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Christians Fasting For The Environment!

Posted by Job on August 18, 2008

If any among you can discover a Bible verse that exhorts Christians to fast and pray for the environment, please provide it. Thank you!


5 Responses to “Christians Fasting For The Environment!”

  1. Kyle said

    The environmental issue is one red herring which is being put up by the illuminati to have the world coalesce into a one world Govt. Don’t be surprised in the years to come as the earth woes described in Revelation are blamed by the illuminati on global warming. When this happens expect the falling away to accelerate as weak Christians believe a lie. Although we should take care of the environment this idea of Christians “fasting” for the environment is more akin to Gaia worship rather then Christ worship.


  2. Fasting for the environment has nothing to do with helping the environment. It’s related to nearly worshipping it. This movement is about control. If you notice they won’t focus on real environmental issues like GM foods, deforestation, chemtrails, evil population control acts, chimeras, etc. The eco-extremists just focus constantly on global warming. Man made global warming is a deception since CO2 is a natural compound necessary for human survival. The world has been warming than now and NASA (and other scientist) predict a possible rapid cool down before of the sun’s sunspots disappearing. Even the Arctic Circle have gained 30% more ice than a year ago. The summer now where I live is average (some days are even cooler than last August). The good news is that the man made global warming lie is being refuted now like no other. Even China experienced record cool winters in the 2007 to 2008 season.

    By Timothy

  3. Kendall Beachey said

    I will not give you a verse on fasting for the environment, at the same time I can tell you this, if you ever want to fix the environment it will not happen without fasting. that is holy order and it is God’s divine mandate. we in our audacity may think we understand the way the environment works, but God has decreed though scripture that the sin of the people will impact the land. This is still true today. so if the cure to immortality (which thus translates into a curse on the land) is the Joel 2 approach of repentance though fasting and prayer resulting in God relenting in his judgments against us, then yes, the environment will be in the end saved by fasting.

  4. When the Apostles were told that a famine was coming, did they fast and pray that the famine not come?

    Can somebody show me what chapter in the book of Revelation talks about and end to God’s wrath coming by way of fasting?

    the Joel 2 approach of repentance though fasting and prayer resulting in God relenting in his judgments against us, then yes, the environment will be in the end saved by fasting.

    I don’t know WHAT Bible these new agers are using, but it’s sure not the one I’ve been reading with 66 books.

    The Holy Order is that only those who believe in the Lord Jesus will be saved!

  5. Kendall Beachey, you are not rightly dividing the Word.

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