She is McCain’s only hope of winning right now.

  25. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well. I don’t really think most people have a grasp on what’s going on in our country. If they knew the truth they would be up in arms. As it is the people calmly accepted an aggressive war and stolen liberties. It was only when it was going to affect their pocket book did they get up in arms. And what was the result? They delayed the passage so as to look like they were listening to the people. Bottom Line is we gave 700 billion to the rich.



  26. tokethis said That’s right folks. An entire blog devoted to proving, proclaiming, and pronouncing that the self-proclaimed ‘new mystic’–John Crowder–is heterodox in his theological orientation. Anyone who believes that Christians should be getting high by pretending to smoke baby Jesus figurines should probably just stick to toking the ganga. That was spiritual enough for Bob Marley.

  27. James said

    Bill Clinton should replace the secretary of the treasury until the next administration. When he lies to the country the people tend to believe it and the markets will go back to normal. Right now few people are believing the lies.

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