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Barack HUSSEIN Obama On The Bible

Posted by Job on September 29, 2008


13 Responses to “Barack HUSSEIN Obama On The Bible”

  1. nan said

    where can i go to hear the WHOLE message. I would like to hear the WHOLE THING before making up my mind.

  2. James said

    The whole message is more of the same anti-Biblical tripe from someone who claims he is a Christian (after someone accuses him of being a Muslim). Our founding fathers of this nation had the same debates about the influence of Chrisitanity they just didn’t the same culture of mockery against Christians as we do now in the public square.
    He supports gay marriage, abortions even to minors without parental consent, and apparently feels the scriptures are outdated on these issues.

  3. James said

    This looks like another spot where someone will say Obama is taken out of context for the sound bite. We clearly understand his context as well as his contempt toward Bible believers.

  4. Christy said

    You can listen to and read the transcript of the entire speech here:

    Interesting how some Christians who completely understand the importance of CONTEXT when it comes to studying the Bible or history willfully ignore its importance when quoting someone’s speech.

  5. tony said

    Demonize Obama if you will, make fun of his name if you will, call him apostate or anti-bible if you want. The truth is bigger than your hatred and obvious agenda to harm Obama. His comments were MOST assuredly taken out of context. I suspect you already know this, or you wouldn’t have mentioned it. John Mc Cain is not on the religious rights team. Do not dilute yourself. He once reffered to the U.S. Evangelicals as bastions of intolerance (Christian Exclusionary Fundamentalist).

    Obama will be elected, the U.S. Economy will recover, and progressive christianity will stamp out hate-centric, dogmatic, exclusionary positions (Read 1 Cor 13).

  6. NO one is demonizing Obama if they have sense. People are disagreeing with Obama. I thought you types agreed with free speech. I guess you try to demonize others that disagree with with your almost worship of Obama. I don’t worship Obama or McCain. People have exposed McCain as well, so you can’t use the McCain card. Also, Christianity has nothing to do with abortion on demand, a war on terror, and other evils that both Obama and McCain support. Now, people haven’t taken it out of context. Obama tried to justify many of his extremist views by using the Bible when he supports possible battles in Pakistan.

    Also, promoting certain traditional values is hardly intolerant against righteousness. It’s intolerance toward evil. There is nothing wrong with being intolerant toward evil at all. There’s one thing to put context to the Bible. It’s another to omit what the Bible says and distort what the Bible says for a political agenda. Many liberals hypocritical call conservative Christains intolerant, when many liberals outline intolerance toward religion from Bill Maher to Jeanneane Garrafolo. Also, tons of people already realize that McCain has anti-liberty policies. I know apostate Christianity is here, yet the good news is that in the end, there will be no brutality, injustice, abortion, or other evils. That will come during the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. Progressive Christianity is funded by the establishment via the WCC, the NCC, the Rockefellers, etc. You have a right to believe in it. I have a right to reject it and the establishment Religious Right as well. I choose to not be apart of that paradigm.

  7. I don’t have hatred of the man. I don’t fear the man. I just don’t bow down to the man.

  8. Devon said

    Anytime you hear the term ‘progressive christianity’ run for the hills….these groups are nothing but liberal cults…

    Ask Tony what they think of John 14.6?? Probably won’t answer…or Acts 4:12….etc etc….you know…those ‘intolerant’ verses about Jesus Christ being the ONLY way for mankind!

  9. James said

    Every time you quote Obama you have to have everything he says an hour before the quote or some will go nuts. Out of context is the mantra of the day.
    His remarks simply do not reflect a confidence in the scriptures. His remarks are contrary to anything I’ve ever heard from Evangelical Christians. If Leviticus and Deutoronomy are faulty then the scriptures are faulty and outdated for present day Americans. I think that is the jist of his statements. The sermon on the mount is applied incorrectly to a government agency whereas scriptures should be applied to our personal lives. He butchered the spirit of the law and totally misrepresented the bible and those who follow it.
    I heard another children’s song today about Obama bringing peace and all that. The president cannot carry pixie dust and disperse peace.

  10. mirele said

    I think this whole notion of the gospel is intended to wound is used to beat people over the head with a Bible, and then stand around and admire how the word of God is a two-edged sword while the victim of the beating is lying on the ground bleeding.

    And then you wonder why the victim decides after a while, “I’ve had enough of this being hit about the head and shoulders” and takes off for parts unknown. All while those administering the beating stand around and admire the instrument they used for the beating: the Bible. And then they look around and see their victim is running away, and they go after him, “Stop! Stop! If you don’t come back, you’re going to hell!” The victim hears them and says, “Hell sounds a lot better at this point than being thumped upon over and over again with Bibles” and keeps on running.

    Yep, another reason I decided to hightail it out of the church. Tired of getting beat up by the “saved.”

  11. Getting beat? Lately, I seen many churches being compromisers. ON national TV, many churches are too afraid to express their real opinion without being labeled a bigot. Prime examples include the words of Rick Warren and Robert Schuller (who is a high level Freemason). There’s a difference between strongly preaching the truth the people and beating people over the head. I don’t believe in beating people over the head. Spreading the gospel should never be by coercion. Late, most mainstream establishment Christians (as opposed to independent Christians who don’t cower in fear) sit in front of a TV screen or a major forum, many of them go into the constagious case of back peddling their belief system. It’s not right to be beaten unfairly. Although, Christians have every right to express their faith publicly. That’s apart of free speech. People shouldn’t be ashamed of their faith. No, real Christians must act like men, women, and children to not compromise, not show fear, and be meek yet firm.

  12. James said

    You don’t have to thump people with the word. Just read the chapters of the bible aloud in context and following the word as an example will help others know they can be victorious. We need to be honest with our own sins and repent of them so others will know we are real and not hypocrites.

  13. James said

    Barack Obama will be celebrated as the first Black president until after February, black history month. Spike Lee, Gwen Ifill, Maya Agelou and many others will do movies, books, and poems to celebrate this event just as Nelson Mandela won in South Africa.
    The story will be told how a country that was birthed in slavery could elect a black person. This historic euphoria will give Obama a good honeymoon period in office.
    Once he really begins to govern then eyes will roll in disappointment. I see this in Massachusetts under Deval Patrick.

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