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New Ager Former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Establishes Human Consciousness Institute (And Believes In Space Aliens)

Posted by Job on July 24, 2008

This proves that people will believe in ANYTHING except Jesus Christ. For them, it is all about entertaining every imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God that they can find as refuge from the truth.

In this link Mitchell describes his rejection of the Christian worldview of Sir Isaac Newton

This Is The Link To Mitchell’s Institute That Promotes Universal Human Consciousness

Here Edgar claims a government coverup over alien visitations


14 Responses to “New Ager Former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Establishes Human Consciousness Institute (And Believes In Space Aliens)”

  1. Kyle said

    Well Don’t assume that there are not Christians out there who believe these Aliens are demons. I for one do. The book of Enoch which was quoted in Jude was once part of the original KJV. It was later taken out. I do believe that it is quite the possibility that such an Alien landing for the world to see could very well be the great deception by Satan. Go google these three words “together” at the same time.

    Nephilim Aliens Demons


  2. Job said


    The plot of the 2007 Christian film “Unidentified.” You saw it?

  3. Be careful with Newton, was he not a Grandmaster of thePriory of Sion- according to Holy Blood and Holy Grail ( although some of Baigent, Lincoln theories are false you have to acknowledge that they had documentation which no one else was given)

    A Great book on the Priory is the Scarlet and Beast by Daniels, is one of the best pieces of research I have read in a little while.

    When I first read Holy Blood I questioned a lot of the information but people like JR Church and Springmeier told me that there was great information contained in that book.

  4. Kyle said


    I just watched the trailer and I will go and get the DVD. It is about time someone really delved into this. the facts are pretty simple. Too many sightings, crop circles, and abductions have taken place to not think that these things are real. When I say “real” I mean being Demonic.

    That being said, we must recognize that many of the sightings can be explained. Also, there are crop circle makers who do this as a hoax. But the more profound sightings as well as the most intricate crop circles can not be explained by human means.

    Aliens display angelic properties albeit “fallen” angels. They suddenly appear, they can go through walls, and they speak telepathically. The space craft have been clocked at going 18,000 miles per hour and making 90 degree turns in an instant. These afore mentioned properties CAN’T be applied to physical matter. People can not walk through walls because we are made of matter as is the wall itself. We can’t appear somewhere else suddenly because we are bound by space and time. We can not accelerate beyond a certain speed or we will literally disintegrate. However, angelic beings are NOT restricted to physical laws. These physical laws were created for earth and all of the earthly creation. Angels can appear in an instant. They can communicate with anyone in their own language.

    Job, Let me give you a scenario that I think you should really really think about. Did angels eat with Abraham? Yes, of course! How can angelic beings on one hand have the ability to consume food(physical matter) yet defy physical matter properties via suddenly appearing? How could Jacob wrestle(physical) with an angel yet angels can easily blind mankind like in Sodom and Gomorrah? Are you getting a pattern yet?
    You see the facts are pretty clear that angels can not only exist and perform in both earthy and heavenly settings but can also can have attributes of both. You should really read the Book of Enoch which was once part of the original KJV Bible. Also, based upon the afore mentioned examples you should really look into the idea that in Genesis when they spoke of angels copulating with humans IS EXACTLY WHAT IT MEANS. Giants, Nephilim, and Aliens can all be explained.

    So what do we make of these fallen angels? Why should we assume that they can’t appear as something else? Why should we assume that they can’t exercise their abilities to defy physical laws? Why do we make the Devil out to be some innocuous demon with a horn when in reality he IS THE ULTIMATE DECIEVER.

    Don’t be surprised if one of these things landed to bee seen all over the world. This would immediately break ALL religious paradigms. It would unite the world in that we will see ourselves as a member of something greater than what we think. It will come at a time of great turmoil in our world. It will answer the, “Where did we come from?” “Why are we here?” questions. These “aliens” will probably even “help” us solve our problems of this world. And everything mentioned above will be the great lie of Satan.


  5. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    I too pondered the thought that the ‘aliens’ might be demons. I never researched it. None the less we know demons to be real.

    In dealing with the devil there is a fine line to walk. To dismiss the evil one as nothing is one extreme and to make him to powerful even God’s coequal is the other extreme.

    Satan and his demons are a real thing. Yet God holds satan on a chain. The devil cannot do one thing without Almighty God allowing it.

    If these ‘aliens’ are demons then that would explain much. People who sell their souls for power and control would be the ones to come in contact with them. Just as God works in the good soil the devil would work in the bad.



    PS I will try googling what you suggested.

  6. Kyle said

    John Kaniecki,

    FYI there are a lot of kooky sites out there that agree with this. Alot of sensationalism if you know what I mean. So in doing the research gloss over them and pick out the solid ones.

    John I have a question to ask you and everyone else. Why when we see pics of Alien Greys we get very unconfortable and scared? Heck! we have seen scary movies before and they don’t give us the same feeling do they?


  7. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Thanks for the warning. There is a story on AOL about an American astronaut claiming alien visits have been covered up for sixty years.

    Of course the best way the company destroys credibility in an idea is to mix truth with out right lies. Then the whole idea is dismissed because of the lies.

    Aliens as demons? I certainly see no reason why not but I am not convinced. I guess we will find out soon I suppose.



  8. David L. Williams said

    I agree that there are beings appearing, and deceiving. Note that many of these have to do with the “sky.” Jesus said their would be signs in the skys in the end of days. I suspect these are not demons, but fallen angels, who can fly. They are not the same. Demons are the spirits of the now dead offspring of the “going into the daughters of Eve” by fallen angels who left their estate. Those are now chained deep in the earth. It is likely that not all fallen angels have been put in chains, and plenty are left over to rule over territories on earth, as told in Daniel.

    But the demons are stuck to the ground, unable to fly as angels can. I agree that the Book of Enoch gives us some great needed info and it is obvious God thought highly of him, rapturing him from the earth before the Flood. Some of the Bible authors spoke hightly of him, as well. But other things in Enoch’s writings are questionable, such as him seeing where the sun is stored overnight, etc; ….DavWms

  9. Kyle said


    Thanks! I understand the flaws in the book of enoch however my thrust was to point out that most Christians are unaware of the level of deception the Devil is capable of. Don’t get me wrong, as a Chrsitian I fear not however my point is that we should prepare to have the answers for the unsaved and the shaky Christians once the End Times begins.


  10. Kyle said


    One more thing. Like you said I in no way am implying that these Aliens/Demons are from outer space. It is a well orchestrated deception to deceive us into thinking that we are not alone and that the true progenitors of our species is extra-terrestrial. It is the ultimate lie of Satan. This in essence is the trump card that in my opinion will dissolve all beliefs in ones prospective religion, unite the world against those of us who refuse to worship/ believe the lie, and will possibly happen after the Gog Magog war mimicking the return of Christ as a false return of the messiah.


  11. David L. Williams said

    Kyle, yes, I agree with you and wasn’t trying to present an opposing view. Just adding info for others to search out for themselves. I’m so glad to find others who have seen these wiles of the devil with intent to expose them.

    If the churches won’t do it, then the Church has to. Keep up the good work.. …..DavWms

  12. Job said


    it wasn’t angels that ate with abraham. read the passage again and tell me what it says 🙂

  13. Kyle said

    Job it was God.

    My thrust was to point out the abilities of Heavenly beings vs Earthly beings. My point was to show that God and angels had the ability to function in both the spiritual and physical. Obviously God is far superior to ANYTHING seeing he is the creator. However, it should be fairly obvious that angelic beings can defy OR follow physical laws. With that being said fallen angels and demons clearly can manipulate what our perceptions are thus the alien issue.


  14. Job said


    Yep. The ability of angels to function both in spiritual and physical is also borne out in Genesis 6:4. Of course, in order to be a “respectable evangelical” these days, you have do deny what the word nephilim means in that passage, as well as come up with evasions on what “sons of God” mean …

    I say that the Young’s Literal Translation does it best.

    The fallen ones were in the earth in those days, and even afterwards when sons of God come in unto daughters of men, and they have borne to them — they are the heroes, who, from of old, are the men of name.

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