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That every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!’s Liberal Treatment of Whether Barack Hussein Obama Is The Anti – Christ

Posted by Job on September 22, 2008

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Obama As Anti – Christ

It is relatively disturbing that there has been so many people kicking this around that would feel the need to address it. Look, my position is that were Obama the anti – Christ, you would be following him. What do I base that on? The Bible, which states that but for the grace of God the anti – Christ would fool even the very elect, which means fully regenerated believers; see Matthew 24:24. A guy who pops out of the scene out of nowhere, has this bizarre convoluted personal/family background that no one can make sense of, knows the Muslim call to prayer but can’t correctly articulate even the most basic of Christian doctrines despite having attended a “church” for the last 20 years, is a committed globalist, represents the far left, and there have been all these rumors as to his sexual preferences … well let us just say that such a fellow would deceive no one, especially after he picked Roman Catholic Joe Biden as his running mate. 

Still … I am not a fan of this article. First, they repeat the oft – quoted “the term anti – Christ is not used in Revelation” canard, which is almost as much as a diversion as “the word Trinity is never used in the Bible.” There are several names which refer to the anti – Christ: the beast, the man of sin, the son of perdition, etc. 

The article also betrays its liberal historio – critical theological slant claiming that the Book of Revelation was completed by the end of the 2nd century. That means that they are basically taking the position that Revelation is not only not apostolic, but indeed came after some of the writings of the second generation church fathers. (Of course, people who assert the late date for Revelation and Hebrews generally do so for the gospels and everything else because they reject the doctrine that the Holy Spirit inspired scripture, and that the early church was able to determine the legitimate books from the frauds according to the rule of faith. Ironically, the biggest challenge to the book of Revelation came not because of questions about the dating, but because the book challenged Origenism and some other doctrines. It reached the point where the western church in particular began to claim that the book was not written by the apostle John, but rather by a prominent bishop of the same name.) 

Their denial that the anti – Christ will necessarily be a man: a joke. Please note that some of his other titles are “the man of sin” and “son of perdition.” It was also, well, mighty revealing that gave no more respect to Revelation than it did the long – discredited ramblings of Nostradamus (Ray Comfort did a special discrediting Nostradamus, the fascination over which he attributed to people desiring any source that they could believe in or follow other than the Bible). 

About the only thing that got right was their section debunking the claims that Revelation stated that the anti – Christ would be Muslim. (Please note: nothing precludes the anti – Christ from being Muslim, I just doubt it because the anti – Christ’s being Muslim would deceive no one. I find it far more likely that the anti – Christ will be someone who claims to be a theologically and politically conservative Christian or Jew. ) But even there:  the people likely to take the concept of the anti – Christ seriously have already read Revelations more times than these people obviously have and know this already. The reason why so many people believe that the anti – Christ’s being Muslim is plausible has little to do with Obama or even September 11th (although I did note that after September 11th all of the talk about how the anti – Christ would be eastern European faded). It is faddish to be sure, but it is at least plausible. Jesus Christ descended from the godly line of Isaac, so it is not a bad guess to speculate that the anti – Christ would come from the line of Ishmael. This is what the angel said regarding Ishmael in Genesis 16:11-12:

 11And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Behold, thou art with child and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because the LORD hath heard thy affliction.

 12And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.

As the Ishmaelites played a role in the incident of Joseph – who typologically represented Christ – being sold to Egypt, it further increass the possibility, especially if we are to take “anti – Christ” literally, as this was indeed an action that harmed Joseph (or at least superficially seemed to). The problem: just as being a Jew does not mean that you are a genetic descendant of Abraham, being a Muslim does not make one a genetic descendant of Ishmael. Islam spread to the Kenya of Barack Obama (Barry Sotero?) the same way that it spread everywhere else: by the sword. And also, being a descendant of Ishmael does not even necessarily mean being a Muslim despite what Mohammed would have you believe. Ultimately, the thing to remember that there is nothing especially “anti – Christ” about being a Muslim. As a matter of fact, the Bible makes it clear that all that are not born again Christians are anti – Christ, meaning that they are against and oppose and hate Jesus Christ and His righteousness. In that respect, the son of an African with Muslim roots is no more of a suspect than anyone else. Raising hackles over Obama just because his “Obama waffles” packaging is not what we expect from world leaders is just the sort of thing that would cause people to be taken in not only by the anti – Christ when he does come, but the scores of false preachers that will come on the scene before the man of sin arrives.

Too bad that could not have made a more Biblical case. The next time they address a Christian topic, I hope they assign a person who actually takes the Bible seriously to write the article.


9 Responses to “’s Liberal Treatment of Whether Barack Hussein Obama Is The Anti – Christ”

  1. angie said

    You have to admit that Obama is a shaky man. If he is a faithful Christian man, he would be embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ and not Mohammed. As for his sexual preference, there’s a homosexual man on YouTube that claims that he had sexual relations and snorted cocaine with him. Is he credible? Honestly, I do not know.

  2. E.Bert said

    Hi Angie,
    Blessings to you
    Please note that there is enough that is problematic about Sen. Obama without the spreading of the erroneous ‘Muslim’ & ‘Gay’ slanders….

  3. Devon said

    I think traditionally most Christian theologians thought the Anti Christ would be of a Jewish background….I wonder more and more if it won’t be a moderate liberal muslim??? Just a guess of course…me and my ex muslim ,now a born again christian, both tend to lean that way…

    I can’t see how it could ever be a conservative christian considering that are hated by just about everyone…especially in the Islamic world…

    Somehow this person of evil is going to have to pull muslims, jews, nominal christians and others all together….mayby a dala lama type figure…you peace kinda a dude…

    Fascinating to think about for sure!

  4. citizensagainstliberaldemocrats said

    Found this site about Obama’s name. If you take your time and really read the website, it has his name and history of his name in detail..fascinating

    What does it really mean?
    Barack Hussein Obama’s name means:
    Barack/baraq/barak/barach: meaning: A glitterning sword or, barach/barak meaning: to kneel, and bless God, vice versa (the man), by euphemism, to curse God, or the King by treason; to blaspheme. Which also represents the serpent and the Constellation by that name. His birthday August 4th – Sign Leo

    Hussein: meaning a Lion

    Obama/Obamah: meaning the eye of Baal

    It all seems to fit…

  5. angie said

    @ E.Bert;

    If you notice, I have note that I have read and heard the same rumors about his religion and sexuality as was indicated in this blog. I did not say that it was true nor if this man’s YouTube blog is credible.

  6. James said

    Here’s a few quotes from the “Audacity of Hope” chapter 6 Faith pp 207
    “Out of necessity, the black church rarely had the luxury of separating individual salvation from collective salvation.”
    This is a common theme with Obama. The idea that we are saved together. In his book he wrestled with skepticism of Christianity. The faith chapter talks more about other people’s faith and Christianity’s shortcomings that Obama’s personal faith. There is a lot of political christianity spoken about and his opposition to the religious right. What he says in these pages is about abortion and Christianity to be openly opposed to this candidate. Those who like him and are pro-choice will find this easy reading.
    “In the black community, the lines between sinner and saved were more fluid; the sins of those who came to church were not so different from the sins of those who didn’t, and so were as likely to be talked about with humor as with condemnation.”
    I think this is why there was little outrage about the adultery situation with Rev. Wright. The culture at that church was very permissive, they just talked about you according to this entry.

  7. Daryl Tanner said

    You folks are sure going to be lonely in Heaven all by yourselves – no Muslims, no Mormons, no Catholics, no Hindus, etc., etc. And I don’t suppose God will be in your version of heaven either.

  8. Gary Swanson said

    You folks must be who the Lord was referring to in his admonition to “beware of false prophets.” Merry Christmas and may God have mercy on your blasphemous souls.

  9. Bryan said

    Yes he is!

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