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Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus Does Everything For Jesus Christ Including Kissing Katy Perry And Liking It

Posted by Job on September 18, 2008

I have tried to ignore this Miley Cyrus thing, even after her proclamations of not only being a Christian celebrity, but doing everything for Jesus Christ. The reason is that I had already dealt with the trend -beginning with Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child, and Anna Kournikova in the 1990s but becoming a major part of our cultural landscape with Britney Spears – of making teenage (and even younger looking) girls into overt sex objects for not only teenage boys but also adult males in the past. Even that Miley Cyrus would be able to get away with the added dimension of claiming to serve Jesus Christ by being an underaged sex fantasy object was only a minor development. After all, Jessica Simpson’s father is a former Southern Baptist minister. Britney Spears made claims of being a Southern Baptist virgin a huge part of her original public relations profile. Destiny’s Child oft claimed Christianity. Mandy Moore went from singer to actress in the evangelical Christian film “A Walk To Remember.”  And lest we forget, the father of Miley Cyrus, after his country music career evaporated, did the common tactic of using Chri$tian capitali$m to stay in show business, even being given a TV series on “Christian family values” PaxNet (Doc, in which Miley Cyrus appeared in an episode). 

But Slice of Laodicea’s revealing the extent to which Miley Cyrus is mocking the very Christians that she is professing herself to be a role model for AND how some Christians are STILL DEFENDING HER (see link) made me decide that this topic was worth revisiting: Miley Cyrus kissing Katy Perry, who wrote the lesbian anthem “I Kissed A Girl”, at some MTV awards event. Cyrus says that she does everything for Jesus Christ … so apparently emulating Perry’s promotion of lesbianism was her way of spreading the gospel? 

Let me state that my position is that a Christian can pursue a career in secular music so long as said Christian’s music and betrayal does not transgress the Bible. So no, I am not objecting to Cyrus’ going on heathen MTV and being photographed with Perry. If there is no justification for me having a ‘holier than thou’ attitude when I at work, I also have no justification for demanding that she act that way just because she is a celebrity. Instead, my issue is with how so many entertainers are able to claim Christianity so that they can rake in even more money while still meeting the desires and expectations of their supporters who hate Jesus Christ.

And how does Miley Cyrus meet the expectations of these people? Kissing Katy Perry, something that people will remember when Cyrus inevitably attempts to make the leap from child entertainer to adult singer (more on that later) is just a tiny part of it, and why not let someone who does not claim to be Christian (but does acknowledge having and acting on lesbian desires),  actress Megan Fox explain:

Fox also defended Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens regarding their racy photo scandals and said that she doesn’t like Disney because they take “these little girls, and they put them through entertainment school and teach them to sing and dance, and make them wear belly shirts …”

What Fox is speaking of is Disney’s game of turning little girls into sex objects. Why did I use Fox’s words instead of a Christian who said the same? Well show me a single prominent Christian that is taking up this battle (even if it is only in the context of saying “Miley Cyrus is not a suitable role model for Christian girls”) and I will use his or her words. As our “Christian leaders” are being preoccupied with wanting and hoping Cyrus, Spears, and their daughters and church members grow up to be beauty queen Sarah Palin, it appears that no such statements are forthcoming and the non – Christian Megan Fox has provided the most truthful words on this matter!

Miley Cyrus is part and parcel of the Disney “use kids for sexual fantasies” game. The tight skimpy outfits, makeup, clothes, dancing … Cyrus is one of many young girls that Disney uses to market sexual fantasies to both teen boys and also grown men with the emotional development of teen boys. How do we know this “grown men” part? Because when racy photos of Cyrus were published in Vanity Fair, it created so much traffic that their servers crashed. Thirteen year old boys are not Vanity Fair’s demographic! And no, it is not teen boys that create the vast majority of the many websites on the Internet dedicated to racy pictures of teenage (and again, often preteen looking) girls. It is grown men who not only create those sites, but grown men who visit them, often paying money to do so! 

And Cyrus is in no way unique. Quite the contrary, sexuality using and aimed at teens and preteens pervades virtually every Disney show, even the cartoons, and has for years. So, when Miley Cyrus agreed to the Disney show, she knew what it would involve, and so did her father. And even if Miley Cyrus was somehow unaware at this Internet subculture based on trading images of underaged girls when she agreed to do the show A) her father knew and B) Cyrus certainly knows now, because she is the latest in a long line of “oh my goodness how and why did someone violate my privacy by stealing and publishing these racy photos!” young starlets that use that Internet subculture to enhance their fame. 

Is this as bad as when Kanye West was actually nominated for a gospel music award for recording “Jesus Walks”, or when Destiny’s Child received good publicity for putting gospel songs on an album, and one of their members released a gospel album? I still remember the video for “Survivor” … one of the “singers” claimed to have overcome persecution in Hollywood for refusing to compromise their Christianity, and right after the word “Christianity” was, er, “sung”, the video cut to the grind – dancing bikinied crotch (something straight out of the strip club) of the “singer”, either overtly mocking Jesus Christ or their Christian supporters buying their albums. If any Christians denounced that video (or Destiny’s Child’s claims to be in any way Christian), I missed it. 

The younger Cyrus knows what she is doing. So does the older Cyrus. Evidence of this is how they handled the mild criticism from Christians over the Vanity Fair photo shoot: Miley Cyrus made the typical claim of being exploited and taken advantage of by the worldly heathens at the Noo Yawk magazine, and Billy Ray Cyrus claimed that it happened because he trusted the Vanity Fair people with his daughter and was off somewhere on business instead of protecting his daughter’s virtue. Now Vanity Fair’s version of the story was entirely different. Quite frankly, anyone who has ever watched the excessive makeup, skin tight clothes, and suggestive dancing that takes place on a typical episode of Hannah Montana (let alone Cyrus’ increasingly notorious private behavior) would find the Vanity Fair New York heathens to be much more credible than the professing Christians from evangelical entertainment and publishing capital Franklin, Tennessee. 

Now Britney Spears dropped the Christian pretensions once she decided to leave the teeny bopper scene behind and aim for a more adult sound and a wider more lucrative audience. Miley Cyrus’ far edgier public profile lately, plus her public statements that she wants to stop doing Hannah Montana, indicates that she is ready to follow Spears’ path. And why not? If it works, why try to fix it? But the issue is not the younger Cyrus, who will succeed or fail on her own merits. (Since she isn’t much of an actress, dancer, singer or songwriter those merits will consist of being able to get males older than 15 to look at her. Well, good luck with that.) It is not the older Cyrus, who has gleefully used his daughter to extend what is left of his fame. (The Disney Channel actually plays his songs and videos … probably because their contract with his daughter compels them to.) The issue is with Christians so desperate to have an entertainer in the secular arena that they can call their own. The common justification is that “we need to be represented in mainstream culture.” Fine. If a Christian can use their mainstream soapbox to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ so that sinners can come to repentance, fine. But show me a shred of evidence that Cyrus, Spears, Destiny’s Child, West, etc. have done this or even tried to (the solo gospel album of Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams as an exception). Instead, what is these people truly mean is that “we need THEM to represent US in mainstream culture so WE won’t feel so strange, different, and alone!” 

Now this is not an endorsement of theologian Soren Kierkegaard, but his goal of making Christianity hard and uncomfortable for those in his homeland that had made Christianity easy by marrying the church with the state (or in our context marrying the church to the culture) should be considered. In this context, Christians are not even allowing themselves to be used and exploited by God – mockers like Spears and Cyrus. Instead, Christians are the users and exploiters. They are sacrificing these little girls to the child porn (in the sense that Jesus Christ used the term “pornea”, which means sexual immorality) monster so they can avoid what the Bible says about rejecting the world and being rejected by it. It is because of their own need to be accepted and loved by and have a place in the world that they could care less how many young girls Hollywood chews up and spits out. They could care less how many young girls develop eating disorders or disfigure themselves because they think that if they can just look like Britney or Miley someone will love them (because hey, it isn’t as if Britney or Miley interrupts their shimmy pole dancing and selling merchandise long enough to tell these girls – or boys – that JESUS CHRIST LOVES THEM … if they did Disney would rip up their contracts overnight).

They could care less how many husbands become emotionally detached from their wives because they are committing adultery (again according to Jesus Christ’s definition of it) by surfing the web looking for pictures of Miley, Britney, Lindsay Lohan (another Disney product) to feed their fantasies, which many find much easier than emotionally relating to their living breathing adult spouse. And no, they could care less about how many little boys that grow up socialized by Disney’s (and Nickelodeon’s) sexuality go on to become rapists, and how many of those men that crashed Vanity Fair’s servers go on to molest their daughters. And they could care less about how the carnage of human emotion that causes will lead to suicides and murders (including but certainly not limited to abortions). “Being represented” in the world so that they don’t have to reject it or be rejected by it is so valuable to these Christians that they are very much willing to sacrifice what happens to everyone else, even when that everyone includes the Savior Jesus Christ that is being mocked. But be not deceived … God is not mocked. Thus saith scripture. And on judgment day, all will see precisely how and why God’s Name shall not be the subject of shame. The ones who will behold this will not only be the artists purporting to be Christian, but the purported Christians that created the environment where such artists could successfully employ this tactic. 

The Three Step Salvation Plan


15 Responses to “Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus Does Everything For Jesus Christ Including Kissing Katy Perry And Liking It”

  1. angie said

    I have once read up on the history of Walt Disney and it isn’t a pretty article. Children have always been used as sex objects under his reign and the saga continues. Therefore, the actress is right. This was well hidden for many years. Though I have watched Disney cartoons and shows, it has not been built up on the right foundation.

  2. I have not read this in full, given you have some other material I’m trying to catch up on 😀 , but wow, this is sad…

    You know she grew up in Franklin, TN and I have family that knows of her from her old stomping grounds.

    You can’t serve God and money!

  3. Jonathan De Leon said

    Hey Job,

    Do you think it is bad to listen to secular music…I called Matt Slick of a while ago on his radio program and I happened to ask him and he said that he did not think that it was bad. But then he mentioned not listening to stuff like Ozzy or whatever.

    WHAT DO YOU THINK? I used to be consumed by a band called Van halen. It was almost idolatry. Now I listen to all kinds of music. I myself am a musician and enjoy getting new ideas.

  4. Jonathan De Leon said

    I realize that we have to be careful to not get ensnared by the music of the world but is it bad to enjoy some music?

  5. Jonathan De Leon – I have not read all of Job’s post yet, I know it’s one of his shorter write-ups 😀 , but I have not yet. When it comes to music, it all depends on what the music is about. I don’t think it’s bad to listen to music, but if it’s talking about sex out of wedlock, that would be a problem. If it’s just some classical melodies, there are no words, so there are no words instructing or glorifying anything.

    I think of music like TV. What’s the show about?

    Some Christians fully abstain from secular music and that’s a Romans 14 matter. Those who wish to abstain that’s fine for them, so long as they’re not claiming that I sinned for listening to a song that does not promote anything sinful. Same with TV. Some Christians tossed their TVs and that is for them.

  6. Job said

    Jonathan De Leon:

    The Bible does not speak to the issue. That is one of the reasons why I will not make a definitive statement or assert a doctrine for it one way or the other. I will say, however, that the Bible explicitly restrains Christians from practice other religions or from glorifying sin. Thus, your menu of secular music and other entertainment should not include anything that promotes or glorifies fornication, murder, drug use, New Age, wicca, etc. Many fundamentalists state that even entertainment that merely DEPICTS those things are wrong; I have no evidence that they are wrong but it is not my position, because for instance it would be impossible to make a movie on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ under those standards because it would have to include the false accusations against Him.

    As far as Miley Cyrus (as well as Destiny’s Child) goes, my issue with her is not their music, which consists of meaningless inoffensive pop content as far as I can tell. It is how she uses herself as a sex fantasy object while proclaiming herself to be Christian, and promoting Jesus Christ in her work.

  7. Angie said

    If I may, I would like to say that to me, it is a tough issue, though I agree that when it comes to music, we should be selective. From my understanding, I learned that most of these rock artists like Ozzy are into the occult and that’s how they produce their music, so if they’re singing about Satan, then it is good to abstain from that type of music. You should read the lyrics to the songs and study the vibration of the music. Music does have a way of affecting you. That’s all I have to say.

  8. Here’s a post about music that may help: Do Not Be Conformed to This World!

  9. Angie said


    What about gospel music today that glorifies the Lord, but the artists are making money from them. I agree that the rock artists shown in your post are not glorifying the Lord. I have a question. Are there any gospel artists out there as we speak that is not profitting from their music? What constitutes good or bad gospel for I am not sure who is not prospering from it, but with the exception of Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Tonex, and Mary, Mary. That’s why I have mentioned that to me, it is a tough subject. Maybe it is tough because I am struggling in my flesh and spirit with this for I love music, and can be selective. One more thing that I am struggling with is have you read or heard that Lucifer was a musician in heaven before God kicked him out. Yet, he still maintain that what God gave him. Also, God encourage us to glorify Him in hymns. I want to be sure that what I am listening to comes from the Lord and not from Satan. Those artist on the tape are not my cup of tea. I have heard and read about Aleister Crowley. He was a cult leader in the house of Satan and many rock artists pay homage to this person. Rock and Roll also started with a black guitarist named Robert Johnson who sold his soul to the devil for fame and music. You may have heard of him, I do not know. White artists took it and popularize it. Some Rock and Roll artists pay homage to him, including singer Eric Clapton. If you like, you can check out two You Tube videos named Demons in the Music Industry by John Todd who will tell you what is the purpose of rock and roll and “They Sold Their Soul for Rock and Roll”. Viewers discretion is advised on the last tape.

    • Jerie said

      Hanna Montana went to Crowley Corner Tennessee to save her town and Crowley Meadows, a fictional place in the movie Hanna Montanna. Billy Ray the grandson of a preacher, started out in the church as a boy singing until a “inner voice” told him to do music. Why do you suppose the name of the town they chose to save was CROWLEYS CORNER? It’s a hard pill to swallow but almost all of the music industry is sold out to satan, openly if you have eyes to see with.

  10. Angie – Those who I call “song birds for the pulpit pimps” is a subject of it’s own. I’ve got some posts about that also.

    Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Idolatry Hits New Heights! Pastor John P. Kee Makes a Gospel Styled Song Claiming “Hope” and “Brighter Day” in Obama.

    False Teachers use Hypnosis via Music Against Christians. The Signs and Wonders Movement Exposed! (Video)

    Many of These Religious Industry Singers Want to Sing You Straight to Hell!

    Peddling the Faith with Bones and Thugs. (*Updated*)

    I call them the “Religious Industry” singers.

    Basically, when it comes to gospel music singers, I’ve found the 5 year olds and under in children’s choirs are about the only ones we can be certain sing of a sincere heart 🙂 . Hey Matthew 21:16 rings true with me.

  11. James said

    Another child star is headed in the wrong direction. Sex, drug, and rock & roll. We’ve seen this so many times before. Pray she will snap out of it before she has her babies out of wedlock or drug rehab.

  12. Jeannie said

    Dear Jonathan De Leon:

    Let me give you a heads up on music. For the most part I would advise against secular music; because most of it does not glorify God…it usually glorifies flesh and causes stinking thinking to occur. Need to know who you are listening to and what they believe. Because even though you do not see the singers face to face it is like hanging around them and listening to their messages. What are they saying and what is their lifestyle saying?
    Beleive it or not you will adapt to their way of thinking or lifestyle without realizing it. It happened to me, that’s how I know. The Bible says at least 2 things that are helpful in this area: 1 (and I’m paraphrasing out of Proverbs) you become like those you hang around with.
    2. Abstain from all appearance of evil; found in 1 Thess. 5
    So pray and seek God on this and you will find your answers.

  13. Jeannie said

    WOW! This is sad. Need to intercede for these young “stars”.

  14. Jeannie – Is Oneness doctrine heresy?

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