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Ah Well Albert Mohler Endorses New World Order John McCain

Posted by Job on September 2, 2008

Very disappointing, but not surprising.

An Unexpected New Motherhood Debate


3 Responses to “Ah Well Albert Mohler Endorses New World Order John McCain”

  1. Kyle said

    Do we really think that Obama and McCain are any different? But any ways let me break it down for you.

    The animosity and dirt each candidate slings at each other is real. Don’t think for one minute that although there all on the same side of the CFR/NWO that there emotions are not real. In fact let me give an allegory of a company and relate it to politics.

    You see each candidate wants the prize. It is no different than two people working for the SAME company each vying for the CEO position. The board of directors look at each employee and sees which one best suits there ultimate goal for the company. Now although the Board and the two employees are all part of the same company nonetheless each respective employee is aggressively vying for the CEO position.

    Now here is the crux of the issue relating back to politics. Whichever candidate can effectively garner a majority of voters is deemed the best candidate not based on skill but rather which one can control the largest segment of the US populace in order to further the greater goal. Take Bush for example. Say what you will but he was able to effectively stimulate his base to help maintain the ruse of the War on Terror. In fact I must hand it to the powers that be. They created a great false flag known as WMD’s as the reason to attack Iraq. In reality it was a proxy war to maintain the US dollar hegemony.

    So lets now fast forward. As we know the NWO wants global socialism. That being said Barrack would make an excellent choice indeed. The only problem is that the citizens have not been fully brainwashed into this yet. Ideally the NWO needs to have a person in place to attack Iran also to A: continue the US Petrodollar hegemony B: To further rebuff Russia in their attempt to be the top dog in the NWO. That being said, I to the best of my knowledge believe John McCain will be the next President. He will effectively continue the War on Terror in order for us to give up even more rights. He also will continue to bankrupt the US in order to decrease our standard of living and help initiate a new currency. Once this is accomplished McCain being 76 years old will not run for another term. He will effectively reduce our rights as citizens, further destroy the US dollar, and effectively make the US populace demand a Socialist to save us from our collapsed economy and our war ridden military. We will gladly accept Barrack Obama in 2012. He is the perfect Socialist for the Job. However, this time around he needs to lose for the greater good of the cause. He also has to lose because GW Bush was not able to complete the task of fully collapsing our economy in order to initiate Socialism. I must say however that GW Bush came close but just didn’t finish the Job. McCain will be his third term and along with Secretary of State or Secretary of defense Joe Libermen this can be accomplished this time around.

    If you have noticed Oil has fallen rapidly. Even after the recent Hurricane went through oil rigs outside Louisiana oil continued to drop. As you very well know Oil prices are controlled by bankers in NY and the UK (Go google Lindsey Williams Energy non crises for the truth). With this being said they are rapidly decreasing the price per barrel in order to dissuade the public for voting for Barrack. They also came out with GDP figures last week stating the economy grew at 3.3%. For those who have no clue what that number means then let me explain. At 3.3% growth we should be at maximum employment, home sales through the roof, high consumer demand, and business expansion. None of this is the case however by lying to the public saying the economy is GREAT! and by purposely dropping oil prices like a rock the populace will breath a sigh of relief and vote for McCain.

    Although it is all a ruse with the afore mentioned facts it is obvious from my vantage point that McCain is their man. He needs to put the finishing touches on what GW was not able to accomplish in order for Obama who is still young to win in 2012.


  2. Job said


    “Do we really think that Obama and McCain are any different?”

    No. The sad part is that I honestly believe that Al Mohler knows that they are no different as well. I just wish Mohler would come out and admit it. That is why I say that it is disappointing but not surprising. Incidentally, if Obama loses this time around, Clinton will be the president in 2012.

  3. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    I personally believe Bush is not giving up power. As far as a world socialist state I don’t see that either. I see an attempted grab by the few to control the all but I don’t see the few sharing with the all.



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