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Obama is a Globalist!! Dont vote for him! (Or McCain Either)

Posted by Job on September 28, 2008

Painstakingly reconstructed from this blog.

People need to start listening to these politicians when they speak, instead of just hearing them. If you actually listened you’d pick up on these subliminal phrases and you’d see just what they are really talking about…”I work for the NWO…I work for the NWO…I work for the NWO…” lets start off with Obama. I bet you didn’t pick up on any of these subliminal messages when he gave this speech the first time…

Now here’s information about Obamas hidden ties to the Globalists. Obama is a relative of Bush and Cheney. He is a part of the same Illuminati bloodline thats been working for a New World Order…

Lets hear Obama’s reaction to the statements about the CFR…

Really…there’s no NAU? Its just something that’s spread on the internet? No evidence for a NAU? I guess Obama hasn’t been keeping up with all the legislation that’s being pushed through Washington, let alone has seen any news reports on the NAU…

Now what about him denying being a part of the CFR? If you go to the Chicago branch of the CFR and look at their list of members, even his own wife’s name comes up as being a member…seems like someone is lying here…And Why would he appoint Zbigniew Brzezinski to be part of his campaign if he’s not tied to the CFR? Zbigniew Brzezinski has been a member of the CFR and Bilderberg, both organizations are part of the same NWO agenda, since the 1950’s!

Both Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama are a part of the NWO. It doesnt matter if you vote for an R or a D…the globalists will win! Its time we stop them in their tracks…Vote for a 3rd party! Force them to actually give us a legit election for once! Its time we stand up against the NWO!!!!


10 Responses to “Obama is a Globalist!! Dont vote for him! (Or McCain Either)”

  1. Angie said

    If some of you would research this, almost all of your American presidents are related by Illuminati blood from Washington to Bush. Kennedy is of the top illuminati bloodline. He tried to expose the wickedness in high places, but paid with his life. You cannot serve the office unless you’re one of them. Now you know how and why Obama has come this far. I could not make out the statue shape in the video, but I’ve learned that the pyramid and the phoenix bird are illuminati symbols.

  2. Hello~I thought I would share this article with you from the Christian Research Institute which critiques Gary Kah’s “En Route to Global Occupation” and Pat Robertson’s “The New World Order” as it offers a slightly different perspective…..

  3. Fran said

    That statue in the background looks like a statue of BAPHOMET. The Illuminati’s statue of worship. I could be wrong, but it looks like it to me. Do an engine search on BAPHOMET or an online dictionary search and I believe you’d be amazed at your findings.

    The secret societies do sacrifices to BAPHOMET.

  4. Devon said

    Interesting article ConservativeBlkwoman….I used to have that book by Gary Kah years ago…I kinda thought it was over the top…and I have to admit, I still think all this conspiracy stuff is over the top….though I do have good brethren that do subscribe to a conspiratal view of history…

    I think quite simply all the evil that is in front of our eyes daily is enough to fulfill what the Bible prophesied….though of course one could be wrong….the Lord can tell me when I cross over the River Jordan…

  5. angie said

    @ Devon:

    You are absolutely right. The world of false prophets and politics that you see before you is fulfilling what the bible prophesied. You do not have to cross the River Jordan for that. Stick around long enough and we will see a lot more, Lord’s willing.

    @ Conservativeblkwoman:

    Thank you for the interesting article. The Rockefellers mentioned controls it all: media, banks, politics, churches, you name it. One of the Rothchilds, though not mentioned, but is the head elite exposed Obama for the man that he is on a YouTube documentary.

    @ Fran:

    Yes, I have read about that demon Baphomet that these secret societies worship.

  6. Some conspiracy writers have gone over the top. Yet, a conspiracy for world government existed among some for many years. David Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, and others are quoted for advocating global government or a one world. Therefore, I don’t trust folks who deny that plans for a new world order exists. People have a right to critique, but to deny any new world order-information is naive to me.

  7. Devon said

    Truthseeker, I do not have a doubt that powerful people are upto no the U.N. …rockerfellers…etc etc but you see, that is not a conspiracy…they are very open about what their agenda is…

    Planned Parenthood is another…

    I believe all the evil is right in front of us….we do not need to subscribe to subjective conspiracy theories….it is not hidden but in front of us..

    Take care

  8. A conspiracy is by definition 2 or more people organizing a plan for evil plus attempting to carrying out it. Therefore, human history is composed of many conspiracies.

    Thanks for the words Devon, but I will never back down from exposing real conspiracies. We should reject extremism and disinformation (of course), but when someone says that no conspiracies exist, I will respond. I don’t subscribe to subjective conspiracy theories. I expose conspiracy facts (like the assassination of Lincoln, Planned Parenthood, and the United Nations’ plans). There is a difference.

  9. I’m going to research the CRI.

  10. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    I checked out baphomet. Very interesting.



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