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How The Russia – Georgia War Changes The World Political Order

Posted by Job on August 22, 2008

What Israel Lost in the Georgia War

“It is important that the entire world understands that what is happening in Georgia now will affect the entire world order,” Georgian Cabinet Minister Temur Yakobashvili said last weekend. “It’s not just Georgia’s business, but the entire world’s business.” Such sentiments would have been unremarkable but for the fact that Yakobashvili was expressing himself in fluent Hebrew, telling Israeli Army Radio that “Israel should be proud of its military, which trained Georgian soldiers.”

However, the impression that Israel had helped bolster the Georgian military was one the Israeli Foreign Ministry was anxious to avoid. Last Saturday it reportedly recommended a freeze on the further supply of equipment and expertise to Georgia by Israeli defense contractors. (Israel doesn’t supply foreign militaries directly, but its private contractors must get Defense Ministry approval for such deals.) The Israelis decided to refrain from authorizing new defense contracts, although those currently in effect will be fulfilled. Israel stressed that the contracts are to provide equipment for defensive purposes. But if the Israelis were looking to downplay the significance of military ties, they weren’t helped by comments like Yakobashvili’s — or by Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili’s enthusing at a press conference earlier this week that “the Israeli weapons have been very effective.”

Nor did the Russians fail to notice. “Israel armed the Georgian army,” grumbled General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, deputy chief of staff of the Russian military, at a press conference in Moscow earlier this week. An Israeli paper had, last weekend, quoted an unnamed official warning that Israel needed “to be very careful and sensitive these days. The Russians are selling many arms to Iran and Syria, and there is no need to offer them an excuse to sell even more advanced weapons.” As if on cue, on Wednesday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad arrived in Moscow hoping to persuade Russia to sell him sophisticated air-defense systems — and reportedly offering the Russian navy the use of one of its Mediterranean ports. Late on Wednesday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev had spoken on the phone to clear the air over the Georgia conflict and Russian arms sales to Syria.

The extent of involvement in Georgia by Israeli defense contractors may be overstated, and most of the equipment used by the Georgian military comes from the U.S. and other suppliers. Still, Israeli companies had been sufficiently involved in supplying specialized equipment and advanced tactical training to the Georgian military that the connection — and Russia’s perception of it — created a ripple of anxiety in Israeli government circles. Israeli officials say that, in anticipation of a showdown between Georgia and Russia, Israel began to scale back the involvement of Israeli companies in Georgia as early as the end of 2007. Georgia’s Yakobashvili charged this week that Israel, “at Russia’s behest,” had downgraded military ties with Georgia, a decision he branded a “disgrace.”

Israel’s weapons sales, just like Russia’s, are driven by the commercial interests of domestic arms industries. Israeli military exports to Georgia are driven more by the logic of business than by a strategic choice to back Tbilisi against Moscow — indeed, the Israeli response since the outbreak of hostilities is a reminder that, on balance, even a relatively cool friendship with Russia may be more important to Israel than a close alliance with tiny Georgia. Despite Israel’s pecuniary imperative, Georgia has used these commercial military ties to press closer ties on Israel.

President Saakashvili has noted that both his minister responsible for negotiations over South Ossetia (Yakobashvili) and his Defense Minister, Davit Kezerashvili, had lived in Israel before moving to post-Soviet Georgia. According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, the Georgian leader this week enthused that in Tbilisi, “both war and peace are in the hands of Israeli Jews.” Working through the Georgian Defense Ministry (and with the approval of its Israeli counterpart), Israeli companies are reported to have supplied the Georgians with pilotless drones, night-vision equipment, anti-aircraft equipment, shells, rockets and various electronic systems. Even more important than equipment may have been the advanced tactical training and consultancy provided, as private contractors, by retired top Israeli generals such as Yisrael Ziv and Gal Hirsch, the man who commanded Israeli ground forces during their disastrous foray into Lebanon in 2006. (Never one to resist an opportunity to mock his enemies, Hizballah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah quipped in a speech this week, “Gal Hirsch, who was defeated in Lebanon, went to Georgia, and they too lost because of him.”) Not necessarily: Russia applied overwhelming force against the tiny Georgian military, which, according to Israeli assessments, still managed to punch above its weight.

The Russians were piqued by Israel’s military trade with Georgia even before the latest outbreak of hostilities — Moscow expressed its annoyance over the pilotless drones supplied by an Israeli company to the Georgians, three of which were downed by Russian aircraft over South Ossetia in recent months. Obviously mindful of the need to avoid provoking Russia, Israel declared off-limits certain weapons systems the Georgians had asked for, such as Merkava tanks and advanced anti-aircraft systems. “We have turned down many requests involving arms sales to Georgia, and the ones that have been approved have been duly scrutinized,” a Defense Ministry official told the Israeli daily Yediot Ahoronot amid concerns raised over a possible fallout from the Israeli ties to the Georgian military. The extent of damage to the Israeli-Russia relationship — if indeed there is any — remains to be seen. Despite General Nogovitsyn’s comments, Israeli officials say they have received no formal complaints from Russia over ties with Georgia.

Israel’s strategic priority now is countering the threat it sees in Iran’s nuclear program, and on that front, Russian cooperation is essential. If the Israelis are to achieve their objective of forcing Iran to end uranium enrichment through diplomatic coercion, they will need Russian support for escalating U.N. sanctions — a course of action for which Russia has thus far shown little enthusiasm. And if Israel were to opt for trying to destroy Tehran’s nuclear facilities through a series of air strikes, then the presence of the sophisticated Russian S-300 missile system in Iran would considerably raise the risk to Israeli pilots. Unfortunately for Israel, however, there may be little it can do to shape Moscow’s Iran policy for the simple reason that Israel is not a major factor in Russia’s strategic outlook. Moscow’s actions on Iran are less likely to be determined by Israel supplying a few drones to Georgia than they are to be shaped, for example, by the deployment over extreme Russian objections of U.S. interceptor missiles on Polish soil.

With reporting by Aaron J. Klein / Jerusalem


5 Responses to “How The Russia – Georgia War Changes The World Political Order”

  1. Kyle said


    I think this is one of the reasons you and I differ on the soon return of Christ. Now don’t get me wrong I said near not imminent. That being said we are now seeing the End Times nations coalescing around each other (Russia and it’s proxy Iran). When you read the headlines you can’t but be amazed at the nations falling in line directly with scripture Including Russia and it’s Middle East allies who will come against Israel. I had noted before that all it would take is someone pulling the trigger if you will to cause a WWIII. The previous two World Wars were all started over in the same area known as the Balkans(Georgia). It will only take that spark now to set off WW3. Once that is under way and we see massive bloodshed and global war we will capitulate to the Illuminati who will set up the Antichrist Kingdom. So in essence there needs to be a major conflagration before we see the Antichrist rise to power to “help” us if you will.

    In fact let me go out on a limb and say it is even possible that this antichrist may actually appear out of the sky but unlike Christ coming in glory this one will come in a mothership. In essence the whole world would come together at that point seeing that what they thought was their respective Gods were actually Aliens who were the progenitors of the Human race thus rendering war and conflict moot. This I believe will happen during the height of the soon coming WW3. These “aliens” (Demons) will provide us with the technology we need to “help” us if you will and “save” us from ourselves if you will. In fact, the ancient Sumarian texts speak of this. They claim that it was visitors from another planet who created us. I firmly believe that these lies and tales were given to the ancient Sumarians by these anunaki (Demons disguised as Aliens) for this purpose. Satan’s insidious plan is in the works and will culminate at a point in history during a major conflict which I believe is happening relatively soon.


  2. Job said


    Wow! You just got down and threw it down. Brother, please start your own blog and talk more about all of this education that you have going on!

  3. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Clearly when the anti christ comes he will be a figure more prestigious than any other. A space ship coming from the sky would do this.
    What about one returning from the dead? Remember the beast’s head was wounded. What if Ronald Wilson Reagan (666) came back to life to ‘save America’? What if Pope John Paul came back to?

    Clearly something extrodinary is going to happen, that would decieve the whole world and almost the elect.

    I think the New Year will bring some clues as to whether I am correct or not.


    John Kaniecki

  4. Ricardo said

    The article mentions that Syria approached Russia as if “on Que”. Of course it was on Que, the Syrian and Russian governments coordinate their actions to benefit their agreed long term strategies. Russia planned the war in Georgia in advance, and the South Ossetian militants are nothing more than proxies for the Russian government, taking orders no doubt straight from the Kremlin. What happened happened because Russia wanted it and hoped it would come so they could butcher a far weaker nation just so they can seem… Macho.

    All this Russian “outrage” over the Georgian military being armed by the U.S or Israel is irrelevant. After all, these “American Armed Agents of Imperialist” were still cut into tiny little pieces by Russian bullets and bombs. I saw photos of dead Russian Soldiers with huge gaping holes in their heads or missing important parts of their anatomies… Like their abdomens.. Or legs… Or arms.. Their bodies just utterly defiled by Russian brutality. I saw photos of old men and women missing part of their heads, or looking blue all over as they rested for their eternal sleep under the rubble of their own homes. This was nothing more than Russian aggression against a free democratic nation. And all of their “outrage” is merely a cover they are using so they can continue on devouring the innocent.

  5. Ricardo said

    Oops, I said dead “Russian”, I meant dead Georgian soldiers and civilians.

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