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TBN: The Blasphemy Network

Posted by Job on September 30, 2008

OK, now this one is kind of “out there” (even by my standards!) but let me know what you all think. If it is not decent upright Christian conversation, I will remove it.


4 Responses to “TBN: The Blasphemy Network”

  1. Kyle said


    I don’t think this article is “out there”. The media is controlled by the likes of the CFR. It is well noted that Rockefeller was instrumental in the conglomeration of media outlets to form public opinion. We do understand that the elites control influence everything from the media to politics. Now as for TBN have you ever noticed what the thrust of the message “really” is? It’s more than just the prosperity gospel. It is consumerism. It is obtaining worldly riches. You see it does not matter whether it is via the secular media or a Christian (so-called) media network. The emphasis is consumerism. Now let me ask you a question. What is the world driven by? Of course consumption, debt, and obtaining goods and services. TBN is merely an alternative vehicle by which the same lie is spewed. TBN is fulfilling the same lie which got us into the financial mess we are in today. For example lets strip out any “Christian” things from TBN if you will. Let us look at this strictly from a consumer point of view while eliminating the tacky images, pictures of Christ, Christian stage props, etc, etc. So what do we have? We have a 24/7 programming consisting of various individuals providing a get rich quick program similar to any ponzi scheme out there which only enriches the one at the top. It is nothing more than a late night infomercial. Now as for the people who watch it are mesmerized by the possibility of obtaining the things promised in this ponzi scheme. In turn the people watching this infomercial send in their money, receive a “special offer gift” and wait to see the rewards.

    So now lets focus on the individuals watching this program. They like the rest of the world are focused on material gain. They like the world spend inordinate amounts of time watching TV. They like the world worship their TV personalities. The entertainment experience is similar to the excitement of watching a football game.

    So from what we see already the emphasis is on materialism and entertainment which is EXACTLY the same as secular media. Now let us entertain the idea of directing public opinion. As we have noted the secular media is replete with the sexual deviance. And of coarse you would assume that from them. But what about TBN? Well, let us look at Paul Crouch and his conduct with Lonnie Ford. Look at the divorces and/or infidelity of Juanita Bynum, Paula White, and Jamal Bryant. There have been open homosexuals on TBN. There are questions regarding TD Jakes. And another thing, although the likes of Todd Bentley were not on TBN network he too represents this.

    Already we are seeing a picture unfold as to the real agenda behind this. As you can see there really is nothing different between the secular media and the Christian (so-called) media.

    Let me expound further. Have you heard of the directive by our Govt. to have well known preachers and evangelist direct and persuade their followers to do what the Govt. wants in case of an national emergency? Yes it is true.

    So Job in closing this article is NOT as crazy as it seems. It should be obvious that those of us who speak the truth have neither power,influence,or wealth. Where as the secular media and Christian (so-called) have absolute power, sweeping influence, and vast wealth. TBN is part of the NWO Antichrist agenda.


  2. djenk23 said

    ^^man, John Carpenter was ahead of the curve when he came out with the movie They Live…that movie pretty much touches on a lot of what youre saying..

  3. Thomas wilson said

    Amen,Paul crouch is a homosexual.

  4. Zida Murrey said

    Hey! They removed the link to the site that exposed TBN and TD. Jakes and all the other false prophets.
    That’s soo not cool!
    I try to tell ppl about it but most of them laugh.

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