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Endtimes Alert: Google Backs Cheap Web Access for Africa! Jesus Christ Might Return More Quickly Than I Thought …

Posted by Job on September 9, 2008

Please note that Al Gore, the same person that the new world order globalists have given riches and acclaim (Nobel Prize, Academy Award) to promote global political and economic centralisation under the Gaia religion of environmentalism (meaning that the “creation – care evangelicals” are actually practicing a syncretism!) is heavily involved with Google. Now I had taken a big step back in recent months on the attention that I used to pay to trying to correlate current events to eschatology (a big focus of mine when I first started this site) because of my opinion that the global political, economic, social, etc. situation was not yet in place to allow the anti – Christ to rule the whole world. That is still not the case, but it is clear that the forces of anti – Christ are working fast towards that goal! Case in point: the article below. 

Google backs cheap Web access for Africa

This reminds me of a letter that an African sent in to the late J. Vernon McGee’s Through The Bible ministry. It appears that this fellow had listened to McGee’s broadcast, and believed, and BASED SOLELY ON THE BROADCASTS AND A FEW FREE MINISTRY MATERIALS THAT THROUGH THE BIBLE SENT HIM THROUGH THE MAIL THE FELLOW WAS ABLE TO START A CHURCH! In any event, the pastor stated that having his church listen to the broadcast was very helpful to his ministry, BECAUSE THEY BELIEVED THAT EVERYTHING THAT WAS SAID ON THE RADIO HAD TO BE TRUE! It appears that in developing parts of the world, they have not formed the filters and skepticism that we westerners have towards the mass media.

There is another issue: we do know all the filth that comes over the Internet. I do not think that I need to recount it here. Can you imagine the spiritual result of the lid being opened and all that junk being poured into their cultures; what it will do to their minds and their families? That is why we must pray for these people! Also, Christians that have been tarrying about starting their Internet ministries, even if it is a weblog or website that you update once a week or month with a video of a pastor that you support or maybe things like songs and devotionals, now is the time to start. We really have to create as much Christian content as we can to counter the junk that is out there. Sign up for a WordPress blog here. Sign up for a Google blog here.

Quoting the project:

O3b networks said in a statement the satellites would be constructed by Thales Alenia Space and should be operational by the end of 2010.

The company’s founder, Greg Wyler, told Reuters coverage would reach from Spain to South Africa, include most of South America, large parts of Asia and all South Pacific Islands.

Even though the headline only states Africa, this means basically the entire third world. So, the infrastructure for the anti – Christ system to theoretically take over will be in place by 2010. A lot of stuff still has to happen then, because we still have the five huge religions (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism) plus a bunch of smaller animist, spiritist, and pagan systems. I honestly think that the religion hurdle will be bigger than the technology hurdle. But based on scripture, we all know that it is going to fall!


One Response to “Endtimes Alert: Google Backs Cheap Web Access for Africa! Jesus Christ Might Return More Quickly Than I Thought …”

  1. Devon said

    Job I am not following? Why does access to Google have anything to do with study of the end days? And I wasn’t aware that Shintoism or Buddhism or even Hinduism were big in Africa?? Perhaps a few Hindus in South Africa I suppose and Kenya.

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