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Christian Coalition Leader Dennis Baxley: Barack Obama’s Fallen Mind Is Due To His Having Been Reared In A Muslim Country!

Posted by Job on September 17, 2008

Dennis Baxley calls Obama “scary”, but with comments like this:

We all know what early intervention with children is all about, and I am really wondering what the influence was on him from his father’s background and being in a Muslim country. 

what is scary to ME is just how deeply the psycho – babble of New Age pseudo – Christians who teach culture and works like James Dobson, Robert Schuller, etc. has become ingrained into modern American evangelical Christianity. Make no mistake, this is in no way a defense of Barack Obama. Obama actually used to BRAG on his family and personal ties to Islam back when it made him seem more exotic, cosmopolitan, “citizen of the world” sort free of the type of provincial attitudes that had divided Americans from each other and the world. Obama only began distancing himself from his Islamic background when it became necessary to win over more conservative and traditional Americans to get elected president, part of the same evolution that led to Obama’s finally putting an American flag pin on his lapel, which in my opinion was a regrettable concession to what was at best meaningless symbolism and at worst state idolatry, but hey, he’s Obama so why expect anything remotely principled, righteous, or true from the guy … that is something that should come from the CHRISTIANS THAT WERE AMONG THE MAIN ONES TO CRITICIZE OBAMA FOR FAILING TO BOW TO NEBUCHADNEZZAR’S STATUE OR BE CAST INTO THE FIERY FURNACE.  McCain fans please note: your guy did the same thing, going from comparing evangelical Christians to Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton in 2000 to asking a Southern Baptist leader if he needed to be re – baptized to win the Republican nomination in 2008

In any event, instead of telling people that all people not born again of Jesus Christ are not of this world and are such at emnity with God, Baxley is telling people that any fallen mindset that Barack Obama may have was due to his being raised in a different culture with different values. Growing up in a different culture with different values did whatever damage to Obama’s mindset that evangelicals like Dobson that push the gospel of Freud and the epistles of psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology, etc. on people. Without the slightest bit of irony, Baxley states:

On Obama’s description of himself as a devout Christian: “I don’t want to pass judgment. I take him at face value. I do look at his story and where he’s been, and the influence of the Rev. Wright-type of Christianity, and I’m not sure that’s what I relate to…He wants to tax the rich more and redistribute wealth to other people — where I come from that’s socialism. Karl Marx was not a Christian.” 

Baxley has no idea that the evangelical church of Reagan neoconservatism advocates economic and military policies that are no closer to what Jesus Christ actually taught than anything that Marx wrote. I agree, Karl Marx rejected the liberal Christianity that he was raised in and was not a Christian. But my issue with you, Baxley, is are you one? Baxley first says “I don’t want to pass judgment” and then goes on to do precisely that! Baxley claims “I take Obama’s claim of being a Christian at face value” and then does the opposite! And incidentally, what on earth is wrong with saying that someone whose life contradicts the Bible and who adheres to a heretical apostate false church is not a Christian? Quite the contrary, if this “Christian Coalition” is a legitimate Christian organization and you are a leader in it, IT IS YOUR JOB TO MAKE PRECISELY THOSE TYPES OF PRONOUNCEMENTS! 

Baxley is not leading a movement whose goal it is to produce hearts changed and spirits regenerated by the Holy Ghost with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is leading a movement where a person is judged by where they were socialized and what political beliefs and cultural norms they exhibit and adhere to. That is the gospel of modern political and cultural Christianity, and it is a false gospel. The true gospel states that whether you were born in a Muslim household in Saudi Arabia or a Christian household in Mississippi, you are still born in sin, totally depraved, and need God to save you. Once you are born again, any “psychological damage” that allegedly may have been done by an Islamic culture that teaches submission and control (or an American culture saturated by violent movies and video games, pornography, and glorification of wicca and paganism, and oh yeah false New Age psychological Christianity) can easily be undone with sound preaching, teaching, and discipleship. 

As scary as Obama may be, people like Baxley are even more so. People like Baxley dupe people into believing that we don’t need to give people the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they can receive a true salvation. Instead, people like Baxley cause people to believe that all we need to give them is a cultural or political salvation of mom and apple pie (in the sky), the flag, and George Washington cutting down a cherry tree (which if it ever actually happened would have been for the purposes of building an edifice to practice his freemasonry anyway). This is the test here. Under Baxley’s gospel, is it possible to be saved? Either you were born in a western country or you weren’t! If you were not born in a western country, then you were irreversibly psychologically damaged as a child. Right? Well no, that is not what Baxley believes, because we well know that anyone from another culture that is willing to adopt and promote neoconservatism becomes their hero. The person doesn’t even need to be Christian! The person can be Roman Catholic, like the neoconservative’s great Indian hope Bobby Jindal, or Jewish, or atheist … doesn’t matter, because neoconservatism is their salvation! 

Christians, who are supposed to be aware of first what was their own fallen nature before they were saved and then the fallen nature of all mankind save those that God has elected for Himself, should be the last ones to claim that Barack Hussein Obama is some sort of Manchurian candidate or Muslim conspiracy plant because of where he was when he was 6 years old. My goodness, what does Baxley think of the man who was raised in Saudi Arabia all his life, converted from Christianity to Islam YESTERDAY, and is still in Saudi Arabia? Would Baxley support this person’s seeking religious asylum in this country? Or would Baxley decide that this person’s Freudian Kinseyan deep seated psychological issues are too great to be overcome? 

It would be one thing had Baxley stated that Obama was a potential Trojan horse because he hasn’t been born again and is not a new creation. But that isn’t what Baxley said, now is it? Now of course, Baxley may be hindered from EXPLICITLY doing such a thing because the Bible says that only God knows a man’s heart. Fine. But Baxley IMPLICITLY does THE SAME THING not using THE BIBLE but Dobson Freudian psychology? Another reason: Baxley knows that were he, from his position, to judge Obama’s salvation, he would have to do so for MCCAIN! He would have to publicly say that Obama is not born again and that McCain is, and that Christians should vote for McCain based on it. Since he obviously cannot do such a thing, tactics like this is what he is left with.

Now it is perfectly acceptable in most contexts to express a preference for McCain – Palin based at least in part on their background and culture. After all, Obama supporters are doing the same, even going to the point of claiming that Obama’s background and heritage will make it easier for us to deal with non – Christian and nonwhite nations. What is NOT ACCEPTABLE is taking what are actually cultural and ideological preferences and claiming that it is Christianity. Jesus Christ is not culture or ideology, and people who are making a living off claiming this are going to find that out on judgment day. Christian, just be careful that you are not one of them!


5 Responses to “Christian Coalition Leader Dennis Baxley: Barack Obama’s Fallen Mind Is Due To His Having Been Reared In A Muslim Country!”

  1. Politics may be the world’s second oldest profession. Bears a strange resemblence sometimes to the first, doesn’t it?

    The problem with the current political climate is that there is no middle. Each candidate must be viewed as either the coming Savior or the anti-Christ, and there is no grey area in between.

  2. Job said

    Clark Bunch:

    Well, the current division is a favorable climate for the anti – Christ to come to power, because he will superficially seem to heal all of the divisions and bring people together.

    I should point out, however, that I support neither McCain or Obama, and that I have very valid reasons for that position. I am also convinced that political activism is a major cause of doctrinal error and spiritual compromise for Christians, whether they happen to be liberal or conservative.

  3. James said

    Obama is fallen because he’s listened to the phoney Rev. Wright for 20 years.

  4. Dave said

    Is Obama a true Christian or a Muslim?
    Does he really believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ? Can Obama pass the Jesus Test?

    Take the Jesus Test to find out if you are a true Christian at

  5. James said

    He attended a black theology church for 20 years. He signed documents to follow the “Black Values System” right? There are some deviations from Evangelicals right?
    He would say he was a Christian. Traditional Evangelicals think that black theology is Christianity mixed in with the gripes of the past, racism and conspiracy theories.
    If a person attended a Klan rally and shouted “Christ is King!” does that make him a Christian?
    I am black and would not sign any documents like this nor attend a church under Rev. Wright. I’ve attended black churches for decades and never heard sermons like this.

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