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A Woman Rides The Beast

Posted by Job on September 11, 2008


17 Responses to “A Woman Rides The Beast”

  1. dawkinswatch said

    I have watched Dave Hunt’s Woman rides the Beast, but there are problems which John Daniels deals with in his breath taking book “The Scarlet and the Beast”.I have only read Vol.1 if anyonw has Volume 2 and 3 please contact me. He is going to speak at Hour of The Time conference in October.

    Dave hunt never acknowledges the sins of the so called Protestant church. But the Protestant church is very much into christian mystery.

  2. naturalsystah said

    Dawkinswatch, which sins of the protestant church are you referring to?

  3. Dave does acknowledge the sins of the Protestant Church. For example, he exposes Billy Graham, Schuller, and other Protestant leaders as apostates of the faith. I’m not saying Dave is perfect, but Dave Hunt is right to expose the apostacy of the Vatican. Now, I own Volume 2 and Volume 3 plus Volume 1. Volume 3 deals with the Drug Trade, music, while Volume 2 deals with religious history primarily. His books are easy to read. John Daniel is accurate mostly and his main issue is that he omits the Vatican connection to world events. For example, he says nothing on the Knights of Columbus, the huge power of the Knights of Malta, the Inquistion, the Papal Ustashi massacres in Europe during WWII, Opus Dei, and the new world order advocated by Pope Benedict XVI. Daniel’s book is mostly accurate except saying that the KJV was created by occultists, which is false (also his claim that Rosicurcian Robert Fludd had a role in the KJV translation is also false).

    is the link on the subject although I don’t agree with Aho on all issues.

    By Timothy

  4. Not all Protestant Churches are into Mystery, yet the Vatican’s corruptions, murders, and mystery or pagan connection far exceeds Protestantism. Although, many Protestants aren’t innocent in this regard.

  5. dawkinswatch said

    Truthseeker where can I get Vol 2 and 3 of Scarlett and the Beast? I live in England and I do not think that it is produced here.

    You may be right because John Daniel mainly deals with the factional fighting within french versus English freemasonry. William Cooper dealt with Catholisms place in the mysteries in Mystery Babylon series.

  6. Well, from Britian, there are many ways to get the Book series.

    The easiest is to go to the link of

    You need to print out the order form, write your names, etc after you print out the order form. Then, you can mail it to Texas (or the mailing address), then they will send you the book to you.

    By Timothy

    is the link with more information about the book Series. Book Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 are short, while Volume 3 has more substiantative information in it.

  7. While the Brethren even say they Believe the Bible is the Word of God, they too clearly do have this unholy, desperate and complicated need to reinterpret almost every passages of the Bible suitable to their own liking.

  8. Kyle said

    For those of you in America (Including Me) quit looking around for the Harlot and look at the land beneath your feet. That whore is much closer to you than you think.


  9. The Plymouth Brethren Dispensationalists movement itself has constituted a radical even a false change from the historic teachings of Christianity. James 2:26 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

    So they are dead now even on two accounts.. Denying the present role, works of the Holy Spirit, and their lack of good works by faith, their unloving acts towards the others.

    Dispensationalists, Brethren do now falsely deny the “second blessing” , a personal religious Holy Spirit experience after which the believer is set aside for, equipped by God for life.

    The Brethren with all of their supposedly Biblical Studies Foundation, Bible studies, or actually Bible passages reinterpretations do say that the teachings of the Charismatic and Pentecostal Movement are false and that “The major doctrine the Pentecostals and Charismatics is that they do not understand is the supposed fact that Christians are not in the Old Testament times, but live in now a different dispensation ” as defined by the Brethren alone.. You falsely have to go by, play by, live now by the new Brethren, man made rules, interpretations, standards and not God’s.

    The Brethren boasted, from their very beginning in the nineteenth century, that their teachings represented a wide departure from the doctrines of their predecessors and contemporaries. So it was not surprisingly the Brethren movement was both refuted and rejected rightfully now by the majority of professing real Christians even todate where the realted dispensationalism rightfully is something to be avoided like the plague.

    In reality, and undeniably those persons who do not go along with them, do not support them they the Brethren, even due to their own insecurities, do declare war against them, ostracize them, slander them, lie about them, divorce them too. All unacceptable and very ungodly, un Christ like , carnal behavior on their parts still too.

    Their false doctrine of the separation of Israel and the Church, the foundation of dispensationalism, can be clearly seen for what it is, false, by anyone who has a knowledgeable grasp of the New Testament. It is those persons ignorant of the scriptures, those persons not in their Bibles who are the ones so easily deceived by them still too.

    “and a wonderful discovery that a long controverted point is now settled; the unpardonable sin is declared to be speaking against the Darbyites.” C. H. Spurgeon whom himself was lied about, slandered, bashed by the Brethren.

    Rev George Muller, famous founder of the Bristol orphanage, was one of the best-known early Plymouth Brethren figures . Mr. Muller also had a public falling-out with Darby. Those who sympathized with Darby became the “Closed Brethren” and those who sided with Muller were known as “Open Brethren.” The two strains of Brethrenism endure even today. A It was Rev George Mueller who had introduced D L Moody to the Plymouth Brethren, and it seems when George Muller of Bristol came up against the Dispensationalist doctrines of the Brethren movement, he severed all connection with it.

    The dispensationalists falsely divided the whole Scriptures in terms of categories of people: Jew, Gentile, and Christian. Where Chafer taught that the only Scriptures addressed specifically to Christians were the gospel of John, Acts, and the Epistles! Pettengill taught that the Great Commission was for the Jews only. Scofield taught that the Lord’s prayer was a Jewish prayer and ought not be recited by Christians. Along with much of the New Testament, the Old Testament was described as “not for today.” Christian.” Christians were even falsely now mocked by them as legalists for believing in the Ten Commandments! This false segmentation of the Bible makes dispensationalism a cult.

    The Open Brethren, Plymouth brethren simply and with limitations affirms the Bible as the inerrant Word of God; the Trinity; the depravity of man, and the necessity of salvation by grace through faith; the church is composed of all true believers ( Brethren only) in Jesus Christ; two ordinances, baptism by immersion and the Lord’s Supper; the security of the believer (once a person is truly a child of God, that status is secure for all time); and pretribulation premillennialism (that is, Christ will return before the tribulation and before the millennium.) Brethren assemblies (independent congregations) are usually led by locally appointed elders recognized by the local congregation. Assemblies tend also celebrate a weekly communion service, at which only approved Members, appointed men only are encouraged to speak or pray. Women are clearly not allowed to participate. Fellowship with like-minded Christians such as InterVarsity Fellowship are rare acceptance as a part of evangelicalism , and very characteristic of Brethren they forbid, and do not fellowship with other Christians such as Catholics, Anglicans, Pentecostals, Charismatic’s, etc., for whom they seem to have no use for. Tend to declare war on them too. Dispensationalists it seems to compensate for their often rejections seem to like to bash the Catholics. Charismatic, Pentecostal Christians too now.

    • David said

      This reply is to “The Nonconformer.” I grew up in the Brethren. I now belong to a Pentecostal church, having left the Brethren some 20 years ago. I agree with the Nonconformer at some points, but beg leave to disagree at others. Some of what he says is right, but some of it is so wrong that I cannot and will not let it go unchallenged. I’m from New Zealand, so what I have to say about the Brethren here may or may not be applicable internationally.

      The Brethren ARE NOT monolithic. Yes, many of the Brethren I knew in the past did oppose speaking in tongues and other gifts of the Spirit. Many, but not all. That was 20-25 years ago. Even then, there were notable exceptions. Can you believe that ONE OF THE FIRST people to encourage me with speaking in tongues was a deacon in my own Brethren assembly? I still have a multi-page letter he wrote me in 1983, explaining it scripturally and encouraging me to explore it. A Brethren deacon! 26 years later, he’s still in the Brethren, still in good standing with them. Then again, there were others in that same assembly who were VERY wary of such practices. As i said, the Brethren are not monolithic – and even within a single assembly, there can be considerable differences.

      In SOME sections of the Brethren movement, there was considerable movement in the 1980s and 1990s. The assembly at Te Atatu (in Auckland, New Zealand) embraced the charismatic movement. Brian Hathaway, from that assembly, became a household name in Pentecostal circles. Today? There are Brethren assemblies in my own city that are openly charismatic. The largest Brethren assembly in New Zealand (membership: over a thousand) is of the charismatic persuasion.

      The largest Brethren Assembly in Wellington, New Zealand took the lead in organizing a crusade with Greg Laurie, a Pentecostal evangelist, in 2008.

      There is a Brethren bookshop not far from where I live. A good many of their books are by Pentecostal authors.

      The Nonconformer has obviously had some acquaintance with Brethren in the past, but has equally obviously been away from them for some time. Contrary to his assertions, many if not most of the Brethren assemblies in my city DO allow women to participate in worship. One of the largest has female elders.

      I think The Nonconformer paints with far too broad a brush.

      As for dispensationalism: I am not a strict dispensationalist now. Neither are many of the Brethren I know. I DO most firmly hold to a distinction between Israel and the Church, however, and I’m proud to say that the Brethren are definitely NOT uniquie in affirming it. The Pentecostal movement, to which I have belonged for some years now, upholds that truth as fervently as the Brethren ever did.

      To sum up:

      YES, I have indeed met Brethren who match The Nonconformer’s description and make it look like an understatement. BUT I have ALSO met Brethren who make it look like an absolute caricature.

      I have answered what I see as The Nonconformer’s misstatements and exaggerations on the basis of my own experience and observation. I have little expectation of changing his mind, however, as prejudiced people (and he seems to be one) tend not to respond to alternative ideas, even when those ideas are based on experience.

      David Cannon

  10. What do think about this?

    (Rev 17:1) “the great whore that sitteth upon many waters”
    Palin received the nomination in Minnesota which is Dakota Indian for “sky tinted water.” The state motto of Minnesota is “Land of 10,000 Lakes.”

    The area Wasilla is located was called “Benteh” by the Dena’ina Indians, meaning ‘among the lakes’.

    (Rev 17:2) “and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.”

    Oil (which is plentiful in Alaska) can be called the WINE that has made the inhabitants of the earth drunk.

    (Rev 17:3) “and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.”

    Wasilla is derived from the Russian Vasili, from Basil, which is also where the word Basilisk comes from. A basilisk is the mythological King Serpent beast. Wasilla has seven letters and Sarah Palin has ten letters.


    The mentally challenged and physically deformed (indcluding Down’s Syndrome) were called “Abominations of the Earth.”

    (Rev 17:6) “And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus”

    Palin addresses with gusto the extreme right, militant Christian base.

    (Rev 17:15) The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

    The United States of America is a country of many peoples, multitudes, nations (ethnic groups), and tongues.

    Sarah Palin IS the foretold WHORE OF BABYLON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Job said


    The whore of Babylon is a metaphor.

  12. Devon said

    Oh Syrin, honestly, grow up….your biblical exgesis, or lack thereof , would make Hagee look like a genius!!

  13. James said

    Thanks but no thanks.
    Palin is just a politician like the rest. If she were so bad Alaska would be in chaos right now. I would look to the guy from South Side Chicago and ask how are they doing now versus 4 years ago. If the crime has gone down then you can thank the community organizing.
    Looking at the Hudson tragedy I don’t think Obama has made a difference in South Side Chicago.
    Would you prefer a nation more like Alaska or South Side Chicago?

  14. Devon said

    And James, taking it a step further, almost every poverty stricken area in America is held by the Dems and has been for generations!!

    Gee…I wonder if their is a correlation??? I really don’t know what it is going to take for people to wake up from their Dem overlords?

  15. James said

    Why would this country want to vindicate Rev. Wright? I read post after post about how bad pro-lifers are but ignore the rabid racism from Jeremiah Wright. There are 3 options for sitting in a church like this.
    1 You really believe what is preached.
    2 You don’t believe and you are there for networking.
    3 You don’t have a clue to what your family is listening to for 20 years.
    4 You really don’t attend the church but use it as a prop to advance your political career.
    If there is another option please because these options seem really bad to me. They reflect someone who is dishonest about what they believe.
    By the way Rev. Wright is political but never mentioned when rebuking the religious right. Why is that?

  16. James said

    I did what Joe Biden did and gave you four instead of 3.

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