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Christian Bloggers Beware: Canadian Court Convicts Person Of Putting Hate Material On Internet

Posted by Job on September 30, 2008

This is significant because in the past, American Christian bloggers did not have to personally worry about the persecution happening to Christians in Canada, England, Germany, etc. that have faced heavy fines or worse for speaking out against homosexuality, Islam, or abortion. However, with this development, what prevents Canada from going after an American Christian for posting that homosexuality is a sin if someone in Canada files a complaint? Even if Canada will not go after individual bloggers, there are the companies that own the blogs and the ISPs. Governments could threaten those corporate entities with fines and other actions, or make the regulatory climate very tough for them. Please recall that several companies have already bowed to the censorship pressure of the Chinese government, who wanted to restrict information about Tibet and such. There were mild complaints in the media and some activists, but they largely got away with it. So were Canada or any other nation to do the same over homosexuality, abortion, or that salvation is available only through Jesus Christ, then the ISPs would fold. And can you imagine what a coalition of international governments such as the EU (or the North American Union?!?!) would do, or even a global body with jurisdiction over international telecommunications. In any event, judgments against skinheads and other sinners today (as it was in the link below) will set precedents for them to go after Christians tomorrow.

 Canadian court hands down rare Internet hate crime conviction


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