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Apologetics For Dummies

Posted by Job on September 12, 2008

How did I get here? There must be a Creator.

How did the universe get here? There must be a Creator.

Where did the Creator come from? It is unknowable. Therefore the Creator must be greater than the creation.

What does the Creator being greater than the creation means? That the creation answers to the Creator, not the other way around.

If creation answers to the Creator, what does that mean? That the Creator is completely sovereign over creation.

Can creation challenge the rule and sovereignty of the Creator? Such challenges are due to fail.

Can creation set limits, boundaries, rules, or conditions for the Creator? The Creator is under no obligation to respect them, and creation has no ability to compel the Creator to do so.

Can creation judge the Creator as being unfair? If so, that will not change the nature or behavior of the Creator in any way. Any judgment against the Creator that creation levies, creation has no enforcement power.

Why is creation orderly? It reflects the nature of the Creator that the Creator chose to reveal to creation.

How is the creation aware of the existence of the Creator? Because the Creator chose to reveal this existence.

Could the Creator have chosen to conceal existence from creation? Yes.

What does the Creator’s self – revelation mean? That the Creator’s revelation of existence was for a purpose.

What then is the duty of creation? To respond to the Creator’s revelation and to the Creator’s purpose for revelation.

Can creation set the terms for response and interaction with the Creator? No.

Can creation interpret the meaning of the Creator’s revelation and interaction? No. The Creator must supply the meaning.

Does the Creator have the right to treat creation however the Creator wants, including to destroy it? Yes.

Is the Creator unfair or unjust in exercising this right? No.

Is the Creator the sole arbiter of what constitutes fairness, justice, and righteousness? Yes.

Can creation have any true concepts of these notions apart from the Creator’s revelation? No.

Why is creation basically rational? Because of the Creator’s revelation of rationality to creation.

Why is creation basically moral? Because of the Creator’s revelation of morality to creation.

Could rationality and morality have formed by random chance? No. Randomness is inherently irrational and destructive, not rational and constructive.

If given enough time, could random events form a moral rational orderly system? In order for time to exist in the first place, something outside of, apart from, and completely transcending time would have had to have created it.

Were different parts and attributes of the Creator revealed to different cultures? This would have resulted in diverse responses to the Creator, a diversity that would have not only been an internal contradiction with and and therefore nullified creation’s orderly nature, but also would have been in contradiction with the Creator’s revealed nature. 

What are the implications of this? That the Creator made a complete and final revelation of the Creator’s existence and nature to creation.

What was the purpose of this revelation? Again, the purpose of the revelation came with or was part of the revelation of the Creator.

What was the complete and final revelation of the Creator’s existence and nature to creation? The Creator’s unique offspring, which contained all of the attributes of the Creator and existed within creation.

Does the Creator have a Name? Yes.

What does this imply? That the creator’s final revelation in the form of the offspring has a Name as well.

What is the Name of this revelation? Jesus Christ.

What message did Jesus Christ bring as the Creator’s message to creation? The gospel of Jesus Christ.

What is the duty of creation with regards to the gospel? Respond to it.

How can you, as part of creation, fulfill this duty? Click on the link below to see how.

The Three Step Salvation Plan


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  1. A good lot of questions. I would wait to read your answers.

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