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The Gospel Music Association Is A Self – Admitted Non Christian Organization! So WHY DO WE BUY AND LISTEN?

Posted by Job on September 19, 2008

From Gay Christian Movement Watch

But that’s not the real story. The real story is the spineless, jellyfish response of the Gospel Music Association when asked about [former Christian singer Ray] Boltz’s public declaration of homosexuality.

According to OneNewsNow, when asked about Boltz’s homosexuality, The Gospel Music Association – the group which gives out the Dove Awards – told the [Washington] Blade, “We do not comment on the lifestyle choices of people in our community.” The GMA (John Styll, president pictured left) even denied that it is a religious organization!

GCMWatch further states:

That’s an interesting choice of words.  So Christians can now have certain unmentionable  ”lifestyle choices” which are off limits to any commentary? The reason the Gospel Music Association (I emphsize Gospel) is pretending to be nuetral on the “lifestyle choices of people in their community” is because they know that a great majority of the so-called gospel singers they give awards to are in a degenerate spiritual condition and if people knew just how messed up they are, they wouldnt buy their records. And the GMA wouldnt have an awards show. And nobody would make any money.

Maybe is where Christians should buy their gospel CDs from independent artists …


10 Responses to “The Gospel Music Association Is A Self – Admitted Non Christian Organization! So WHY DO WE BUY AND LISTEN?”

  1. Jonathan De Leon said

    Hey Job I am glad that God has raised up men like you, Bill Keller, Matt Slick, Charlie Campbell, RC Sproul to fight for truth…This might seem irrelavent but before I get to the relavent question…You should do a post about a day in your life…Bill did that (after several requests) and made it into a devotional.

    Okay, I am a musician. I believe that Yahshua(Jesus) is the only way to heaven. I hope to one day make a living off of my musical abilities. Is that sinful?

    I know that it is utterly disgusting in GOd’s sight to misuse our praise of HIM to get rich…HOW HORRIBLE!!! And I have prayed for humility; That I would never do such a thing. The pride within me is evidence of my depravity. And I should fight against it. I play guitar at church and I constantly have to rebuke thoughts of pride, lust etc.


  2. Job said

    Jonathan De Leon:

    Why ask me when you can ask your Bible?
    for the labourer is worthy of his hire. Luke 10:7

    1 Timothy 5:17-18 Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine. For the scripture saith, thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward. And then there is 1 Corinthians 9:5-10.

    So yes, it is OK for you to make a living off your MINISTRY, because if you are Christian, your music is your MINISTRY. Go back to Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. She is a Christian. Is the music/toys/games/clothes apparel that have made her $1 billion her ministry? No, because she is not selling Jesus Christ but lust for her underaged body … men and boys who desire her body for themselves, and girls who desire her body so those men and boys will desire THEM. She is not alone. Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, Virtue, Dietrick Haddon and his wife, Jaci Velasquez (sorry for singling out black artists, I just don’t know the names of the white ones) … tons of gospel and Christian artists are now showing as much skin as they can get away with … as much skin as rock and R&B artists were in the 1990s. When Michelle Williams released her solo album, she didn’t even have to change her wardrobe from the stuff that she wore in Destiny’s Child!

    And it isn’t just the skin. Tons of the gospel and Christian artists are promoting the prosperity/Word of Faith doctrines in their music. I had to throw most of my CDs away when I discovered that all they were doing is singing godliness is gain and legalism. And look at the people that they are “praise and worship leaders” for! TD Jakes. Paula White. Joel Osteen. You name it. Just about all the thieves and crooks you see me talking about on this site and others talk about on the other sites have praise and worship leaders with record deals.

    So yes, you can earn money to live on off your ministry … the ox that treads the corn shall not be muzzled. As a matter of fact, you can upload your tracks to and similar sites and start making money right now! What’s stopping you? The only issue is that you need to obey the Bible in your lyrics, your actions, and who you choose to associate with. In other words, you have to obey the same rules as every other Christian.

  3. Jonathan De Leon said

    Thank you Job for the reply it was TOTALLY biblical and I appreciate that. Yes it is very important to obey the Bible in my lyrics.

  4. Job said

    Jonathan De Leon

  5. Job, 1 Timothy 5:17-18 and 1 Corinthians 9:5-10 are dealing with elders and apostles. Those who delivered the preached word and held positions of leadership in the church. I can’t say I find those cross applicable to singers and musicians. I’m not outright saying a singer or musician can’t be paid for singing gospel, but I don’t find those verse to be the applicable proof.

    But regarding elders, I don’t see in scripture where those laborers who were paid held fixed fees. It seems they took donations as given rather than fixing a fee and claiming they won’t preach unless paid $X.

    Any job a Christian does has to be done as unto the Lord, even the slave working for an unkind master is instructed to serve with humility, Colossians 3:22-25.

    When Paul made tents, he did it for income, although he could have accepted income for preaching, he refused as long as he could and did other work of his own hands for income, like tent making, Acts 18:1-4. I think sometimes we feel our job we do for income is bad if it’s not directly involved in ministry, but that’s not so. The main apostle to the Gentile church kept his work for income 100% separate from his work spreading the gospel. Although God certainly had him note that it’s OK for elders to be paid and even himself if he desired it. I think he set an example to consider.

    Did the early church feature paid musicians and paid singers?

  6. Job said


    “Did the early church feature paid musicians and paid singers?”

    I cannot find any evidence either way. Whatever contextual information that exists … the poverty, marginalization, and oppression of the church … makes the very notion of professional church musicians extremely unlikely.

    However, since scripture does not prohibit it, I do not either. I consider musicians to be ministers of God and that certain Christians are called and equipped by the Holy Spirit to use the ministry of music not only to edify and encourage the church during worship, but also to evangelize. Also, some of the better hymn writers are able to actually communicate Christian doctrines in a manner that some would have difficulty understanding otherwise, particularly children and people new in the faith.

    So as you can see, I have a very strong opinion of the importance of the music ministry, and such is why the goings on in the gospel and Christian music industry so troubles me!

    I can see your objecting to my use of scripture, because following my application, EVERYONE who serves in the church and has a ministry in the body of Christ should be paid. While technically there are some megachurches that do just that … I could see where this can cause a problem, since my position is that ALL Christians have gifts and ALL Christians should be using them, and the fact that 98% of Christians do nothing but attend church as if they are attending a movie theater or baseball game really does make you wonder how many professed Christians actually are born again. So, in order to be true to my beliefs on the matter, we would either have to pay everybody or pay nobody but people holding a five fold office.

  7. I agree scripture does not prohibit musicians and singers from being paid by a church group if that group so chooses.

    I do however have a problem with anybody doing anything in the Lord’s Name with price tags for personal profit. I mean if a church group decides to pay a rate that’s one thing, but an individual refusing something from the church unless they are granted $X is when I take issue. And I do understand someone having a fee to cover costs of expenses to produce the material, but when the fixed rate includes the person taking some for themselves it gets into the profit area and that’s when I get a bit leery. I mean if people are giving someone money of free will, cool. If money is paid because a fee is fixed for the cost of materials alone, cool. But a fixed fee, with saints otherwise refused the material(s) and that fee is for in whole or in part personal profit, that’s where I see an issue. The money received for personal benefit I feel is best if received freely instead of by fixed fee for the material provided.

    (And yea if you asked whether I take issue with person X selling their books and doing it for a living, I’d say personally yes I do have some issue with that, because they fix the fee for profit, rather than donations going to them freely for their personal needs. I know this means I take issue with most of what is sold by most Christians.)

    I also feel music is for ministry to saints alone, Colossians 3:16. It can also be used for ministry to children of saints. But I find “evangelism” through music to unbelievers often results in people who claim to be part of the church because “I like the choir at my church”. I don’t see anywhere how the New Testament church “sang” to evangelize unbelievers. Evangelism to unbelievers is in the form of the preached Word. I’m not saying a church should refuse to allow unbelievers into the building till the singing is done, but I am saying that the music should not be the tool for “evangelism”. Focus on the preached Word being the vehicle for evangelism. Everywhere the Apostles carried the word, it was preached, not done through lulling an unbeliever with song. The music we know plays on emotions and if you want to see someone who beleives out of total sincerity, not emotion or because they were entertained, give them the preached Word and if they are the Lord’s they will respond.

  8. Jonathan De Leon said

    Hello IC, Thank you Job and IC for your feedback…I play guitar at my church. I do it for free. I have also played at other churches due to them requesting us to play there. Last Sunday I and other band members from my church played at another church and apparently we really motivate the youth of that church. Their leader was talking to me about this. And he wants me to teach him and others to play. and He was planning on paying me to teach him but I completely refused his offer.

    I do someday hope to make a living off of the music I create. I also wouldnt mind being a theologian/apologist. Whatever happens I hope I do it unto the Lord.

  9. Jonathan De Leon said

    Honestly, when I first started playing at church I was pretty self-centered and prideful. But now I war against such emotions and temptations. On stage evil thoughts may arise but they must be rebuked. People apparently look up to me (though I am no one to look up to) so I must maintain holiness. BUT honestly JOB I still fall, MY HEART DESIRES EVIL. How wretched I truly am. Pray for me.

  10. We’re praying for you brother. You do the same for us.

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