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Jerusalem Situation Getting Disturbing: Jews Attack Innocent Random Arabs In Reprisal For Terror Attacks

Posted by Job on July 22, 2008

Similar to the blacks who saved Reginald Denny, these Arabs were saved by Jews. Unlike the thugs that assaulted Reginald Denny, however, the Jews then tried to attack the family that saved the Arabs. I cannot recall Jewish citizens acting with such violence against innocent civilians, especially other Jews. Hopefully this is just something that will pass, maybe when Olmert is finally forced from office. But if it does not, then this definitely represents a turn for the worse in Israel. Despite what liars like Christiane Amanpour of CNN would have you believe, attacks on Arabs – and other Jews – by Israeli citizens is extremely rare, and this represents a real escalation with disturbing implications. 

Haredim attack, wound two Arabs in Jerusalem neighborhood


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