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Lynn Westmoreland, Who Used Racism To Defeat A Black REPUBLICAN, Called The Obamas UPPITY, A RACIAL SLUR!

Posted by Job on September 4, 2008

Seriously white evangelical Christians, are these the people that you want representing you? Turn aside from the politics of hatred and wickedness that exalts itself against Jesus Christ and follow Jesus Christ only! And incidentally, as for black Obama fans that are Christian, you folks found out this election season what white Democrats really think of you, so you do the same. If you are not a Christian, this is still more proof that Jesus Christ is your only hope. The world hates you and its leaders too. But Jesus Christ loves you and wants you to make you His! So why not reject this madness, this wickedness, and choose the love and beauty of Jesus Christ! See the hate that people who reject Jesus Christ from their lives and hearts below. Incidentally, Dylan Glenn was the black Republican that Lynn Westmoreland ran the race baiting campaign against, proving that white Republicans only pretend to love black Republicans until election time. Jesus Christ is neither a Democrat or a Republican, because His kingdom is not of this world. If you want to be in the world making a positive difference for love and righteousness but not of it, please follow The Three Step Salvation Plan!

GOP Rep.: Obamas part of ‘uppity’ class


9 Responses to “Lynn Westmoreland, Who Used Racism To Defeat A Black REPUBLICAN, Called The Obamas UPPITY, A RACIAL SLUR!”

  1. Job, while I agree with you regarding out Lord and savior Jesus Christ, I totally disagree with your efforts in this post, to do it as a blend to attack the statement by Westmoreland.

    From the article:

    “Honestly, I’ve never paid that much attention to Michelle Obama,” Westmoreland said. “Just what little I’ve seen of her and Senator [Barack] Obama, is that they’re a member of an elitist class…that thinks that they’re uppity.”

    Westmoreland declined to elaborate further, though he did repeat one part of his comment when asked to clarify.

    “Uppity, you said?” he was asked.

    “Yeah, uppity,” Westmoreland replied.

    Yea uppity!

    Now are we going to sit and cry in a cup when a White person says the term “uppity”? Shall we give Whites a dictionary of approved terms beyond the scope of nigger, boy and porch monkey? Now we must also tell them never to use the term “uppity”? He didn’t call Obama an “uppity negro” or an “uppity nigger”, he just said “uppity” and terms like “Liberal Elite” are commonplace statements in line 100% with “uppity”.

    The Obamas are part of the Liberal Elite, ie uppity!

    Regarding Dylan Glenn, good thing I was living there when that race occurred. I lived in GA back then and was on the north side of town during the campaign (which was on the north side of town) and I did not witness this “racist” campaign you claim Westmoreland ran against Glenn. Can you please cite specifically how Westmoreland ran a “racist” campaign against Glenn? It was NEWT GINGRICH was was playing off race! Gingrich and Westmoreland were long time political friends, but when a spot came up that was totally Westmoreland’s and everybody knew it, “Black” was the hot thing in politics and Gingrich pressed Dylan Glenn into the race. Gingrich being all about politics and looking good tossed in Dylan Glenn BECAUSE HE’S BLACK, hoping it would win some points and make GA Republicans look good overall. He was trying to toss someone who was supposed to be his friend (Lynn Westmoreland) under the bus for the sake of political points. I’ve mentioned all this before, with additional details.

    Now that’s what I saw living on the north side of town, but you show me this racist campaign and whatever other words we need to start telling White people to remove from their vocabulary when speaking about anyone with brown skin?

    I hope 2 brothers can disagree.

  2. Here’s a commentary that captures some of the details of the old Glenn/Westmoreland and what was really going on: Shipp: Gingrich resurfaces in Georgia politics.

  3. My mistake, the Glenn/Westmoreland race was on the SOUTH side of Atlanta.

  4. Job said


    The only place that I have EVER encountered the term uppity is its application towards blacks who think too highly of themselves and/or aspire to highly … blacks who are “out of place.” I have never heard the term applied elsewhere. Also, please know that popular culture acknowledges this. That was why Westmoreland’s publicist quickly IMMEDIATELY denied that he was using racial code words. The fact is that “uppity” is not even a code word. “Uppity” actually is a slur. If anything, calling Obama “arrogant” and “elitist” was a code word for “uppity!” Basically, “uppity” refers to a black person who rises to a higher social and economic class than the average white person, ESPECIALLY if that black person fails to apologize for it and feels that his positions and accomplishments are undeserved. It plays into both the resentments of underclass whites for seeing blacks surpass them and of upperclass whites for seeing blacks become their equal. Look, I have NEVER heard or seen ANY white person referred to as uppity whether they are from Harvard, Oxford, some corporate boardroom or whatever. Liberals use OTHER TERMS to refer to George Bush, conservatives use OTHER TERMS to refer to John Kerry. Sorry, it is a racial slur dude.

    As for the Dylan Glenn race, please. Were you in Georgia in the 1980s when Gingrich was building up the GOP in Georgia? Do you know the tactics that he used, including in his own races? Plus, there was other stuff going on in that race, especially in Columbus, where the local “conservative” radio station made it clear that Westmoreland was one of their people and Glenn wasn’t. And by the way … if you think that Newt Gingrich was wrong for saying that in a state that is 30% black it is in the best interests of an all white GOP to start electing black candidates was playing the race card … well go ahead. You had better believe that had Dylan Glenn won that race and Obama lost to Hillary Clinton, Glenn would have been on McCain’s VP pick, with Glenn’s economics background (which Glenn does legitimately have, including economics policy roles in both the Bush and Perdue administrations) being the justification. As for Westmoreland’s tactics, after Newt Gingrich gave him an opening, Westmoreland played the usual tactic of doing everything he could to let everyone KNOW that Glenn was a darkie without calling him a darkie, and using the old “evil affirmative action made me do it!” excuse to justify it. (Did Westmoreland ever complain that Newt Gingrich got Tulane to pay for his kids’ education with minority scholarship money since affirmative action and set asides are supposed to be so evil? I thought not.) Well, in this instance, Westmoreland actually did cross the line of calling Obama a “darky.” You can expect the usual conservative liars claim that it was not racial, but I tell you this: ask Westmoreland when was the last time that he called a white person uppity. I bet you that he never has.

  5. I have never heard the term applied elsewhere.

    I think, no I know, the term “uppity” did not originate with a White person saying it to a Black person and I know and have heard it used many a time directed towards Whites. Perhaps you have not spent much time hearing Whites speak about other Whites? It’s nothing racial to it. If it was racist in the mind of Lynn Westmoreland, may God judge him if he does not repent. But the term is not racist and I think you’re showing a bit too much thin skin and allowing media to stir your emotions. The media is doing all it can for Obama and they’ve been hungry to find someone, anyone that might say something they can construe as being “racist”.

    Here are some more uses of the term “uppity”:
    An outbreak of old-fashioned war

    Woody flops with uppity ‘Barcelona’

    Blake Lively And Leighton Meester Demonstrate How They Really Feel About Each Other

    And see the dictionary definition of the term, Uppity, particularly who was using it towards whom in 1880. No the generally accepted use of the term today is NOT racist and it’s not defined as such in today’s usage of the term.

    Of course Westmoreland’s publicist said something about racial code words BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THEY WERE ALREADY BEING ACCUSED OF, THEY DIDN’T SAY IT FIRST, THEIR ACCUSERS DID! Just because the USAToday formatted the article to cite the Westmoreland response first does not mean it came before the charges of racism.

    If anything, calling Obama “arrogant” and “elitist” was a code word for “uppity!”

    So now we must add more pages to the book of “don’t say this White man”, to include “arrogant” and “elitist”. Basically you’re asserting that NO WHITE MAN can ever dare say Obama is acting lofty, because to make such a claim is automatically “racist”. I guess we need to add “lofty” too and any other synonymous terms. Notice the synonyms have nothing to do with race, but you’ve made it such. You’ve turned the definition of racism to include anytime someone feels a person is acting snooty, if the person they accuse is of another race. Well then all Blacks who accused John McCain of being an elitist are racists also right? I’m sure you don’t agree, double standard. You’re letting the media take you for a ride.

    You’ve stated it’s racist to call Obama an “elitist” while the term “Liberal Elite” is commonplace. Basically there is nothing Westmoreland could have said about Obama other than he’s a gentleman and a scholar, that would not have provoked your ire and then you’d be upset he gave Obama kudos.

    If it’s fair game to call others Liberal Elite and other such names, uppity fits Obama like a glove on a hand.

    You’ve said nothing to show Westmoreland used race baiting against Glenn. Was Glenn a pick for his skin tone? Yes he was. Is it wrong if Westmoreland said Glenn was picked for his skin tone and picking a candidate based on race is silly? I don’t feel so, if Westmoreland said it, I think he was 100% right. Whatever some radio stations and so on said is not what Westmoreland said.

    I’m amazed you see straight through the game when a candidate claims to be Christian and is using it as a front, but they play the SAME GAME with race and you’re eating it all up.

    Westmoreland was a known man with a record of his stances in politics, so voters knew him and voted for him. Glenn was a man who lost prior races in horrible fashion and simply lost another. Hey I liked Glenn too, but he was an unknown Newt tried to pit against a much stronger candidate. What Newt did in the 1980s was even before Glenn was old enough to run. Do you want to talk about how Newt used to be a tree hugging Liberal running as such when he was a college professor?

    Whatever your assertion about Westmoreland and minority scholarship money, I leave it to you to provide proof of your claim.

    You’re even claiming Westmoreland called Obama “darkie” 🙄 . You’ve got no proof Westmoreland never used the term uppity before. And even IF he never used it before, it does NOT affirm the use of it regarding Obama was racist in intent. You’ve gone to claim you know the heart of a man based on his use of a single word.

    Westmoreland didn’t ask for a racially charged election in 2004, it was tossed at him and he was not wrong if he responded and called it what it was. Now on nothing but the word “uppity” you’re claiming you’ve got a pile of evidence that proves Westmoreland is racist. Sorry bro, not riding that bandwagon with ya, but the USAToday appears to be in the drivers seat.

  6. [QUOTE]As for the Dylan Glenn race, please. [/QUOTE]

    I live in Fayetteville Georgia – the 3rd District of Georgia that Westmoreland represents. I am a Black male.

    I was present during the run against Glenn and years before that time period.

    It is interested Job how you twist the details of that particular campaign. Yes indeed Newt Gingrich lobbied on behalf of Glen over Westmoreland from the stand point of racial strategy. If you can find me how this same tactic IS NOT USED among Black and White Democrats all over this nation – I would love for you to make this case. (the LT governor of Maryland, for example, in a state which did not previously ever have a Black person in a state-wide office prior to Michael Steele forcing the dominant Democrats to change their tone on the next election).

    You are light on the ‘racism’ that Lynne Moreland used in the campaign because – YOU DON’T HAVE THE FACTS on your side. As a Black man I can say that if you are “White candidate” and you see your own party going against you ONLY BECAUSE they see the need to get a Black guy in the seat that you are vying for WHY WOULDN’T YOU VOCALIZE the scheme that is unfolding right before you?

    Is he a RACIST for pointing this out?

    As a Fayette County citizen I believe that your time and advocacy would be better served by going to our northern neighbor – Clayton County and focusing on how this county with 100% Democratic elected officials lost their school accreditation thus impacting the academic pathway of its 54,000 students – the majority of them being Black.

    If Dylan Glynn – one Black man has promise – think about the bulk promise that is being smashed among their 54,000 children.

    I hope that you will pray for them.

  7. Joe said

    Thats you peoples’ answer to everything – Pray for them. I don’t know much about Westmoreland and Georgia’s politics, but I do know that it is impossible for a man of his age to not know the true meaning of the word ‘uppity.’ It is racist, derogatory, and serves to show just how far the confederacy has left to go in joining the rest of the United States of America in the 21st Century. But you just can’t expect too much from a region that still has segregated cemeteries and a populace either dumb enough to believe the statement that Westmoreland didn’t know what it meant, or much more likely, more interested in denying the perennial racist values and culture of the south.

  8. I am black and quite familiar with this subject. There are some stuck up people of all races who look down on blue collar types. Classism can go both ways on the uppity term. A blue collar person can disparage haughty, arrogant, wealthy people. I went to a high school with well dressed black folks who wore GQ clothes and Stacy Adams shoes. I could afford Sears and Roebuck and they let me have it!!

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