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Exposing Ronald Reagan Idolatry: REAGAN WAS NOT A FISCAL CONSERVATIVE!

Posted by Job on September 5, 2008

Is Bush Better Than Reagan?

Posted by Lew Rockwell at January 29, 2008 09:34 AM
Ronald Reagan has the reputation of a tax-cutter because of his stirring blarney, and media lies. But in office, whether as governor of California or president of the US, he raised taxes and expanded the government. His first major act as governor was to enact withholding for state income taxes. When people had to come up with the whole amount on April 15th, it was a huge barrier to tax increases. Reagan, like Milton Friedman at the federal level in WWII, made possible a vast increase in taxes with withholding, and then he signed the tax increases while increasing state spending. The late John Schmitz opposed this conservative fraud, and was demonized for being anti-Reagan.

When Reagan was president, he cut taxes once, and raised them six times. He gave amnesty to illegal aliens, ballooned government spending, and vastly increased the deficit. He was such a big spender that Tip O’Neill’s congress passsed less of it that he requested. I’ll never forget one of Reagan’s rare vetoes: of a foreign aid bill that was too small. He was also a militarist and imperialist, a neocon, really, though Bush makes him look good in this area by comparison.

One of Reagan’s federal tax increase bills “closed loopholes” in many areas, and abolished the tax exemption for health insurance premiums. Now Bush want to undo that, he said last night. Indeed, we should undo all of Reagan’s tax increases.


8 Responses to “Exposing Ronald Reagan Idolatry: REAGAN WAS NOT A FISCAL CONSERVATIVE!”

  1. kyle said

    This article is a little disingenuous. First, as rightly pointed out it is true that under Reagan we began to really engage in what we call deficit spending. We went from the worlds creditor nation to the worlds debtor nation. However, to imply that Reagan was worse or even on par with GW Bush in this regards is laughable. Bush has ballooned Govt. even beyond Lyndon Johnson’s administration which decided to tackle a Vietnam War and a War on Poverty. The facts can’t be denied that Bush is the most liberal Presidents we have had since Roosevelt during WWII.

    Now here is a shocker. Are you ready?

    Under the Bush administration we have printed so much money that prices are screaming due to inflation not seen since Jimmy Carter. However this time around there is NO WAY to pull out of the situation this time around for the following reasons.

    A: We are not the industrial giant we once were and can no longer “grow” out of these situations.

    B: With our debt nearing 10 trillion dollars we CAN’T pay it back. Our GDP is 14 Trillion with debt at 10 Trillion it’s pretty common sense.

    So would you like to know why we are inflating so much? If we don’t “inflate” our economy crashes into a depression. Yes you heard me a depression not seen since the 1930s. If we have “deflation” prices of everything will drop precipitously. Now you will say to yourself, “that’s great!” Wrong answer. If prices drop on everything wealth is lost across the board. So in essence everything you own in terms of value will sink. This includes your employer who will have to lay you and everybody else off because their sales plummet in relation to the cost of their goods to sell. Next you wages would have to decrease in conjunction with the deflationary (depression).

    Want more shocking news? Here it is.

    Remember these things I am about to tell you please. First the Russian Georgian war that recently happened was a proxy war between the US and Russia. And guess what? Russia won. If you have been following the news Georgia’s South Osetia region has become it’s own nation with direct ties to Russia. It just so happens that major pipelines run out of Russia through Southern Osetia. This is the area where this major conduit connects that part of the world. As we tried to flex our muscles Russia just laughed and took that part of the Region over. The world knows we are now a paper tiger. So please read this carefully what next I am about to say because it correlates with he above about Bush and inflation.

    #1. We know we can’t pay our debts.

    #2. The world also knows this.

    #3. The world no longer fears us.

    Keep these three things in mind. Also remember EVERYTHING is about oil.

    If you have noticed oil prices have been precipitously dropping recently. Even in the wake of two hurricanes. This seems preposterous. However, with the three above mentioned facts lets look at the only option we have. It is what I call the Samson Financial Option. Like Samson in the Bible we under the situation we are in can collapse everything INCLUDING US if it means protecting us in the long run. For example, don’t be surprised if oil continues to go down far below $50 a barrel. Wait! Don’t cheer yet! Remember what I said earlier regarding “deflation”. By oil dropping so low we will crush the economies of ALL oil “producing” countries including the Middle East and Russia. In fact, it is only because of Russia’s recent Oil and natural gas production that they have had the ability to rebuild themselves with the massive revenues. That being said, if we continue to feel threatened by Russian aggression and Middle East tension we may open the spigots of oil thus flooding the market and dropping the oil prices so far that we crush the economies of the Middle East (Iran) and Russia. However, in doing so our economy will also collapse because middle eastern countries who have been supporting our economy by buying T-Bills will no longer do so. This will collapse or ability to obtain the necessary capital to continue our binge spending and over bloated Govt. We will then enter a moment of deflation or Depression similar to that of the 1930s.

    Please don’t think this is all conspiracy theory. If we feel so threatened and we know militarily we don’t have the ability to stare down the Russians we WILL invoke the Samson Financial Option and bring down the entire deck of cards and rebuild from the ground up.

    Better for everyone to fall and be the first one up, then being the only one who falls to never rise again.

    Kyle Andrews

  2. Job said


    Check this out. It is from Messianic rabbi Moshe Laurie, whose stuff I stopped featuring on my weblog because of my disagreements with his theology.

    Shofar Be Tzion Ministries
    P. O. Box 1262
    Groton, CT 06340
    Regional Office
    M-F, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., EST
    1 860 445-7706

    August 27, 08, 08

    My fellow warriors,

    I bet you have been wondering when the next Desk of the Rabbi is coming, and why it has taken so long. There are a couple of reasons. First of all, I am blessed to say that the media have been bringing forth information that they never did before, and secondly I have been compiling information that I am going to put together for that political report that I promised you, which will be coming soon. Things have gotten so really crazy that I want to call upon all our warriors, not just to be outwardly teaching, but also be inwardly standing. Let me just take a moment and give you a few things that are going on that are really focal points in just how far we are going.

    What happens in the Middle East has always been the barometer of God’s getting closer and closer to the fulfillment of the prophecies. Well, Israel is going to be attacked on four sides very, very soon. Iran will try to strike out against the West in coordination with the other axes of evil and the Arab Islamic UMMA (the Islamic world government.) You all probably know by now that Russia has literally invaded Georgia, a sovereign democratic country. Georgia, working in conjunction with the United States and other allies, even had troops in Iraq until they had to recall them for the defense of their country. Some say, O but Georgia did this so Russia did that. That is not acceptable; Georgia was defending its own ground; it moved in its own territory and separatists within that territory. Russia had been poised all this time waiting for any excuse to attack Georgia, because Georgia has control of one of the few intercontinental pipelines moving oil and gas not under the control of Russia and Putin. This means that the noose that Russia has been putting around Europe’s neck is not as tight as they would like it. Russia is trying to take over these pipelines. Israel has a great interest in these pipelines because they connect in Turkey, allowing Israel to move oil and gas from its Haifa refinery to Turkey for distribution.

    The United States has been a ‘Paper Tiger’: “Oh, if you don’t stop this we are going to kick you off the council.” So they have resigned. Russia has never cared. I want to remind you that when Iran attacked our embassy in Iran and took American hostages, within minutes they headed over for the Russian embassy, and the Russians machine-gunned them off the walls. So this is basically what has been happening over there.

    We need to stand because the big bear is rising up again. They have made threats; they said if America puts in their missile defense system, it would threaten them. How an anti-missile missile system could be used for attack I have not figured out. Yes, there are ways, but that is not the issue. What you don’t know is they have threatened Poland with low yield nuclear attack if they allow the missiles to come in. Behind the scenes the United States has reminded Russia that not far away the United States has these same low yield nuclear bombs to strike with. And why low yield ~ because then they won’t destroy the world, they think, so they can attack. So we are getting closer and closer to a great, great conflagration.

    Another earth shaking happening in Lebanon concerns Walled Jumblatt, the head of the Druze nation in Lebanon, who also was the leader and spokesman of the Christian (e.g. anti-Muslim) coalition, which had been the majority up until not too long ago. Jumblatt has turned and thrown in with the most extreme pro-Syrian, pro-Iranian, anti-Israel force in Lebanon, the Shiite Hizbollah, now the majority in the Lebanese government with the right of veto. Jumblatt not only has sold out (I guess he wants to live no matter what the cost, and he thinks he can save his community), he has also signed a military agreement with Hassan Nasrallah, who is the head of Hizbollah. Hizbollah now has a strong foothold in the Lebanese Druze military zone and the control of the three highest peaks in Lebanon, overlooking all of northern Israel.

    The UMMA, the worldwide Islamic government in exile, wishes to be the world dominator. Neither Israeli ministers sunk in acrimonious contest over the succession to Ehud Olmert, nor the United States in the dying days of the Bush presidency, have lifted a finger to arrest Lebanon’s swift slide into the Iranian-Syrian orbit. The UMMA also said Muslims can do pretty much what they want because the United States will not get in the way.

    I am not going to touch on this in depth at this time, but the political situation is getting worse as our so-called man who calls himself a president now, Obama, has shown that he is not competent or capable. By the way, I recently did two interviews with an Egyptian Christian now a United States citizen, who has personal knowledge of Obama’s family. He says very simply that Obama was brought up Islamic, was signed up in a Catholic school as a Muslim, and in the second school he received Muslim special instruction. That is not relevant; what is relevant is that he was declared Muslim at birth. According to the Muslim worldwide UMMA, Obama is Muslim and is subject to death if he tries to say he is really something else. The issue with him, which I will detail later, is that he is an absolute incompetent. What I am happy about is that our other gentleman, McCain, has shown that he has some backbone. We’ll all see soon what is going on, but I will cover that in the next segment.

    By the way, on August 11th three major American flotillas entered the Mediterranean and the Mideast. We now have five combat groups in that area. This is huge naval and air strength, about 40 war ships and submarines, some of them armed with nuclear weapons. This is a concentration not seen since the invasion of Iraq. The U.S. is being aided by France, Britain and Canada and is finalizing preparations for a partial naval blockade to deny Iran benzene and other products for refining oil. The fleet will be ready in case Iran retaliates and should try to block the Strait of Hormuz oil route and back up a possible Israeli military attack on Iranian nuclear installations. Now everybody has said that there will be the possibility of an Israeli attack if the sanctions against Iran don’t work.

    I can tell you that on August 2nd, Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor, blunted a big power drive for sanctions to punish Iran for nuclear defiance in advance. Iran’s nuclear negotiator faced the U.S., European Union, and U.K., France, Russia, Geneva, and China a few days ago and told everybody, ‘Go, fly a kite!’ Germany, who is supposed to be one of our staunchest allies, approved a 175 million dollar deal of oil and gas, and has approved another deal to build three plants that convert gas to liquid fuel in the Islamic republic of Iran. That is terrible; we need to let the United States government and Germany know how displeased we are. We see this leader, who has been very positive with Israel and the United States, talking with a forked tongue – out of two sides of her mouth. This is what is going on in the world today.

    Iran believes that if they threaten us we will fold. The 300 kilometer-range sea missile that is supposed to be able to blow up any ship within 300 kilometers of the coast of Iran that they claim to have, is a phony – it doesn’t work. They launched an intercontinental missile, which is supposed to be putting a dummy satellite up into space. Analysis by the allied satellites showed that it failed on the second stage separation. So that’s also boloney. Iran believes that if they fire missiles at us, we will be afraid and give in, and say, “Oh my goodness they are going to attack us, oh my goodness they are going to make our oil prices go up.”

    Well, Brethren, we need to stand and we need to get our government to do what needs to be done no matter what the cost, because the cost continues to get higher. I call upon all of you to do two things: to pray again for the mitigating mercy of the Lord not just for Israel but also for the entire world and (this is most important): that you focus on yourselves and make sure that all the cracks and crevasses in your armor are patched. If there is anything in your lives that you have not given over to the Lord, that you do so, because sooner, sooner, and soonest, there are going to be events that happen that will call upon you to stand in some of the darkest times in our history. But we shall be the light, we shall be that remnant that stands, and says to the government we will not compromise.

    Here is even more information so that you may know that the madness of Islam is spreading worldwide. In the Philippines local political leaders in the southern Philippines have started arming civilians to protect against Muslim rebel attacks. The national police chief confirmed in Manila that the police were set to recruit and arm more civilian volunteers. One thousand shotguns are being shipped to the south and an additional twelve thousand weapons are being readied.
    (read more at the website:,2933,409022,00.html)

    In Jakarta, Indonesia, hundreds of Christian theology students who have been attending the Arastamar Evangelical School of Theology have been living in tents since a mob of Muslims stormed their campus, wielding spears and hurling Molotov cocktails. The heads of the school have reluctantly agreed to shut its twenty-year-old campus in East Jakarta and are moving to a small office building on the other side of Jakarta. The Rev, Matheus Mangentang, chairman of the fourteen hundred-student school, asked President of Indonesia why this happened. The president, who relies on the support of Islamic parties in Parliament, is struggling to balance Islamic traditions and the secular constitution. The government is unwilling to defend religious minorities least it be portrayed and anti-Islamic in the world’s most populous Islamic country. This Christian school in no wise infringed on Muslim religious practices or attempted to witness in any manner. Their very presence was considered an abomination to Islam and resulted in violence. This is happening all around the world.
    (read more at the website:,2933,408644,00.html)

    In the next segment I will be covering both political issues and the advancement of Islam in the United States.

    We currently have, although a little rough, a DVD available on a teaching I did at a church about the 60th Anniversary of the State of Israel and some of its history. As is our way, there is no set price for the DVD, whatever the Lord moves you to give will help cover costs and help us to bless others. Please be patient, as it will take three to four weeks to send the DVD.

    Should you want the DVD, please send your check or money order (Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are not set up at this time to process credit/debit cards) made out to Shofar Be Tzion Ministries to the following address:

    Shofar Be Tzion Ministries
    Order Department
    P. O. Box 1262
    Groton, CT 06340

    May you all be blessed in power and might, standing on the Word of the Lord God and His Name.
    Bless you all.

    In Service to the King

  3. I agree with Job. Ronald Reagan was a fake conservative on many levels. Now, Reagen when he was Governor of CA in 1967 legalized abortion. In the same year, he banned citizens from owning guns at certain times. He supported anti-gun laws to this day. He aligned himself with Vatican with giving them diplomatic relations in 1984. He expanded many interventions in Iran-Contra that even some members of Congress opposed. Bush have exaggerated problems which was added to to our current problems, but Reagan wasn’t some god.

    By Timothy

  4. nan said


  5. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well. I was discussing the national debt with a coworker and came up with three conclusions.

    1 We will repay the debt and in the process half of our country will be owned by foreign nations.

    2. Inflation can sink in in a massive way. That way when the debt is repaid the relative spending power will be a tenth of what it is. This of course would impoverish everybody including millionaires.

    3. We could not pay back the debt and then destroy the world economy.

    As to our rabbi friend. I do not believe the Israel is really Israel. They do not follow what is in the Bible and they can not trace back their heritage through the blood. I have no doubt of the desire of the Muslims to destroy Israel. I just wish the Rabbi could point out the wealthy Jews who are godless bankers and manipulate things for profit.

    Everybody just sees things from their side!

    As concerning Ronald Reagan my favorite story is the from Bobby Seal’s autobiography. The Black Panthers were approaching the court house in California. As was their custom they were openly and legally carrying their weapons. The then govenor Reagen was addressing a group of children. Ronald saw the blacks with guns and ran like hell abandoning the children.



  6. kyle said


    I see us having no choice but the Samson option if too many countries decide to ditch the dollar for the Euro. This way we could usurp them in destroying us first. We would pull the plug if you will and bring the whole world down with us. And then WW3.


  7. Kyle said

    Hey everyone,

    First you need to read my post on this thread (It’s the first post) if you have not already. Next you need to read this article in “conjunction” with my post.

    You need to really wake up and soon.



  8. Devon said

    Yeah well John I wouldn’t be gloating about some terrorist organization like the Black Panthers to make your rather weak point!

    I would run to from a terrorist group if I was unarmed…then regroup and take them out later!

    As for Jobs original point, well at least you admit being a Fiscal Conservative is a good thing right? Just because people do not live upto their ideals, doesn’t mean one abandon’s fiscal conservatism….however it would be nice to actually see a conservative that would learn to spend no more then he/she takes in..

    As for the Liberals, well their position has always been in all the free countries to spend more then a govt. can take in….

    Both groups do it…but we all agree here that we need to behave like Conservatives via our financial policies.


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