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How Could Sarah Palin Have Attended An Evangelical Church All Those Years Without Being Able To Say That Homosexuality Is A Sin?

Posted by Job on September 17, 2008

Remember the religious right and conservatives in general proclaiming “How could Barack Obama have spent all those years in Jeremiah Wright’s church without hearing anything racist or anti – American?” Well evangelicals, right back at you! Second … Palin is a member of “the church of judge not.” By the way, Palin calls homosexuality “diversity.” As a black man, let me say that a person’s decision to abuse and defile himself and another person with unnatural sex acts IS NOT DIVERSITY. Is claiming that being homosexual and being black are basically the same part the new GOP strategy to increase their share of the nowhite vote? But that is just part of it.

Please recall my great disappointment in serious Christian leaders like Albert Mohler rushing to endorse a woman that they knew nothing about! This is the issue. Had Palin been a leader in the religious right and social conservative movement she would have been well known to Christian political circles. Had she, say, tried to outlaw abortion on the state level to challenge Roe v. Wade (as John Ashcroft attempted to do in the 1990s and Republicans in Idaho did in 2006), attempted to pass a law opposing gay marriage (as several states have done) or tried to post the Ten Commandments on state buildings (a la Alabama state judge Roy Moore) these folks would have already known about this woman and had a very positive opinion of her based on it. This is not to say that had Palin embarked on these political crusades that she would have been doing the right thing Biblically. Rather, I am merely stating that her doing so would have justified the religious right’s support of this woman in the political context (if not quite justifying Al Mohler’s support of her for more theological reasons or J. Lee Grady calling her God’s prophet with the Deborah anointing). 

As it is, Palin was none of these things. Instead, she was endorsed and is being promoted by not only the religious right but people like Mohler, Grady, etc. because she is from Alaska (as opposed to one of the dirty places with all the liberals and minorities on welfare), she hunts (as opposed to, you know, windsurfing like Harvard elites or playing basketball with inner city welfare minorities or whatever it is those people do with each other in those dirty places), and has five children (because, you know, having trouble conceiving or being married to a man with fertility problems before fasting and praying and finally being blessed with ONE CHILD that you desperately love and make sacrifices for in order to raise him in the faith sounds like something those dirty people from dirty places like Abraham and Sarah or Hannah and Elkanah in Canaan/Israel!) and chose not to abort her child (which, you know, so doesn’t count when any one of the millions of those dirty people from those dirty places made the exact same decision). 

But say this person were a born again Christian from one of those dirty places like inner city Miami or Detroit who was childless (because scripture says some women will be barren) or single (because scripture says that God will not suffer all to get married) or even had received an abortion (before getting born again and becoming a new creation) but ran a hospice for those dirty people like AIDS victims or a youth center to try and keep some of these young dirty males off the streets and from being locked up and the key from being thrown away with these three strikes laws before entering politics and proving herself over a long period of time of being a wise, capable, effective, and honest public servant (the sort of leader that the Bible praises i.e. Cyrus the Mede, the pharoah in the time of Joseph, etc). Would there be this level of excitement? Of course not. She would received nothing but faint, backhanded, feigned “praise” and there would be grumbling that McCain proved his liberal stripes after all.

The religious right types do not support Palin because of Jesus Christ. They support Palin because in their eyes, her background and lifestyle makes her the ideal HUMAN woman! It is HUMAN worship, idolatry, no different from how artists in times past would sculpt and paint images of gods and goddesses from Nordic and Greek mythology to represent their ideal of humanity. She is nothing more than a symbol, an object, to them. In other words, an idol that represents not the gospel of Jesus Christ, but their ideal of human virtue. A single woman born to a family on public assistance, got pregnant at age 16 and took advantage of Ronald Reagan’s most liberal abortion laws in the nation to kill her child, but then gave her life to Jesus Christ, began an outreach ministry to help the dirty people, and went from that background into public service where she served with competence and justice as the Bible requires? Well hey, such a woman would receive some praise from the right I guess. They might even send her as a delegate to the Republican National Convention! (Assuming that she is a Republican to begin with, and that she doesn’t spent any of her time doing what the Bible says by using her position to advocate for, you know, dirty people like widows, orphans, the poor, etc. Of course, the religious right believes in fresh oil, fresh fire, and new revelation where the the contents of the Bible have been replaced by the anointed prophets of neoconservatism.) But this frenzied feverish reaction? Of course not! Because while such a woman may be born again, loving Jesus Christ, and advancing the kingdom of heaven, she simply isn’t cut out to be a religious right idol of cultural virtue and family values. Why? BECAUSE SHE WOULDN’T FIT THE PROFILE! (By the way, any of you remember Joe Biden saying that Barack Obama was “clean”? As opposed to what? DIRTY?)

So it is left to people like IndependentConservative, people who actually are thinking about Jesus Christ, to expose the facade for all who are willing to face the truth because their trust is not in the things of this world but rather in Jesus Christ and His rule to come. Sadly, most seem to want to be deceived because their heart is in this world. Now do not mistake me. In criticizing Palin, it is not because I am seeking some notion of perfection according to my own eyes. No, all I want is a decent, honest, capable, qualified person. Neither Obama, Biden, McCain, or Palin fits the bill. We see this in the case of Palin, who was a member for years at a Pentecostal church that runs a “be saved from homosexuality” conference (and yes, Palin is now subtly distancing herself from that church) and is now a member at an evangelical Bible church, tapdance around the issue of homosexuality. The people who asked “how could Barack Obama have sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for all those years without knowing Wright’s Marxist views” need to ask “how could Sarah Palin have sat in Wasilla Assembly of God Church all those years without being able to boldly, directly, and unconditionally claim that homosexuality is sinful, unnatural, and an abomination to God and that people who practice it need salvation and deliverance through Jesus Christ? Look at the video below and consider the answer. Look at the video and see why Christians must flee idolatry. 

By the way: do I need to say that Adolph Hitler took the statues of Nordic gods that represented ideal humanity, placed them in churches, and used them to come up with this neo – Pagan religion based on the worship and promotion of the ideal man? Well, keep following your Alaskan bear shooting mooseburger eating beauty queen with 5 kids because of WHAT SHE REPRESENTS rather than WHO SHE IS and see if that path takes you to the strait gate or the wide gate.


22 Responses to “How Could Sarah Palin Have Attended An Evangelical Church All Those Years Without Being Able To Say That Homosexuality Is A Sin?”

  1. David said

    It’s not her place to judge…or yours. It’s just our place to tell people about Jesus and let Him convict them of what they need to change in their lives.

  2. Job said


    Wrong. It is our job to convict sinners on the basis of their sins. If you don’t do that, then people will have no idea who Jesus Christ is, why He died, or why they need a savior in the first place. Without the biblical message of conviction of sin, and Jesus Christ is just another philosopher or political radical. Or Christianity is just ethics and “family values.” Or that Jesus Christ came to help people believe in themselves and have self – esteem, which was alleged in the Gaither Gospel group’s Christmas video for kids abomination “A Wobot’s Christmas”.

    David, please go to to learn about how Biblical evangelism and standing for the gospel in Jesus Christ before the world is done. Or better yet, open your Bible and read the Book of Acts, and when you are finished read the classical prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos) in the Old Testament.

  3. James said

    Black folks in TD Jakes church should be speaking out for Sarah Palin. All black pentacostal holiness folks should denounce the attempt by Charles Gibson, Matt Damon, Keith Olbermann or anyone else who mocks praying for our troops, creation or spiritual gifts. Instead many black pentacostals are siding with the atheists so they can see a black man be president. How many would sell their faith to see a politician get elected? This is racism.
    I will side with the evangelicals and pentacostals. If Kieth Olberman, Matt Damon or Charles Gibson reject the gospel then according to the scriptures they are condemned already because they have not believed. John 3:18 if you want to look it up.

  4. Job, if Charlie Gibson first asked Sarah Louise Heath Palin:

    1) Do you support the death penalty?

    I think and I think you think, she would have answered with a direct YES.

    2) Some say criminals have issues from birth, rather than learning to kill people. Do you think it’s fair to sentence people to death and what about the scholars who claim murders are born with a killer instinct?

    I think and I think you think, she would have danced on it a bit and ultimately declared that murderers must pay the penalty for their crimes.

    3) Homosexuality, born that way or learned behavior?

    Well we know how she answered this, but if questions 1 and 2 above came first it would have been more interesting.

    Bottom line is, SHE WOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM PLAYING IN THE ROLE OF JUDGE OR MEMBER OF THE JURY OR EVEN EXECUTIONER when it comes to “judging” something HOMOSEXUALS DON’T LIKE such as MURDER. But when it comes to homosexuality, she dances and people such as David come in dancing. David probably would have been in total agreement with Palin answering questions 1 and 2 as we suspect she would.

    Palin was asked directly about homosexuality, and she refused to answer. She did not run up to Charles Gibson and say “Hey Charlie, let me tell ya what I think about homosexuality.” She was asked. That would fall right here:

    1 Peter 3:14-16 (New American Standard Bible)

    14 But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed AND DO NOT FEAR THEIR INTIMIDATION, AND DO NOT BE TROUBLED,

    15 but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence;

    16 and keep a good conscience so that in the thing in which you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ will be put to shame.

    Now David will say, that scripture is not talking about if you’re asked about homosexuality, David will say that’s if asked about the faith. Well when asked about sin, one has to speak the truth about it given it is the stance of our faith. When the unbelieving scribes and Pharisees asked Jesus questions about various sins, He didn’t avoid answering. Palin running up to Gibson unprovoked, to tell him homosexuality is sin would have been bad form (that’s Fred Phelps styled nonsense), but Palin answering a question about sin with a righteous answer, would have provided her opportunity to speak of Christ, to the glory of the Father.

  5. Angie said

    It is called selling out.

  6. James, do you have ANYTHING to say about Palin’s failure to answer the question asked of her?

    If you want to talk about news people, there are millions of blogs out there and you should find one where you can judge the world rather than judging the one who claims to be in the church.

    1 Corinthians 5:12 (New American Standard Bible)

    12 For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Do you not judge those who are within the church?

    One who claims to be within the church refused a direct question about something scripture clearly notes as sin. That would be the topic of discussion here. You want to talk about reporters who never claimed to be Christians, lots of other places for that. But do you have anything to say in regards to the topic being discussed here?

  7. Angie said

    If McCain wins, she’ll be the first female vice-president. Therefore, she is willing to sell out Christ for that political seat.

  8. Job said


    I am black. But I am Pentecostal, and I oppose TD Jakes, who rejects Trinity and LIES ABOUT IT. Read the book of Isaiah, James. In that book, King Ahaz, trying to defend himself from an alliance between Syria and Ephraim (the northern ten tribes of Israel), made an alliance with ASSYRIA. In other words, he chose one evil over another. In our hatred of the evils of abortion and homosexual marriage, we should not seek an alliance with Republicans that we know are duplicitous wicked idolators. Instead, we must retain our faith in Jesus Christ. As Isaiah told King Ahaz, if we do not stand for Jesus Christ, we will not stand at all.

  9. Angie, you’re very right.

    As I heard one US congressman say, it’s going to be the first Black or first woman in something. And that congressman is probably right. So those candidates are casting everything they ever heard about Bible aside at any opportunity to “make history”…

  10. n,e said

    To the black Pentecostal who says TD Jakes rejects the trinity and lies about it. That doesnt make any sense. If he rejects the trinity, then he would surely stand against it. But wherever you have gotten that info. it’s totally wrong. Please before you put your mouth on people especially men of God be sure you have facts, you bring damnation on yourself. Even David wouldnt touch Saul even though Saul tried to kill David. So be careful.

  11. joyce said

    Everyone has an opinion, no one walks in love! Everyone i looking at the candidates on their view of a bortion and homosexual. God looks at the whole picture, holiness and righteousness. The bible says the household of faith will be judged first.

  12. wannabereal said

    Not to defend Palin….but i think the context of her comments were that she couldn’t say definitively if homosexuality is “learned” or they’re “born that way” and considered herself less than knowledgeable to decide that particular perspective one way or the other. Also, that she apparently knows many people (and family members?) that have opinions on both sides (as to “born” or “learned”). I don’t see where that means that she was saying that it’s not a SIN. Charlie didn’t ask, “homosexuality, sin or acceptable?”. That wasn’t the question..So though she was still ‘dancing’, it doesn’t seem like you can hang her for not saying, “Oh i think it is a learned behavior” or “They’re definitely born that way”.etc etc…That’s a debate plenty of people don’t know one way or the other.
    The way i see it, is it ultimately does not matter if homosexuality is a “learned behavior” or if one is technically “born that way” (due to whatever factors in the womb, etc, blah blah blah) The Bible clearly teaches that we are ALL born into SIN. Period. And NEED TO BE BORN AGAIN—so regardless of the cause. We have to repent and be born again–and chances are she probably wouldn’t have answered like this either. I’m just saying, according to waht was shown on the interview (and the snippet above) she was answering only what he asked regarding her thoughts on the origens of homosexuality) not whether she thought it was a sin or not. Now THAT would be an interesting answer.

  13. jennifer said

    Once again I come here and chew on the post and think and reread it. I am absolutely with you once again.

    I am so sickened by *Christians* defending Palin just because she meets the image of the ideal HUMAN woman.

    I think often of the narrow gate…and see that the work here is vast and we Christians need to step up.

    Thanks again

  14. angie said

    @ IC:

    Palin reminds of another Ron Paul because both did not stand up firmly for what the bible says about homosexuality. To shift off topic a bit, her running partner McCain is unstable too on issues. First, he supports the Bush administration regarding the Federal Reserve and now he opposes it. Back on track, both could make history with Palin being the first female vice-president and McCain being the oldest president. Now here is something to think about. If McCain becomes president and croaks during his term,considering his health issues, she can become the first female president this country ever had. Therefore, you can see how her political ambitions surpass the gospel of Jesus Christ. But, Jesus said that what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul.

  15. Angie,

    Palin reminds of another Ron Paul because both did not stand up firmly for what the bible says about homosexuality.

    A former Ron Paul proponent that I won’t name 😀 , almost had me carrying Ron Paul 4 Pres signs till I realized he’s an anything goes kind of guy, aka Libertarian. Thankfully, news of that helped them become a “former” Ron Paul proponent.

    John McCain on whether homosexuality is a ‘sin’

    Oh well, one day we’ll all be locked up for saying homosexuality IS A SIN. At least we know it’s likely coming before it happens.

  16. James said

    This is outrageous. Biden is a Catholic on Sundays where they believe in creation, male priests, homosexuality as sin and are against abortion. Palin is going to a bible church according to the wikipedia not the Assembly of God where she left in 2002. Obama goes only God knows where. His family goes, heck I don’t know. Most Black churches are bible churches where homosexuality is almost tolerated, and abortion is almost tolerated. If Black preachers are supporting Obama then abortion, gay marriage and Christian persecution in America must be on the minor list. They want black power no matter how far away from scriptures the man may be.

  17. Angie said

    @ James

    I agree that Obama isn’t all of that, neither. Churches including the black church is in a worse state. Not only does he support the issues that you’ve mentioned, but he was just accused recently of being an elitist. Therefore, I cannot say that I support either candidate at this point. To add, the Catholic religion puts the Pope in an messiah position and priests for the people to confess their sins to. Christ abolished us from this practice through His blood.

  18. Here’s a post relating to music that may be beneficial: Do Not Be Conformed to This World!

  19. Sorry, comment #18 was put in the wrong thread 🙂 .

  20. James, you sound like a man who does not approve of sins such as homosexuality and would never claim people who don’t know Jesus in truth are going to Heaven. That is a good thing.

    So it’s peculiar that earlier you mentioned TD Jakes. As if he’s on your side. Let me show you some examples of why he’s not.

    Check this out: The Sacrilege of T.D. Jakes.

    And James, I (and Job too) have so much more to warn about Jakes, but let’s see how you digest that first.

  21. Angel said

    Wow. James and many bloggers really grieve the Spirit of the Living God. Racism in the body of Christ is as much a sin as homosexuality and abortion. There is no black church and no white church. Jesus is seeking a church without a spot or a wrinkle. Search your heart. Seek Christ. I believe Christ looks like the nations of this world. He is not Black nor is he white. He is a Spirit and those who worship Him must WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT and TRUTH. That was a lie from the pit of hell saying that predominantly black churches tolerate sins such as homosexuality and abortion. Racism will be judged as those sins as well. God will use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. People of God, do not put God with a political candidate or party. God is our King and our President. Trust in Him, not in man. Repent from the spirit of racism and division. God will not listen to you until you put aside every weight of sin.

  22. Devon said

    Angel, you do realize that James is black right? I hardly doubt that he would minimize the sin of racism in the least! I’m sure, being a minority, he knows all about the sin of racism persaonlly!

    But he correctly points out that there are greater sins today then racism…murder of the innocents…that is the worse…no question about it…..

    IC, that is a real shame about TD Jakes…I have enjoyed him in the past but his views on the Truine nature of our Lord is deeply concerning….we need to pray for him….

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