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Rick Warren Writes Foreward For Book That Promotes JUDAISM

Posted by Job on September 23, 2008

Of course, if it was a book promoting Islam or Hinduism, his defenders (who use a double standard to tolerate things from the Southern Baptist that they never would from a Pentecostal) would finally start to stand up to what this fellow’s real agenda is. But since he sticks to the culturally safe falsehoods for western chauvinists like Judaism, Mormonism, and Roman Catholicism, no one says a peep. The biggest trouble that Warren ever got into wasn’t even related to theology, but for trying to rehabilitate the image of North Korea and Syria. It just shows the mindset of so many political and cultural Christians.


5 Responses to “Rick Warren Writes Foreward For Book That Promotes JUDAISM”

  1. I don’t think his defenders include many Southern Baptist people at all since Warren obvious promotes a quasi pro-New Age, globalist gospel. Bible believers realize that. Also, I don’t agree with Judaism, but Jewish roots are apart of Christianity. This doesn’t justify Warren’s actions (which are wrong), but that’s the truth.

  2. I think real Christians have said more than a peep exposing Warren for years. That’s why the media love him. Not to mention that he’s a CFR member, so many Christians have talk about Warren extensively in the world.

  3. Job said

    TruthSeeker24 (Timothy):

    The mess with Richard Abanes and Ken Silva, some bloggers seem to have taken Abanes’ side because of an unwillingness to call Warren apostate. Amazing but true, and it really opened my eyes.

  4. Abanes’ information is interesting. I’ve just skimmed through some of his website. He seems to be an intellectual person. It’s unfortunate that actively supports Warren’s agenda. Warren’s agenda is to merge government and religion as a means to solve pretty much all of our problems. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Job said

    TruthSeeker24 (Timothy):

    Abanes has a habit of perusing the blogs to defend himself and Warren. In the course of doing so, he has been caught telling artfully articulated half – truths, misrepresentations, and outright falsehoods (lies) and when called on it never acknowledges it but tries to change the subject. I don’t even have to judge Abanes based on his association with Warren, but I can base it on his conduct on this site and on several others that I have seen him on.

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