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Christian Care Insurance Program Trying To Recreate Church Of Acts On Some Level

Posted by Job on September 10, 2008

This might be a way to live out Acts 4:32-37 in the modern world. So I shall not speak against it. Efforts like this is how the body of Christ should be depending on each other instead of the secular anti – Christ globalist financial institutions anyway. So many of the secular insurance plans are now subsidizing all sorts of immorality, including the murder of abortion, and have their hands in all sorts of other devilry with their various funds and investments. And yes, they exploit the poor. As loathsome as the pervert former governor of New York Eliot Spitzer was, he exposed a lot of corruption, criminality, and wickedness in the secular insurance and financial companies, and for that reason a lot of “conservatives” actually CHEERED when he was removed from office so that these companies could continue stealing money from and grinding the faces of the poor and the working class.

Please note that several states, however, (Oklahoma, Illinois, Montana) are moving against this Christian effort that gives people an alternative to the immorality and evil of the anti – Christ financial system, forcing them to centralise their finds into – guess what – a single bank account (that they can go after later!). Here’s guessing that when the state fully finishes taking over the banking industry, things like this will be one of the first things that they outlaw, and they will force Christians to participate in the evil global banking system. Incidentally, why aren’t there more Christian – owned and church owned banks and credit unions to begin with? They could do a lot of good, especially with the poor. This is not something that the pastor/elder should be involved in, but it is definitely should be part of the ministry of the deacons’ attending to tables for the poor and the koinonia fellowship for the body of Jesus Christ.

Christian cost-sharing health plans gain followers, scrutiny


9 Responses to “Christian Care Insurance Program Trying To Recreate Church Of Acts On Some Level”

  1. Job, have you never heard of these sorts of plans before?

    Brother, if not, you need to read up on them. They really ARE doing it in a good and biblical way. I may not use such a plan personally, but this really is a case of government intruding on a church affair. These kinds of groups, often known as “biblical health care” have been around for a good while and people using them always said they usually work out BETTER than secular health insurance. Some of the groups have a central fund, but some of these kinds of groups tell their members who to send their monthly payment to in a given month based on need. So some saints who are part of groups like this instead of sending their monthly payment to a central fund, they mail it directly to the saint in need of the funds that given month.

    Regardless of the model, government should have stayed out of it.

    This is not something that government should be involved in. They are running a private group where they manage their funds as they choose. There were no complaints of wrong doing. I highly suspect secular insurance companies cried about this, because they see people dumping their secular policies and more money going into these Christian groups. Not to mention who the “insurance regulators” may cater to.

  2. Job said


    Huh? I think that I had better edit my post. I was praising the Christian plan while criticizing the secular ones, and criticizing the anti – Christ state for intruding.

  3. Job, I didn’t say anything was wrong with your post.

  4. The government should leave Christian health care plans alone.

  5. Job said


    Thanks. I agree. And I edited the post to make it clearer. Now the state has gotten to telling people what they can do with their own money.

  6. Job,

    Now the state has gotten to telling people what they can do with their own money.


    But I disagree with your desire for Christian owned banks and financial institutions. That is the same stuff Eddie Long presses for and the church does NOT need to be claiming any title as money changers. Banks lend at interest. Which is why Eddie Long wants one badly. (You know the Bible does not at all promote giving money for the sake of profit. Even Credit Unions although not as profit driven lend for interest in return, that’s not something the church should be running.) Eddie Long got as far as convincing some other churches to join with him to create the South Dekalb Church Federal Credit Union. Long also objects to banking laws that demand if he did have a “bank” that it lend to anyone, even someone wanting a loan to open a strip club, but regardless of the noble spin Eddie Long puts on it, he wants money. Brother, I say leave the money changing to the money changers, don’t put the name of the Lord or His church on it. Such activity has no biblical precedent. I mean if someone works for a bank, that’s one thing and fully in line with scripture as slaves had to work hard for even some unjust masters, but claiming the church is to run such an institution, that would church make the temple the money changer.

  7. Job said


    I forgot about the usury issue. I also forgot about the legal stuff.

  8. jennifer said

    Due to my husband having an auto accident on duty a few years ago our financial situation changed drastically. I confess that we lived in the world and never tried to separate ourselves. We had a savings plan that we thought was substantial.(it was not)

    We now have no medical insurance, very little life insurance(just what we had before) and live simple life(the farm blog doublenickelfarm) we decided to learn to make do or make or raise what we need. It is not easy, we have 3 kids still still being homeschooled…

    and we are living a simple simple life.

  9. Job said


    Wow. It is amazing how God uses even tragedies to conform us into the image of His Son. Praise God for His wonderful and mighty ways that are too high and wonderful for our comprehension.

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