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The Prosperity Doctrine And The Old Testament

Posted by Job on July 27, 2008


2 Responses to “The Prosperity Doctrine And The Old Testament”

  1. Job, are you the speaker in the video?

    I have yet to watch all of this, but I heard a pastor here in my area teaching on this same thing not long ago. His was a shorter presentation, so I’m sure yours likely goes more in depth. This all really just adds more support to the consistency of scripture.

  2. Very interesting topic. Moses stopped them from giving because he saw an evil trend beginning to take place. The people began to bring gold and silver everyday. This was fine, because of the work, but Moses stopped them from giving once there was enough, because he was rejecting excessivness. The people had began to give ritualistically, which is sinful. Churches today have made a ritual out of giving.
    The other reason the people gave continually was to gain favor from God. They wanted to return to right standing because of their sins with the golden calf, and they felt this would get Gods attention.
    Sounds just like what the ministers preach today; giving, favor, destiny. We received all of this at the cross. Not through giving to Get Gods attention.
    They began giving from the heart but it slowly turned to compulsion. Notice how many saints walk to the front as the minister is speaking and toss money at his feet. They are moved by compulsion. Flesh!
    This is an act of worship. But who are they worshipping? The preacher of course. And he doesn’t have the guts to tell them to stop because he wants money.

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