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Jesse Duplantis On CBN Promoting New Age Metaphysics

Posted by Job on September 7, 2008

First, please note that CBN strategically placed Jesse Duplantis on their broadcast to serve a political purpose. The Robertsons have billion dollar business interests that greatly benefit whenever a Republican wins the White House. That explains why Robertson got behind Rudy Giuliani early on: he correctly figured that a more liberal candidate was his party’s best chance of holding onto the White House and furthering his businesses. Now that the situation in Iraq has calmed, perhaps the biggest burden that the GOP must carry is economic uncertainty. So, the very negative jobs report that was released on the day of the broadcast plays into the very mood that could result in an Obama presidency that would mean many millions less for the Robertson empire. So right after the story on the jobs report, out they trot Jesse Duplantis with a message that Christians have nothing to fear from a bad economy. A true and Biblical message, right? Not when it is perverted with the false Word of Faith/prosperity doctrine that Duplantis, Robertson, and fellow travelers push like drugs. Duplantis opens by telling people not to have faith in God’s plan for their lives and His ability to bring it to pass with His control of world events and history, but rather to have faith in “their seed.” Later Duplantis says, “Yes, the economy may take a downturn, but I can take the attitude that I will not participate.” That is New Age metaphysical teaching that people can create and conform a new reality around their thoughts, which in truth is nothing but denying and refuse to deal with the hard truths of life – the quickest way for a Christian to lose his faith – and is even a form of self brainwashing that can lead to madness. Strong delusion, indeed! Duplantis closes his politically and financially motivated apostasy lecture with an odd embrace of an unsophisticated form of the open theism heresy advanced by such intellectual leaders of the Pentecostal movement as theologian and megachurch pastor Greg Boyd. Duplantis claims that he had reached the point where he did not have to seek God for guidance, but rather that God had told Duplantis that he could largely do whatever he chose, and that God would bless it and conform His own will and actions around the decisions of Duplantis. If that does not turn man into a god and God into a manservant, then what does? I don’t know whether Duplantis has read Greg Boyd (doubtful because Boyd, who moves in Ivy League circles and similar, thinks very little of the Robertson – Duplantis branch of his movement), but whether he has or hasn’t, this is clear evidence of how so many doctrines of devils are moving through the prosperity/Word of Faith movement. An interesting twist is how these doctrines can be used to manipulate people’s political behavior. I wonder if there are other doctrines promoted by the religious left designed to influence people’s voting patterns for the benefit of a financial and power elite as well. (It would be curious, for instance, if Barack Obama is exploiting it, and if so how and to what degree. While the embrace of Obama by black evangelical and charismatic pastors is certainly disturbing and odd, I do not consider it to be part of what I am speaking of, especially when you consider that Andrew Young, Jesse Jackson, John Lewish, and many other leaders of the religious left initially opposed Obama.) It is a subject that bears looking into. 

In any event, the occasion for Jesse Duplantis’ promotion of his heresy is his new book “Turning Your Dreams Into Reality.” Please note how Duplantis talks so much about dreams and visions while never mentioning anything resembling the actual person or work of Jesus Christ. What difference, then, is there between Duplantis and a New Age teacher like, say, Oprah Winfrey or Eckhart Tolle? When you consider that the son of Paul Crouch left his wife to enter into an unbiblical relationship with a New Age teacher that their corrupt TBN empire promotes (this same TBN where Jesse Duplantis is a major personality), the answer is borne out by the works of these people, including the way that they live their lives. 


23 Responses to “Jesse Duplantis On CBN Promoting New Age Metaphysics”

  1. Kyle said

    I’m surprised other blog sites have not exposed this guy more. I have tried to get Melvin from Pulpit Pimps to take a closer look at this guy because his theology is really really bad. Everything from the multiple visits with Jesus in heaven to his mysticism this guy Jesse Duplantis is even more rotten than Creflo Dollar. And yes I’ll wager bet on that. Most of the other Pimps leave out the visitations with God himself except for this guy and Benny Hinn. I only hope more people expose Jesse Duplantis for the very reason that he happens to be one of the Big Dogs who NEVER gets in trouble.


  2. Job said


    Perhaps it is because Duplantis is relatively a minor player. It is also because Duplantis has not been associated with any financial or sexual scandals (a fact which he brags on). I think that he has figured out that so long as he sticks within his little circle and does not try to influence politics or the secular culture people will mostly leave him alone. That will allow him to make a lot of money, have a good time, and even gain a bit of influence (Duplantis is involved with a lot of things behind the scene, never as a leader but always as a participant) without encountering much headaches like bad publicity or opposition. It is a pretty cagey strategy if you ask me.

  3. Natalie Adams said

    Your statement that Jesse Duplantis is an alumnus of Oral Roberts University is false. He did not attend ORU.

    -Natalie Adams
    Oral Roberts University
    Alumni Director

    • john crookston said

      He did as a cia asset with no records of him with their mind control exerci
      ses, Oral was a freemason after all just like Je$$eeeee lol

  4. Job said

    Natalie Adams:

    “Jesse Duplantis was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University in 1999.”

    Fair enough. I have edited the post to reflect your correction of my error.

  5. Wasn’t Oral Roberts a Freemason?

    is an interesting link on this subject.

    By Timothy

  6. billie said

    Keep sending your money to this white guy trying to act black. Dumb people will never catch on to these cons so all you can do is shake your head and pray for the dummies.

  7. Job said


    Lots of white preachers on the Word of Faith/prosperity scene have found that they can make much more money by emulating black preachers and affecting black culture. It is still more evidence that these people not only are not trying to serve Jesus Christ, but they hate Jesus Christ, because instead of trying to be like Jesus Christ, they are trying to be like another false preacher, whether it be Kenneth Copeland or T.D. Jakes. Speaking of which, when I used to watch TBN every single day thinking that it would make me more holy, there was this white preacher who came on in the afternoons on The Church Channel who was blatantly trying to be another T.D. Jakes … trying to run his church the same way, preach the same way T.D. Jakes does, he even got Jakes to endorse and appear on the cover of his book. It was scary, particularly when you consider that it was effective, for the fellow did parlay his tactics into a rather large congregation and enough resources and connections to get one of the coveted spots on TBN, and they don’t hand those to just anybody.

  8. Kyle said

    Ah Yes Jesse D. shuckin n’ jivin on stage. What an insult. When I see him acting like a minstrel in front of a congregation of 95% African American I often wonder if this man is a closet racist. In fact let me ask that question.

    Based on what you see and how Jesse D. acts on stage in front of a majority African American congregation, do you think he may be a closet racist?


  9. Job said


    If he is a closet racist I know not. I have heard some folks accuse him of being one. But I know that he is an open heretic and apostate, and that is the main problem. If a racist admits to God that He is a sinner, asks for forgiveness to Jesus Christ, and falls on his face before God, then the Holy Spirit will deal with his racist heart. But Jesse DuPlantis has been teaching false doctrines and taking people’s money for so long, racism is be the least of his problems by now.

  10. Patricia said

    Realize: We will not be judged on how J.D. acts. Rather we will be judged on how we act/re-act.

    Love one another.

    Love those who are despised.

    Because someone’s theology has “holes” in it, does not exempt us from loving one another. Yes, we are to love one another. Even J.D.

    If we judge a preacher as wrong or a swindler, won’t we be judged the same way?

    Think about it, pray about it, repent (change your thoughts to pure thoughts) and again,

    Love one another. It is a command.

    Let us love one another.

    • john crookston said

      Totally taking scripture out of context be cause of new age thinking. I’ ve got one scripture for you that totally debunks your bleeding heart for lukewarmness. James 5:20

  11. Acidri said

    Thanks for the blog topic. Please read “I Got Saved Today”

  12. Sah said

    Wow… you guys spend a lot of time talking. It makes me wonder if you do any walking?

    At least JD is walking what he says, wether it be a lie or not is irrelevant, you can’t fault in this matter!

    What business is it of yours to cast the first stone?

    For or against, get your own life right before casting someone else into hell.

    Black/White.. There are PLENTY of people who are black & act white & vice versa, I’m sure you have at times too.

    You are looking like you are a Jesse-racist!

  13. Tom said

    Funny how no one on this site has anything good to say about Jesse, Patrica does point us in the right direction. And no one suggest who you should listen to besides Jesse since he’s an open heretic and apostate. Let me just say, these are your opinions and not fact. And the bible does say rejoice when people talk smack about you for my names sake. Ok, not in those words, but you get my meaning. I suggest if anyone doesn’t like someone, keep it to yourself, read the bible yourself, make your own decision and stop thowing your opinion all over the internet. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

  14. Bobette Robinson said

    I don’t know who is the writer of this article, however it seems strange that you can comment of such topics and have trouble getting into the spirit………Don’t you know that you don’t have to back God up, He can do it himself. Your job as a servant of the Lord, if you are a servant, to get down on your knees and pray and the Spirit of God with act on the Lords behalf. STOP PLAYING THE JOB OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

    • john crookston said

      Start acting like a child of The Fathet and speak out against deception and lies and hypocrisy. Be the light of the world you were called to be. “Who will speak out for Me against the evil doers” That is a quote from God’s Word. James 5:20 also is my Fathers heart. The Holy Spirit is here to guide us into all truth. Light cannot refrain from exposing darkness why do you?

  15. Chris D. said

    If he is true or not. Do you want to take the chance of putting your mouth on someone who could be a great man of God?

    If he is fake then you win. If he is true and you talk bad about him, nag, complain, and while as I have seen in this blog. Then you loose.

    Either way it goes, If ya can say something nice do not say any thing at all. No matter the case, while you looking at someone else you should look at your self.

    be blessed

    • john crookston said

      You totally negate the heart of God who loves and pursues the lost those in darkness. You apparently don’t care enough for His creation to lift a finger and be the light and salt of the world but would rather serve yourself and turn a blind eye and therefore “serve” satan.

    • Teresa Smith said

      So many of you are concerned about Jesse Duplantis, how he is to be loved, never judged (i.e. held accountable), etc. But where is your love for his 1.5 million or so followers who are scammed (he uses “church” funds supplied by them to “spread the gospel of Jesus Chris”t to build his $3 million mansion) and even worse, are led by false doctrine as tested by the scriptures,thereby putting their souls at risk? Are we to love this man, and yet not love those deceived by him (1.5 million souls!) enough to even try to help save them from a false teacher if we can?

  16. john crookston said

    I have personal correspondence from Dr Mark Duplantis, yes, Je$$eeeze brother in which he agrees with aa post i put on fb of the blasphemy of said “false prophet” of the ” Word of Filth” camp. He’s a regular where i used to attend. I thank God for having spent the time there that I did. The Lord opened my eyes to see behind the veil. Faith Family Church in Canton Ohio is a host to all the Word of Filth camp where unfortunately my daughhter and granddaughter still attend. It is in my heart to totally expose their deception at every opportunity. I now know too much to restrain and with and by God’s grace He will use me. Feel free to contact me

  17. Just Me said

    Mr. Crookston, not sure why you are bashing people in public. If I know my bible correctly, Proverbs 6:16-19 there are 6 things God hates and the 7th is detestible to Him. a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community. John, let each man be responsible for their own actions and the Lord judge them accordingly. Our job is to pray for others – not prey on them with words you are putting out there. Its time to move on in life and allow God to be God.

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