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Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Anti – Christ Universalism

Posted by Job on September 4, 2008

From True Discernment weblog.

from Berit kjos:

Believes Many Paths Lead to God

The Faith of Barack Obama written by New York Times best-selling author Stephen Mansfield was released in August by Thomas Nelson publishers. The book carries the endorsement of Archbishop Desmond Tutu on the front cover. Tutu, one of the global “Elders,” calls the book “perceptive and well-written.” The publisher’s description of the book reads: 

“…takes readers inside the mind, heart, and soul of presidential hopeful Barack Obama–as a person of faith, as a man, as an American, and possibly as our future commander in chief.”


Mansfield, says: “If a man’s faith is sincere, it is the most important thing about him, and it is impossible to understand who he is and how he will lead without first understanding the religious vision that informs his life.”

According to Mansfield, Obama is “raising the banner of what he hopes will be the faith-based politics of a new generation . . . and he will carry that banner to whatever heights of power his God and the American people allow.”

Recently, when Obama was interviewed by Rick Warren, Obama told Warren that Jesus Christ was his Lord and Savior. Yet this “banner” Obama raises is one that has an inter-spiritual foundation, representing a new kind of “Christianity,” one that looks more like Brian McLaren’s spirituality than traditional, biblical Christianity.

What emerges from this book is a glimpse of a man who has New Age philosophy, believing that other religions are legitimate paths to God, and all humanity is connected together (spiritually speaking – i.e., God is in all):

“Obama does clearly believe that the form of Christianity that he committed to at Trinity Church in 1985 is not the only path to God. ‘I am rooted in the Christian tradition,’ he has said. Nevertheless he asserts, ‘I believe there are many paths to the same place and that is a belief there is a higher power, a belief that we are connected as a people.’


“He first saw his broad embrace of faith modeled by his mother. ‘In our household,” he has explained, ‘The Bible, [t]he Koran, and the Bhagavad Gita sat on the shelf … on Easter or Christmas Day my mother might drag me to a church, just as she dragged me to the Buddhist temple, the Chinese New Year celebration, the Shinto shrine, and ancient Hawaiian burial sites.’” (p.55 of Mansfield’s book, quoting from Audacity of Hope, Obama, p. 203).


After his inter-spiritually-based upbringing, Obama later spent twenty years in a church, which promotes the panenthestic (God in all), inter-spiritual approach. In a 2006 article in United Church News, Obama stated that the teachings of the UCC (United Church of Christ), of which he was a member (Trinity United Church of Christ) until recently, are “foundation stones for his political work.” Just what are those “teachings” comprised of? On Trinity’s website, on the Yoga page, the following statement is highlighted:


“Within each [of] us is the seed of Divinity. Each Soul is divine. I bow to the divinity in us all!”

This is classic Hinduism that teaches that divinity resides in every human being. It is also the message of the New Age movement — man’s divinity!

In Obama’s own autobiography, Audacity of Hope, he calls himself a “progressive” (i.e., emerging or postmodern) and says: “We need to take faith seriously not simply to block the religious right but to engage all persons of faith in the larger project of American renewal” (p. 216). Echoing the sentiments of Rick Warren (a close friend of Obama, says Warren), he clarifies that partnerships between “religious and secular” will have to be built, and “each side will need to accept some ground rules for collaboration” (p. 216). He adds:


“Whatever we once were, we are no longer just a Christian nation; we are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.” (p. 218)

Obama insists that to base national “policy” on biblical truths “would be a dangerous thing” to do (p. 220).

There is one sentence in Audacity of Hope that sums up Barack Obama’s spirituality. He states:

“When I read the Bible, I do so with the belief that it is not a static (stable) text but the Living Word and that I must be continually open to new revelations.” (p. 224) In other words, just as Tony Jones said in his book The New Christians, and just as other emergents consistently say, the truths in the written Word of God, the Bible, are not unchanging and cannot be looked upon as stable or immoveable. “New revelations” can bring about new “truths” . . . truth is fluid.

To be interspiritual (all paths lead to God), to be panentheistic (divinity is in all), to reject God’s Word, and to embrace mysticism is to be what Alice Bailey called a rejuvenated Christian, who is one who follows “another gospel” and “another Jesus” (II Corinthians 11:4).


“Jesus saith unto him, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.’” (John 14:6)


13 Responses to “Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Anti – Christ Universalism”

  1. morsec0de said

    ““Whatever we once were, we are no longer just a Christian nation; we are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.” (p. 218)

    Obama insists that to base national “policy” on biblical truths “would be a dangerous thing” to do (p. 220).”

    Thanks. Now I’m even more certain that I’ll be voting for Obama.

  2. Job said


    Well more power to you. And incidentally, you are living proof that there is absolutely no correlation between atheism and superior analytical and reasoning skills, because if you had those you would know that there is no difference between McCain and Obama. It is all a sham, a scam, and a game and has been for a long time. No matter which party is “in power”, our basic economic, social, and military policy remains the same. Presidents of both parties had the same basic approach to Russia, China, Israel and the Middle East, illegal immigration, energy policy … you name it. The so – called “hot button issues” are merely used to distract the public from their longtime massive collusion. Tell you what, atheist man. Go look at the major donors and backers for McCain, Obama, and both parties in general. See how many names are the same. The only good thing about a presidential race – or most political races of real importance in this country – is that one candidate is going to lose. However, sadly, one of them is going to WIN. Who does? It really doesn’t matter. The powerbrokers don’t even NEED to predetermine the winner. All they have to do is pick the nominees – or group of nominees – and let them fight it out.

    For instance: support the war on terror or oppose it? Well, our war on terror policy was created by Jimmy Carter national security figure Zbigniew Brzezinski, and hasn’t changed since. Yep, it was the Carter administration that recruited and trained people like Saddam Hussein and Usama bin Laden, and the Reagan and Bush administrations kept it going. When the first Bush administration turned on Saddam and bin Laden, Clinton kept the sanctions and bombing campaigns going to weaken the Saddam regime for the inevitable war. And what did Bill Clinton come out and say when the criticism of Bush was about to reach its peak in 2004 elections? “I thought Saddam had weapons of mass destruction too!” Nice save, Bill. It figures. Did you know that Clinton and Bush Sr. were fishing buddies from way back, long preceding their allegedly bitter personal presidential campaign? Funny how the mainstream media never reports those things.

    But go ahead, Mr. wise in your atheist conceits. Continue believing that voting for Barack Obama will advance your cause, and act according to the conviction of your delusions.

  3. morsec0de said

    “and act according to the conviction of your delusions.”

    Says the man who believes in demons…

  4. Job said


    I believe in demons, you believe that Obama would advance and protect your interests any more than McCain would. And this makes you better off how? Obviously in no way whatsoever since you did not bother to answer the substance of my post.

  5. Jason said

    What makes Mcain a Christian? The fact that he can say and MAYBE on occasions ACT it on stage?

    I’m sorry but I see very little ‘Christian’ in him.. And I just want to add a little point, a bit off topic but something I noticed these past couple days..

    A Christian comes in all forms, all colors, all different backgrownds, all different social statuses.. LOOK at the Repulican Convensions the past 2 nights, and even tonight. Where is the diversity? Why do we see 95% white people in suites,2% white people not in suites, 3 % of other types of people.. To be honest when I watch the convensions it looks and feels like a cult.. NOT inviting at all.

    And by no means do I consider John Mcain a Christian..

    ONE MORE THING: I live in ARIZONA, Mcian supposed to be our man. Yet many of us feel that as second he focused on the whitehouse, he forgot his job HERE. We have a major problem on the borders, that he does not do anything about, and now does not even address it since he’s so focused on his “More important job”.. He’s forgotin about HIS STATE before he’s gotten into the Whitehose.. Now what would he do once in the WhiteHouse? As soon as something “MORE IMPORTANT” comes up, he’ll forget about the people he’s trying so hard to impress. Living in ARIZONA we KNOW the garbage he’s done.. He’s NOT a Christian.

  6. Jason, I was just wondering, did anybody here claim McCain was a Christian? Your comment comes off as if because this blog post speaks against McCain, that there was some claim that McCain was a Christian. I think you should look around this blog a bit more. Just because you landed on a post about Obama does not at all mean no posts are on this blog about many others in politics that try to use the church for political advantage, John Sidney McCain III included.

    And just because the Democratic convention is designed to show “diversity” does not make them Christian either.

    With a world that is noted in the Bible to trend antichrist, it should not be expected that the leading candidates of one of the most powerful nations in the world would be true scripture upholding, God fearing, never bowing to idol Christians.

  7. Job said


    I invite you to spend a bit more time on this weblog and read a few more posts. Thank you. And incidentally, do you serve Jesus Christ in all that you do? Whoever wins in 2008 will only serve for 4 years, but eternity is forever.

  8. “Your comment comes off as if because this blog post speaks against McCain”

    should read

    “Your comment comes off as if because this blog post speaks against Obama”


  9. Frankly NEITHER candidate is the anti-Christ, but if you want to quote chapter and verse, look at Rev. 13:3 about a massive head wound (McCain), and Rev. 13:13 fire from the sky (warhead missiles) then John McCain and his pro-war stance is MUCH closer to the description of the Anti-Christ than Obama ever will be.

  10. Devon said

    Christianliberal…mmmmmm…isn’t your name a lot like saying Marxist property owner or Nazi ADL member??? Like..kinda..they don’t remotely go together!

  11. James said

    The Anti-Christ of my Bible wouldn’t have us fight Iraq or look for murderers in caves. He would be a man of sin, son of perdition. He will be the opposite of Christ in holiness as he deceives the world.
    He would oppose any righteous person with a backbone. The spirit of anti-christ is already here. I don’t think the person anti-christ is in the United States but no doubt the spirit of the anti-christ is thriving here.
    McCain doesn’t persuade me as a Christian or ask me to (change)repent from Biblical judgmental Christianity. He isn’t using Leviticus and Deutoronomy to neuter our rightful indignations.
    I would never say Obama is the guy but the spirit is with his campaign.

  12. Job said


    Yes, I have taken note of the fact that McCain has a wound in his head. But when I use the term anti – Christ, I generally mean “against Christ.” The term used for the eschatological figure in Revelation is “the beast” and in other places “the man of sin” and “the son of perdition.” Virtually all of Obama’s positions are “against Christ.” For the record, virtually all of McCain’s are too …

    But in my opinion neither guy is the anti – Christ because neither guy is popular enough.

  13. Ed Largy said

    Faith Base Office in the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government got it’s strong start from GW Bush. It was the first piece of legislation he signed on. Archbishop McCarick of Washington, D.C. a Catholic, was placed as it’s head and now is led by a secular Catholic out of Dartmouth College. The Catholic Church has tremendous power in DC (Georgetown University is run by Jesuits.) Many of the key heads of government in Washington are strong Catholics who believe in Ecumenism which is the same as Barrack Obama believes in a Universal Christianity that is changeable according to man’s will and timing. The Catholic Church is very big on Socialist Government as they are an organization that strives on the Socialist Concepts. Look at their convents, hiarchical rules, worship of the Pope as the Vicar of Christ on earth. The Bible is absolutely God’s Word that is unchangeable and the Bible specifies this throughout. Man is a sinner and his sins are expired and washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ. Only this way can you enter heaven. The Catholic Faith Base Office (now a Cabinet level office in the Executive Branch) will enforce this concept of all inclusive Christianity which is Ecumenistic. Barak is a false prophet. So is the Pope. Stay away from both their messages or suffer the Biblical consequense. Hell. Ed Largy

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