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Estimated Number Of Blacks Killed By Abortion: 13 Million. Both Obama – Biden And McCain – Palin Will Drive It Even Higher.

Posted by Job on September 10, 2008

Please look at the statistics bar below the video in the links below.


5 Responses to “Estimated Number Of Blacks Killed By Abortion: 13 Million. Both Obama – Biden And McCain – Palin Will Drive It Even Higher.”

  1. Jonathan De Leon said

    You better STOP!!! You better STOP attacking God’s annointed!


    HEY Job, whats up brother. Hope you are doing well. I ask respectfully who should we vote for then? You can’t vote right? Do you live in England? (with these questions I am not trying to imply this is none of your business).

  2. Jonathan De Leon said

    I also wanted to mention that at the Spanish congregation I attend there are “illegal” immigrants. And the pastor defends their actions. I am not saying that I am any better, for I am 18 yrs old and I’m driving a car without a license (but I am not justifying it either). Anyways I was at band practice for church and there we got into a heated argument regarding this election. At one point, the bassist wondered how I was not going to vote for Obama because (according to the bassist) Obama is going to help illegal immigrants like those at church. I have also heard comments (I believe they were trying to justify “illegal” immigration) such as similar to, “we are citizens of heaven” or something like. I do not wish to slander. But what do you think brother?

  3. Kyle said

    Jonathan De Leon,

    Everything is upside down. The main goal is Christ Crucified and risen, Repentance, and living a life of holiness. Anything else is useless dross. I’m sure your bass player probably thinks that the Gospel is all about love, love, love.


  4. Kyle said

    I don’t think thier is anything more racist than a pro-choice African American. Think about it.


  5. Jknight98 said

    I thought McCain and Palin were opposed to abortion. Oh well they lost

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