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Is Integrating The Church A Spiritual Issue For Christians?

Posted by Job on August 4, 2008

According to the article below:

Why many Americans prefer their Sundays segregated

only 5 percent of American churches are integrated. Now personally, I see this state of affairs as a poor witness of the unconditional love of Jesus Christ to the world. This has nothing to do with liberal politically correct multicultural agendas, but rather the fact that the church quite simply should reflect the Jesus Christ of the Bible. Yet so many of us are very comfortable with the church reflecting fallen man’s sinful and worldly culture. Now of course, segregation is only one manifestation of this much larger problem, and it is likely nowhere near the worst of it. Still, one has to acknowledge that this situation exists because of people seeking their own comfort – among other agendas – rather than seeking Jesus Christ.

That said, wow, it is hard to really condemn specific individuals – let alone communities at large – over this. Blaming white people is difficult because most whites quite simply live in areas that have virtually no blacks. We are, after all, 13% of the population! And as far as blaming blacks, forget it. The black church exists because black culture exists, and black culture exists because of things that were imposed on us by whites: slavery, segregation, discrimination. Now I would LOVE to be able to promote the notion that blacks should be the ones to take the responsibility of integrating the church upon themselves, but I cannot. Why? I cannot come up with a doctrinally sound Biblically based reason. It would be convenient if, say, I could claim that white churches are more doctrinally sound and theologically deep. But when you consider that the apostate theologically liberal mainline Protestant denominations are overwhelmingly white, that is untenable. So, in the absence of an overriding spiritual mandate, blacks going about integrating churches would be a social movement done for worldly reasons, not a spiritual movement to honor the Son and glorify the Father under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In a similar fashion, so would suggesting that white Christians in Wyoming move to South Central Los Angeles to enjoy the benefits of fellowship of blacks plus not a few Latinos and Asians. (It would be nice were whites in Wyoming to increase their fellowship with Native Americans, whom Wiconi International estimates is only 2% Christian, but that is another track.)

So just maybe the sad fact that Sunday morning is the most segregated time in America is an issue that we should pay no heed to, and we as Christians would be better served dedicating our time and efforts on works that we know for a certainty that the Bible has placed at our charge. We must have faith that among the truly regenerated faithful, Jesus Christ will work out the problems of segregation and racism by and by, and our efforts towards that end should be on evangelism, missionary work, and helping the poor so that we might obediently submit to God and allow Him to use us to increase the numbers of the regenerated faithful.


3 Responses to “Is Integrating The Church A Spiritual Issue For Christians?”

  1. Carlotta said

    Excellent article Job and one that has me thinking so much of the success of our church here in San Diego.

    I’m black and belong to a church led by a biracial minister, Miles McPherson (former SD Chargers football player). Interestingly, the church is predominantly white but with a huge mixture of other ethnicities. You see a little bit of everybody in this congregation on Sundays.

    I used to belong to a huge black church here in San Diego, but I left it because I desired diversity. The church is biblically sound but to me it placed too much emphasis on “blackness” and I did feel uncomfortable with bringing my non-black friends to it. So I hopped around churches until I found one that not only I was comfortable in but my children were as well.

    This church I belong to now fit the bill and I’ve never been a part of a church where my children would beg me to go if I got lazy and didn’t want to go to church for any reason. This one they do!

    It didn’t matter to me whether Pastor Miles was white or black because he preaches colorlessly, yet biblically. What has made this church so attractive to ALL people? It must be that aforementioned fact and also that he’s laid back, meets people on their level, and is unashamedly bold for the gospel!

    Interestingly, I’ve met others from my old church who have left for the same reason. While there are blacks and whites looking for racial comfort by going to churches that consist of their ethnicities, there are many like myself and ex-members of my old church who have left because we are tiring of the emphasis of color and stuffiness of our old black churches. We are craving diversity, churches that represent the TRUE America.

    I believe that the whole Rev. Wright fiasco was really a blessing in disguise and a wake-up call for black Americans to make an assessment of the churches they belong to and seek to become a part of the real-world. I believe it is up to us minorities to make the step and integrate and I think we will do that naturally if our churches we belong to are not preaching Christ crucified and resurrected without the color extras!

  2. nan said

    People down here better hurry up and get it together and stop all of this segregating of the races in church, because there will be no segregating like this in Heaven. It’s time to STOP looking at skin color and look at the hearts of people

  3. gcmwatch said

    I agree with you Job on this in that it seems people are motivated much more by a socio-political worldview as opposed to a strictly biblical worldview. Of course we know that there will be all races in heaven, but the common demoninator is that they have all been redeemed and washed in the blood of the lamb. Ethinicity and race does not qualify one for heaven or eternal life with Christ. Only the redeeming blood of the Lamb.

    After all it was God himself who separated the races. Note: I am not a racial separatist by any means. Im just noting a benchmark in human history was engineered by God himself.

    So those whose pupose is to create a “multicultural” church on earth as an endgoal are somewhat misguided. I would urge caution in pushing such a thing.

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