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William Taylor On Evangelistic Preaching

Posted by Job on August 23, 2008

From Dan Green’s weblog. My notes from William Taylor’s talk in the sixth session at EMA (Evangelical Ministry Assembly)

“Evangelistic Preaching”

“Evangelistic preaching” is the kind of preaching that achieves the evangelistic end.  The kind of preaching that makes a church fit for purpose.  The gospel alone has God’s power for salvation.  The church is the product of the gospel.  Preaching needs to encourage the church to be evangelistic. 

The local church is the place where God’s truth is held up and held out to the world.  ‘If the local church is not fit for purpose, then our town won’t have access to God’s truth’. 

In 1 Timothy, Paul writes to Timothy to encourage him to preach in order to help the church be fit for purpose.  1 Timothy can be summed up by three trustworthy sayings.  Three main things Timothy needs to be dealing with and addressing in his preaching. 

1. The gospel heartbeat of the church (1:15) 

1 Timothy 1:15 is the verse that governs the first two chapters.  It is so easy to preach these chapters as an evangelistic tract.  But this is not the primary point.  It is important to see here that this gospel of grace that rescued Paul is God’s key work.  Christians need to understand the gospel if you want a church that is fit for purpose.  

2. The gospel leadership of the church (3:1) 

1 Timothy 3:1 is the verse that governs the whole of chapter three.   The failure of the public leadership of the church does do damage to the proclamation of the gospel.  Paul says that the personal, family and public life must be exempt.  If it is not gospel preaching will be undermined.  Unbelievers hate hypocrisy.  When the leadership is acting out in life what they believe it makes a difference. 

3. The gospel life of the church (4:8) 

1 Timothy 4:8 is the verse that governs the whole of chapters four through to six.  Paul addresses the value of godliness.  Godliness in the pastor, welfare system of the church needs to radiate godliness. 

For the church to be fit for purpose it must be a community of grace, where the leaders have real integrity and there is a real sense of godliness that permeates through every person and every area in the church.  This needs all the help of God’s Spirit and requires grown up preaching to the believers.


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