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Sarah Palin’s Pentecostal Former Pastor: Alaska Will Be Place Of Refuge During Great Tribulation And PEOPLE WHO OPPOSE GEORGE BUSH WILL GO TO THE LAKE OF FIRE!

Posted by Job on September 2, 2008

Seriously, where do they find these people? Your new vice president people …

Sen. Barack Obama’s candidacy was rocked when inflammatory sermons from his former pastor, The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, circulated in the media. Some say they can assess Obama by the pastor he once chose for his spiritual mentor and the church where he brought his daughters.
Is this still true for assessing McCain’s vice presidential pick, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin?
Will — or should – voters look closely at Rev. Ed Kalnins, the Pentecostal pastor at Wasilla Assembly of God. This was Palin’s church until six years ago, and Kalnins gave the invocation at her inauguration as governor. He’s on record saying “I question the salvation” of people who voted for John Kerry and that critics of President Bush are going to hell. (This would mean me I suppose). He also sees Alaska as a “refuge” state where people will flee at the end of time.
In a video of Palin addressing Kalnin’s church ( in June, she called for prayers that the mission in Iraq be recognized as “a task that is from God.”
Assemblies of God is one of the nation’s fastest growing denominations, one which believes in a literal inerrant Bible, in enthusiastic prayer and in being “baptized in the holy spirit” — speaking in tongues. That spiriutal gift is highly controversial among other conservative Christian denominations such as the Southern Baptists.
Does Sarah Palin’s spiritual home and her Pentecostal beliefs make a difference in how you see her?
Does it matter less because she’s not the top of the ticket?


16 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s Pentecostal Former Pastor: Alaska Will Be Place Of Refuge During Great Tribulation And PEOPLE WHO OPPOSE GEORGE BUSH WILL GO TO THE LAKE OF FIRE!”

  1. jennifer said

    Interesting and I suppose refreshing. I made the mistake of writing a post about Mrs. Palin, titled “Mother needed-apply within.” I have mostly a Christian readership and my email suffered a tremendous assault as a result of my post, and my thoughts on the role of mothers. I never really considered as a conservative that I was under a banner of political parties…and after this I realize that conservative and the modern US political system may not align at all. Thanks for this post.

    Hope you don’t mind- I am going to read a few of your posts.


  2. Job said


    I do not mind at all!

  3. Pam said

    But for those who flee to Alaska, unless of course they have a really seaworthy vessel, they’ll have to travel (as will the natural gas pipeline we’re building for Gov. Palin) through Canada…you know, that oft forgotten, number one energy supplier to the States…

    Humour aside, my verdict is still neutral for Gov. Palin. I do hope she is an authentic, sincere Christian. Time will reveal all. Bush, through his words and actions (Islam perspective, Road Map to Peace initiatives, etc.) has proven to this observer otherwise. As has Obama’s affiliation with an ecumenical church or seeming approval of the UN. Other high profile self-proclaimed “Christians” also leave me scratching my head. A young lady on a popular women’s morning television program comes to mind. But I’ll have to let God be the judge of their sincerity.

    In short, I pray God will keep authentic Christians on their guard, and their discernment sharp.

    Matthew 7:13-27 KJV

  4. Wow Charles Taylor said

    Umm no offense here but is it that horrible that she has a pentecostal background?
    Seriously morality is assuredly something America has lacked for far too long… Just my H.O.
    As I recall almost every great historic monument has scripture on it and this nation was FORMED on puritans running away to practice their christian faith. I hear you guys with the separation of church and state but seriously a Godless nation ends up like soddom…OK I’m black (I could pass for Hispanic but still,,, I digress) there’s more than just African Americans pulling this nation down the crap hole.. And please forgive me for shotgunning here but as I recall the disembodiment of many a great nation was prefaced but the whole scale acceptance of what I dare to deem immorality, forgive me again but what the bible labels as an abomination. More shotgunning.. I was born & raised Roman Catholic, I didn’t even consider this Pentecostal thing a reality or logical or sane until personal experience and quite a bit of personal research solidified its stability. I have an engineering background,, I don’t believe stuff until I’ve done a “proof” backwards an forwards at least twice. I figured (initially) that this glossolalia thing was some mass or self hypnosis. You’ve convinced yourself of blah blah…and since everyone around you is encouraging you to believe same get the point… I wont wast your time with some great appeal for you to investigate a few scriptures or search for truth or even my personal testimony which made me arrive at this new life I’ve accepted…All I can leave you with is my personal experience, I’m not some emotional wreck no wacked out religion freak.. I summarized the validity of the points presented, researched those on my own and finally dared to “test” God with what was in his book.. Suffice to say I don’t recommend you tempt/test God but for some odd reason he provided confirmation beyond my request…..I wont knock any specific “denomination” but have any of you straight laced old school Christian’s “stand sit kneel stand sit kneel– hike” ever done any research into where the weekly event you attend originate. From whence commeth these repetitious empty ceremonies and leaps through proverbial spiritual hoops. Basically in plain English if your church believes in the Bible do you know where the works therein originate. There are quite a few translations. Are any of the books based upon ancient Chinese folklore or do you practice what the original followers of Christ did… Seriously no sarcasm there, go look !!! OK One more then I’m done.. There’s no one baptized in the Bible under the “titles” cited in Matthew.. NONE ! ! How can anyone intelligent who is reading with intent to actually glean something from their reading, complete Matthew and still think that the ONE NAME that satisfies those titles inst the ONLY name to be baptized in.. As if it weren’t clear enough you have Acts 4:12…

  5. Wow Charles Taylor said

    excuse type-o inst = isnt my oops its late just got back from church. 🙂

  6. Job said

    Wow Charles Taylor:

    “but have any of you straight laced old school Christian’s “stand sit kneel stand sit kneel– hike” ever done any research into where the weekly event you attend originate”

    What makes you think that we haven’t? What evidence is there that we haven’t? What on earth makes you think that Biblical and fundamental Christians are not just as educated as you are, or have not embarked on investigative or contemplative searches for truth as you have? By the way, are you aware that Christians were the ones responsible for giving most of the world a written language, modern agriculture, and modern medicine? That the only reason why the history and philosophy fields even exist today is because Christians were the ones that preserved ancient documents? Are you aware that so many of the fields of the humanities, arts, sciences, linguistics, etc. were invented by Christians? That most of the world’s greatest universities were originally founded to train pastors, and that the idea to provide basic universal educational instruction to every child was a Christian one? So where does this notion that Christians are anti – intellectual and anti – examination come from? You guessed it: atheists who have created this alternative version of reality that teaches that culture, scholarship, reason, science, etc. did not exist until Voltaire came along and invented it.

    Sir, methinks that you are more than just a bit pleased with yourself and need to dedicate yourself to the study of the art of humility. One of my favorite movie lines of all time came from “The Sixth Sense” where the strange murder/suicidal character says “you don’t know so many things.” I oft remind myself of that line and I suggest that you do the same.

    Incidentally, I am black, hold a bachelor of science in electrical engineering, and was raised in a Pentecostal Holiness church.

  7. Kim said

    Hello Folks,

    What generally bothers me about most organized religions is the ethic of exclusiveness. Palin’s pentecostal church excludes Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, and depending upon pentecostal interpretations, anyone who is not baptized in the name of Jesus. Pentecostalists say that, at the end of their days, these non-pentecostalists go to Hell.

    I recall a discussion I had with my neighbor, who is a lay Jehovah’s Witness preacher. I told him that the Bible as a text was subject to interpretation, because thousands of different churches used the Book as their central text, yet came to many different conclusions. He told me that all the other churches were wrong, and that the Bible was perfect, and that there was only one interpretation.

    Which is in part why, in Their wisdom, the Framers of our Constitution separated Church and State.

  8. Greg Allen said

    Of all the stuff on that video, this “refuge state” think attracted my attention the most.

    Can anyone explain the actual “mechanics” of this doctrine? Apparently the pastor believes Palin was elected to create Alaska as a refuge state and Palin didn’t disagree.

    Is it post-trib and the Christians create places people can flee to?


  10. Allison said

    Umm I find the idea that she considers the Iraq war God’s plan and that her pastor thinks that Jesus had a war plan alittle disturbing. I mean, I hate to break it to you…a Holy war is the last thing that we want to get into. Oh yeah and we tried it three or four times in the Crusades–and I hear it didnt turn out too well for the Christians…the only thing that we got out of it was the Plauge–how do you justify that one? I am a Christian, but I learned that Jesus is Peace and love and acceptance, not Guns and War. Telling people that they are going to Hell is akin to Tyranny–which is what this country was founded against (oh yeah and only God can judge “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”). The founding fathers did not say to themselves…lets start a country so we can start God’s army and take over the world. No, they started this country on an underlying idea of Freedom–of thought, action, and Religion. They were tired of centuries of fighting and killing because of religion, and their tyrannical leaders who forced religion (both catholic and protestant) down their throats and who took their own interests to heart and not those of thier people. True the Puritans did come here to escape religious persecution (those who stayed actually started a civil war over it). It is also true that from the mass. coloney came the Rhode Island colony–the first colony of true religious freedom. So in closing, I am not packing my suitcase and moving to Alaska, because honestly, it sounds more Hellish than the Hell Pastor Kalnins says that I am going to because I dared to question any of Bush’s policies (hummm I could have sworn that the founding fathers encouraged free speech).

  11. Allison said

    Oh yeah…and I thought the Mesopatamians invented the written word…and the Jews and Egyptians were definately writing before Christ. And our Alphabet is based on a varient of the Greek alphabet…and out numbers–this one I am not sure of, but dont they come from Arabic? DOnt get me wrong, of course Christianity has had a huge impact on the world, but just as importantly so has every major culture that has come along. I am pretty sure that the wheel was not invented by a christian…does that mean that we ignore the importance of it because it is heathen (oh btw definatly Mesopatamians too…yeah that’s in Iraq…).

  12. While the Brethren even say they Believe the Bible is the Word of God, they too clearly do have this unholy, desperate and complicated need to reinterpret almost every passages of the Bible suitable to their own liking.

  13. James said

    Any chaplain or military person would pray the same things Sarah Palin prayed. As a Christian in the military I pray that I always do the will of God. I believed that God allowed me to experience what I did for his purposes, to strengthen other believers in the service.

  14. Seth said

    Thanks for your prayers! God just provided a room for rent a mile away from the Kansas City IHOP with a couple who’s very on fire for the Lord; I’m moving in. Please pray for God’s help in packing, in what should go and what should stay; pray for His help with every aspect of the move, and moving in. It’s a 3-4 day drive; pray for a safe drive, a good route, and very good weather, especially at nights, since I’m camping out. Pray for guidance on where to stop for the nights. Pray that I’ll sleep deeply during the nights. Pray for guidance on what food to bring, and pray that I’ll get there quickly with minimum stops. Pray for God’s continuous protection and blessing over the finances, and pray that God will fully provide the costs for going to IHOPU full time for 4 years. Pray that when I get there, God will provide me with a good, steady job quickly, and pray for guidance in what job to look for and where to apply. Also, pray for an unspoken prayer request written on a sheet of paper.

  15. Devon said

    Alison, sadly is not a Christian but a mocker of Christ….her patronizing nonsense old liberal nonsense!

  16. john kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well. I would leave the Judging up to Jesus. We all have far to go and need improvement.

    How are things with your brother?


    John Kaniecki

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