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Knoxville Liberal Unitarian Church Shooter Jim Adkisson IS AN ATHEIST WHO HATES RELIGION!

Posted by Job on July 28, 2008

More here from WorldNetDaily, who beat me to the punch by 20 minutes (grr!) and GetReligion who beat me by 15 (grr grr!). Is that what the media is reporting? NO! They are reporting that Adkisson targeted this unitarian universalist church because Adkisson hates liberals in stories like this (see link). Also, CNN’s report is more of the same. From there, they allow people to presume that Adkisson is a fundamentalist Christian. Not because, mind you, that there is a pattern of fundamentalist Christians doing things like this. Do you know why? BECAUSE THERE ISN’T! The famous hate crime committers in America, the killers of people like James Byrd, Tina Brandon (Brandon Teena), and Matthew Shepard were not Christians. Timothy McVeigh was not a Christian. Neither is Eric Rudolph. No, it is the media and left wing types who do all they can to make you THINK that they are Christians. This includes, for instance, the JUDGE in Eric Rudolph’s trial, who from the bench admonished him for “breaking the law because of his faith.” The media actually frequently claimed that it was North Carolina fundamentalist Christians that helped Rudolph hide from and avoid the authorities for so long – that he was a hero among, you know, the Jesse Helms crowd, for his attacks on abortion clinics and homosexual night clubs – and when Rudolph set the record straight in interviews after his capture, THEY REFUSED TO REPORT IT!

But look here, buried in this USA Today item below – and it is not even in most other news outlets – is the truth:

“Karen Massey, who lived two houses from Adkisson’s home, told the Knoxville News Sentinel of a lengthy conversation she had with Adkisson a couple years ago after she told him her daughter had just graduated from Johnson Bible College. She said she ended up having to explain to him that she was a Christian. “He almost turned angry,” she told the newspaper. “He seemed to get angry at that. He said that everything in the Bible contradicts itself if you read it.” Massey said Adkisson talked frequently about his parents, who “made him go to church all his life. … He acted like he was forced to do that.” 

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the media to do much with this angle … and that is those who will even report it at al. Just like they didn’t report that Timothy McVeigh was an ATHEIST. Similar to founder of the hate group “World Church of the Creator” Matt Hale (whose follower murdered former basketball coach Rickey Birdsong in a rage over Hale’s being denied an Illinois law license), McVeigh rejected the Bible because it teaches that all people are equal. Eric Rudolph also rejected the Bible, and freely admitted that his decision to become a terrorist was influenced by anti – God philosophers like Friedrich Nietzsche (of the “God is dead” fame)! Dylan Harris and Eric Klebold of Columbine? Atheists. Also, an extremely underreported item during the late 1990s was when an atheist walked into a Southern Baptist youth event in Texas and started killing people before committing suicide … his last words were “What you people believe is @#$%!” Despite being asked to do so by Congress, attorney general Janet Reno refused to even consider investigating it as a hate crime. (Reno’s department also sent out a memo claiming that people who went to church more than once a week … people just like the ones that this atheist murdered … were exhibiting extremist cult behavior and should be monitored by the federal government … when a stink was raised over the memo Reno’s justice department withdrew it.) And the teenage shooter of Ted Haggard’s former church in Colorado was a fellow that had rejected Christianity. 

The amazing thing is that even in this USA Today comment thread, you have tons of people attributing this fellow’s actions to Christianity. Why? Because of this same media. The oped columnists and news writers continually talk about THE POSSIBILITY of fundamentalist Christians being violent. These folks know full well that this only actually occurred in rare and isolated acts of violence against abortion doctors and clinics. I recall that when John Ashcroft – not a fundamental Christian mind you – was having his confirmation hearings for attorney general, one of the main reasons the media gave for opposing him was the idea that it would send a signal to violent pro – lifers that they could start back bombing clinics and killing doctors and women, and that Ashcroft would not prosecute them. The truth is that the last three cases of pro – life activists committing violence was in 1996 (the atheist Rudolph), 1993 (Pensacola, Florida) and 1992 (Buffalo New York). Even during the 1970s and 1980s incidents of violence were extremely rare, yet the news media and popular entertainment presented it as constant threats. 

And I did mention popular entertainment, correct? Movies, TV shows, and novels frequently present fundamental Christians as committing politically or religious motivated violence. Not only do several such come out each year, but we have had at least one horror movie featuring a fundamentalist Christian depicted as a serial killer (“Frailty”) and an X – Files episode depicting the same. There are tons of other examples … as a matter of fact killer Christians are practically a staple on the long – running “Law And Order” TV series, depicted almost as often as drug dealers, gang members, and mobsters. 

So after 30 years of being conditioned to view Christians as violent, it is no shock that people immediately jump to conclusions. Keep in mind: THIS IS DESPITE THERE BEING NO FACTUAL BASIS FOR THIS! There are no statistics backing this belief, there are also no sensationalized public instances of Christians going on violent rampages with political or religious motivations. There were a few loners in the pro – life movement two decades ago (legal trials PROVED that the criminals were not affiliated with the pro – life organizations, but they went ahead and bankrupted Operation Rescue and started prosecuting pro – lifers under the RICO statute anyway … please note that civil rights, gay rights, feminist, and other leftist agitator groups were NEVER prosecuted under RICO!), Klu Klux Klan related violence (and the KKK was much more of a fraternal and freemason outfit than an actual Christian one … WHAT CHRISTIAN WOULD BURN A CROSS?) and that is it. As evil as their crimes were, they do not constitute a basis for people to believe that Christians are prone to politically and religious motivated acts of violence (or other words, TERRORISM). But that is what the media and Hollywood want you to believe, and in the minds of most Americans, they have already succeeded.


21 Responses to “Knoxville Liberal Unitarian Church Shooter Jim Adkisson IS AN ATHEIST WHO HATES RELIGION!”

  1. bob jones said

    Hey Rant-man,

    I’ve been following this story, and not once have I heard or read anything that said the alleged perp was a Christian, a Muslim, or belonging to any other denomination. It’s fine for you and others to read whatever you would like to read between the lines, but don’t go accusing the vague easy-target ‘media’ (which I’ll remind you, you are a part of) with unsupported, presumptive rants that have no standing in reality. Start by reading the articles you cite and you’ll find that the alleged perp is referred to as an unemployed person in the first lines of each, and that there is no mention of his faith or lack thereof anywhere in the article.

    You should probably let thought, not haste, drive your posts (‘grr’ yourself) because you are only fanning the flames, making this country even more divisive with fully unsubstantiated blather.

  2. Voice of Reason said

    Why is it that only radical right wingers get guns and bombs and kill people? McVeigh, Nichols, Shepard’s killers, Rudolph… who cares what theit religion was/is, liberals and left-wingers don’t do this crap. Must be something about right wing conservative types that think they can kill anyone they want because they think they are right.

  3. Ace said

    Nice circular logic.

  4. benc247 said

    It must be a sad life that you live in to convince yourself of what you say. Not ALL acts of violence is based on religion. Well, that depends on your religion. You seem like a very bitter person and you contradict yourself. I’m sure I’m wasting my time, you’ll believe what you want, just please, if you have children, don’t teach them your beliefs. They have a right to choose for themselvs. Remember the 1rst amendment.

  5. Devon said

    Well said Job…well said….just like in Hitler’s Germany in the 30’s, the Jew was set up for ridicule and hate and look what happened…

    Today it is the Christian!!! Thank the Lord for the Internet where at least where we have an avenue to tell the truth!

    At least Fox News is reporting that he hated Christians along with Gays and Liberals….

    It’s interesting to note that in spite of this man’s hatred of Christ and Christianity, he chose a non Christian church to attack…you will Never find a Christian in a unitarian church, that is for sure!

  6. JennyD said

    This is typical liberal media spin.

    Jim Adkisson is a Christian Hero, if ever I saw one! He fought for God’s Law, instead of man’s vile promotion of abominations like sodomy!

  7. Jonathan De Leon said

    Hey Job,

    You mentioned the KKK,…have you been on their official website? It is rather disturbing. They believe that what they are doing is Biblical. They believe that Racial integration is sin. Check it out. I want to see a comment from you.

  8. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    There is a large faction of ‘Christians’ who support the United State’s government. I would lable these as false. These people promote morality but miss the essence of the gospel message. In truth these people do not worship the God of the Bible but the system or the United States.

    It is true Christians who are targeted. Though you and I disagree on a lot of basic things there are some connections. For example the idea that the Catholic church is apostate and not part of the Church Jesus established. These ‘false’ Christians not only want to unite with Catholicism but also with the Jewish state.

    The Bible however is clear that anyone living a Godly life will suffer persecution. I would agree that what the goverment is doing has many parallels to Nazi Germany. There is the taking away of rights, the merging of government and big business, the idea of superiority, the demonization of those who are opposed. Also the Twin Towers served as a Reichstag. Whether the United States government had a part in their destruction or not the bottom line is they used that disaster to implement things that never would been allowed under normal circumstances.

    The people of the United States have no diligence. They are apathetic and content in their small worlds. They have no vision but instead are led by those who deceive and lie.

    Finally the media is almost pure propaganda, yet another similarity to Nazi Germany. It is true on the one hand the media portrays the homosexual life style as an acceptable alternative. Yet on the other hand the media is very pro government and pro war. You may disagree and we can discuss these finer point later.

    Trust only in God as He is the only one that can sustain and protect.



  9. Devon said

    First of all John..What are you talking about??????

    We are referring to the Media’s abuse of power here vis a vis trying to make this killer out to be a hater of liberals only whence in reality, he hated Christians also….thankfully a few media outlets were honest about this man’s evil mission ie Drudge Report….and Fox News partially … for most of the media, this murderer was labeled a hater of gays and liberals with no mention of his hatred of Christians!

    Same old tricks the liberal media have played for decades….the eric rudolph and tim mcviegh being the most appalling…both devout athiests but to this day, the masses still think of them as ‘christian’ murderers as per the orders from the mass media!

    John, as per your fantasies about America being the Nazi state reborn, well…those are just fantasies….more accurately, America is being pulled further and further to the hard left..

    The fact that a man like Obama actually has a chance to win in November should purge your mind of any ‘vast right wing’ conspiracies!!

    I referenced nazi germany only to show the parelled in how the press hated and ridiculed the Jew and how we see that today in the Liberal press towards the Body of Christ….it now remains to be seen if we will also eventually face the same horror’s our Jewish friends faced 65 years ago or so….

  10. nan said

    Don’t forget that we as christian as always portrayed as judgmental to everyone who is not christian in television and movies. One movie that has had an impact on the young people, not for good is Saved with Mulcalley Culkin and Mandy Moore. A horrible movie

  11. nan said

    The KKK were never and are not Christians at all. They were and are terrorists who terrorized, raped, murdered, burned and brutalized other humans because they hated them. They claimed to be Christians just like some Arabs claim to be Muslims and are not they are ALL terrorists.

  12. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    As regarding which of is right if either let us hold that discussion until the new year.

    Obama is just another hand picked person of the system. From my perspective and the perspective on the left Obama’s differences from McCain aren’t all the great.

    Obama wanted to win the Democratic nomination so he potrayed himself as liberal and against the war. Now that the nomination has be secured he is floating towards the center. His recent trip the the Middle East and Israel show that.

    McCain of course is doing the same thing but in the opposite way. He has secured the conservative vote and now is looking for those undecided in the middle.

    I don’t believe either of them speak what they believe in, they only say what they think will get them elected.

    As regards to my ‘fantasies’ I am not alone in my thinking. I wonder if you really have a historical grasp at what happened in Germany after WW 1 leading up to WW 2.

    I will give you concrete examples that cannot be argued.

    Concentration of power into the leader’s hands.

    Taking away of rights and protections of citizens. (You may say these moves are justified that is your right to have an opinion.)

    The increase in militarization of the country.

    The exploitation of a tragic disaster to manipulate the people. (I would certainly agree with you that action in Afghanastan would be warranted. As far as the invasion and occupation of Iraq there was no connection between Iraq and nine eleven.)

    There are more paralells but do you agree with these?

    As regarding the media being biased to the left I would like you to research who owns the networks.



  13. Devon said

    John, I do not regard conspiracy thinking all that high…that can lead us down endless bunny trails of conjecture…we have enough daily evil in front of our eyes that we do not have to ruminate about which sinister forces or cabal is behind them….it’s pointless..

    As for Germany after the war, yes I am well aware of the Versaille treaty and all that entails etc etc….

    To compare America at this point to the lack of rights in Germany between the wars is an appalling exxageration….perhaps one day that will be the case but I do not see anyone shutting down the lunatics at or Demcracy Now or Air America or PETA or Code Pink et al……now, if you suggest that as Christians, we are having our rights slowly taken away by the Liberal left, yes that is true….through hate crimes, multiculturism, radical feminism, Gay agenda et al….yes that is obvious….

    I think John that perhaps living in Cuba or Iran might give you a clearer perspective on what a real police state looks like….or Red China depending on the province…

    As for your comment about who owns the media, I have a sneaking suspicion you might be referring to the Jews…that would be a mistake to blame this on ethnicity…the media is controlled by Liberals…far far leftist liberals…if you are not insinuating about the Jews, then accept my apologies….

    Anyways, I do not know how we have gotten off topic about the original post….

    A dasterdly move by the media again to paint Christians and thus Christianity as intolerant…again, Thank the Lord for the Internet and a few honest media outlets…

    Nam,that movie you referenced ‘Saved’ was an appalling attack on Christians…but thankfully, it bombed horribly….same with the Anti Christ movie, The Golden Compass ……I would never patronize these shows…I have read extensively about Hollywood and its evil…

    You can pretty much pick out any movie and it will have in it an Anti Christ theme…

    As for the KKK, of course you are right…but they have always referred to themselves as Christians and that causes confusion for the non believer…at least until they read the Greek Bible and find out the message of the hatred of the KKK has nothing to do with the Truth of the Gospel…sadly, many people want to believe the worse about us…..the Lord predicted all of this…

    Take care

  14. Job said

    Jonathan De Leon:

    You forget that I am a black man from the very deep and very rural south. I know that many KKKers regarded their organization as a Christian one. Those folks were wrong, deceived because of the hardness of their own hearts. They failed to love their neighbor, and as such they went after an organization that reflected the darkness of their own sin nature, just as surely as homosexuals and abortionists that claim to be Christians do today! But as I stated in the post … what Christian would burn a cross? Now I am not Roman Catholic, so please know that I am not really into images and symbols anyway, and that includes the little crosses and icons. But for those who actually take symbols seriously … and the KKK did, because they were a fraternal organization, and all fraternal organizations take symbols seriously … then their practice of burning crosses speaks of their actual disregard for Jesus Christ and the Bible despite what they might claim or even be strongly deluded into believing.

  15. Job said


    Yep, the Mandy Moore movie “Saved” made by the bisexual Michael Stipe of R.E.M. fame. I remember when Mandy Moore, whose first – and only hit – film was an evangelical Christian one (A Walk To Remember), trying to claim that “Saved” wasn’t really an attack on Christians and shouldn’t offend anyone. Ah well …

  16. Where’s the evidence that Adkisson is an atheist? Not believing that the Bible is the literal word of God doesn’t make you an atheist.

  17. Sharon Campbell said

    It bothers me to see this event turned into a political debate, but I realize that’s what happens when something like this makes the news. Usually, it’s liberals using it for political debate.

    I was aware that Adkisson hated Christianity. I read about that interview with the neighbor soon after the shooting and at first I thought he’d wandered into the wrong church. But then I learned that he chose it because his ex-wife was a member there.

  18. Sharon Campbell said

    His ex-wife was also a victim. She had a restraining order against him after he threatened to murder her and commit suicide.

    Getting a notice that his food stamps were being reduced seemed to trigger this senseless violence. It’s odd that he blamed liberals for that since they tend to vote for more government welfare programs such as food stamps.

    His political opinions matter very little to me. One doesn’t commit a violent act like that because he’s Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian. He does it because he’s self centered, hateful, evil, and cowardly. He was hurting and he wanted to make others hurt, too. He wanted to die and take others with him. Linda never hurt him or anyone else. She was kind and loving. I am sure he same is true of the usher he killed.

    Linda was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    A bit of irony. One of the men he shot is a Libertarian who attends a Unitarian church for religious reasons and not because he’s liberal. I don’t think Libertarians are considered liberal. I keep hearing how conservative the Libertarian presidental candidate is. This man’s daughter, brother, and sister in law were also among those shot. I don’t know if they were also Libertarian or not.

    This really isn’t a political situation. It’s a tragedy caused by one man’s evil and victims being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I heard that the shooter tried to go in a different entrance. If he had not been redirected, he would have taken out a different pew.

  19. Job said


    My interest in and perspective on this story is completely religious and not in any way political. Liberalism is only relevant because many liberals do in fact do their best to try to link fundamental, evangelical, and traditionalist Christianity to violence (while doing all they can to deny the link between liberal/Marxist Christianity to the same … liberal Christians have not only incited plenty of riots but personally spilled a lot of blood, and the media/entertainment/history books either never speak of it, or they glorify it … one of the more egregious examples is all the riots incited by leftist preachers during the street movements – including the civil rights movements – of the 50s, 60s, 70s, etc. … and how Al Sharpton is not in jail for inciting the deaths of innocent poor people in the Freddy’s Fashion Mart fire set by one of his supporters a few years ago you will have to explain it to me).

    But incidentally, I aim as many criticisms towards the religious right as I do the religious left, because the Bible is the word of God, not a political manifesto or a party platform.

  20. Nick said

    An atheist huh. His manifesto was released today, in his own writing. It was found in his care the day of the shooting. It’s here:

    Of his many rants, it mentions that liberals “don’t even believe in God. They worship the God of secularism”.

    Does that sound like an atheist? To whoever created this page (it says Job), care to correct yourself?

  21. J Macdonald said

    I guess hindsight is always 20/20, and it is clear that Adkisson is not an atheist. No atheist would write a letter and mention religion (pg 1) and complain about others not believing a god, or “worship the God of secularism” (pg 2).

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