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Touching The Not Anointed And Doing False Prophets Harm: Todd Friel False Teacher Montage Take 1

Posted by Job on September 4, 2008

Courtesy of Youtube user sermonfire


5 Responses to “Touching The Not Anointed And Doing False Prophets Harm: Todd Friel False Teacher Montage Take 1”

  1. naturalsystah said

    I was listening to this on YouTube just yesterday! I’m with Todd on this but not sure about his cessationist stance… however I’m still working on that area of my theology.

  2. Job said


    Yeah, I do not agree with Todd (or for that matter Ray and Kirk) on more than a few things, but they still put out some good stuff.

  3. Kyle said


    I can’t figure out the people on Way of the Master. Are they Arminian? Also, there is a clip where Kirk hosted TBNs Praise the Lord program in which he had the guts to give the gospel message and almost tongue in cheek denounced the Prosperity Gospel.


  4. Job said


    I just take them for what they are: flawed people who are doing a good work for the Lord. I criticize them when I perceive them to be wrong, but I praise them when they are right – which is most of the time – and gladly use their ministry materials whenever I can. What I really like about them is that they really seem to have been the first to run a modern evangelism/apologetics ministry aimed at the Internet age. So many of the similar ministries out there – including those run by us Reformed Christians 🙂 – were directly or indirectly influenced by what Ray and Kirk are doing. Incidentally, even though it was primarily Kirk Cameron that got me into watching the Way of the Master (what can I say … I watched Growing Pains when I was a kid!) these days I primarily pay attention to Ray and Todd. I do wish Ray and Todd would tell Kirk that it is not expedient to be hanging out with the Crouches and making movies with the LaHayes, however …

  5. larry said

    who is len lindstrom

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