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Hebrews 9:28 Says Jesus Christ Will Only Return ONCE. What Does That Mean For THE RAPTURE And The Endtimes?

Posted by Job on August 2, 2008

Hebrews 9:28

King James Version: So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.

NASB: so Christ also, having been (A)offered once to (B)bear the sins of many, will appear (C)a second time for (D)salvation (E)without reference to sin, to those who (F)eagerly await Him.

ESV: so Christ, having been offered once(A) to bear the sins of(B) many, will appear(C) a second time,(D) not to deal with sin but to save those who are eagerly(E) waiting for him.

YLT: so also the Christ, once having been offered to bear the sins of many, a second time, apart from a sin-offering, shall appear, to those waiting for him — to salvation!

There is a bit of context in the book of Hebrews which along with this verse states that after His ascension to heaven, Jesus Christ took His seat on the right hand of the Father where He serves as the Advocate and Intercessor for God’s elect. Jesus Christ will leave the Father’s side ONCE AND ONLY ONCE: on the day of the Lord. Some say that the day of the Lord precedes Jesus Christ’s millennial reign, amillennialists say that the millennium is now with Christ ruling the earth and the rest of creation from heaven, and that Christ’s singular return will come at the final resurrection prior to the great white throne judgment. The debate between post – tribulation (or post – wrath) premillinnialists and amillennialists is one for another time and place. In this instance, let me state that both groups would tend to interpret Hebrews 9:28 and the scriptures influencing it correctly: that Jesus Christ will only return once.

Please note how Hebrews 9:28 makes a direct correlation between Jesus Christ’s being sacrificed once and His returning once. In that light, people who allege that Jesus Christ will return more than once are all but claiming that Jesus Christ’s work on the cross was insufficient. Such people may not directly claim that Jesus Christ needs to die on the cross and redeem creation a second time, but as Hebrews 9:28 clearly correlates Christ’s one death to Christ’s one return, suggesting that Christ will return multiple times does directly infer that Jesus Christ’s work on the cross did not quite get the job done, and that other things – other works – must yet be done to redeem God’s elect and through the elect all creation. And who will do these works? God the Father? God the Son? God the Holy Spirit? OR WILL MAN DO THESE WORKS? It is a question that those who believe in endtimes doctrines that require multiple returns of Jesus Christ must answer. 

If anyone wishes to comment, I would ask that they first follow and read the link below, which presents endtimes comparisons in an easily understood, quickly read, and unbiased table format, before doing so. 

Comparison Of Four Eschatological Positions


2 Responses to “Hebrews 9:28 Says Jesus Christ Will Only Return ONCE. What Does That Mean For THE RAPTURE And The Endtimes?”

  1. Kyle said

    It’s pretty simple from my view. There is either a post trib rapture just long enough to remove from the final judgement at megiddo where we too will be part of with Christ OR Christ returns at megiddo with no rapture and if we who are God’s elect are still here at that time we get new bodies likened unto Christ. Either way it means nothing to me when you believe that we as the Church will have to go through the tribulation whether or not there is a rapture. When you think about it the No rapture VS Post Trib rapture are quite similar.


  2. guesswhatiknow said

    The spirit is inexorably close to God; the answer is man.

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