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All Roads Leading To The Apostasy of The Great Harlot Rome!

Posted by Job on September 5, 2008

From A Daughter’s Thoughts:

To Kowtow to Rome = Apostasy


Watch the video and note the names and denominations that are in simply in awe at meeting pope Benedict. One world religion here we come!

It is really sickening how the pope is referred to as “your holiness”.


3 Responses to “All Roads Leading To The Apostasy of The Great Harlot Rome!”

  1. Devon said

    Actually, I am wondering what exactly is bad here? Some representatives from various Christian organizations, some apostate no doubt are greeting the Pope???

    That surely doesn’t mean they are agreeing with everything in the Latin Church! If they start kissing his hand and ring and salivating like pavlov dogs, then I might start to have a problem.


  2. Job said


    When the apostle Paul was taken before the Sanhedrin and before Herod Agrippa and Bernice, what did he do? He preached the gospel. When Peter and John were dragged before the Sanhedrin, what did they do? Preach the gospel. When Stephen the martyr was dragged before the Sanhedrin, what did he do? Preach the gospel. If these people are going before the pope knowing good and well that he leads 1 billion people who pray to Mary and the saints and angels, believe in salvation by works, are into all this mystical stuff, and have actually abandoned the truth that salvation is only through Jesus Christ (the Roman Catholic Church is officially pluralistic now, making them no different from mainline liberal Protestantism in their agreement on “many paths to heaven”) without giving him the true gospel, then what are they going before him for?

  3. Devon said

    Well their is certainly a time to preach to be sure…..who knows mayby some of the people greeting the new Pope did get a word in about the Lord.

    I don’t think their condoning all the Latin church teachings just by shaking the chap’s hands…

    I’m more concerned of the meeting in Assissi in 86 where the Previous Pope had religious leaders from all over the world praying to their false gods etc etc……or the famous picture of the Last Pope kissing the Quran….

    That is problematic and sends a bad message to people the world over…

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