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What A Surprise … Dobson Is Laying Groundwork For Endorsing John McCain

Posted by Job on July 21, 2008

Dobson Will Back McCain After All!

Because Obama is just SOOOO bad … funny, James Dobson (and Ann Coulter) would have been perfectly fine with President Hillary as opposed to John McCain. But now both are singing a different tune. Now what is the only REAL difference between Obama and Clinton? Hint #1 … it isn’t their sex. Hint #2 … it isn’t their policies. I will let YOU go ahead and guess. This is not about “the lesser of two evils” as Dobson claims, because again Clinton and Obama are no different in terms of policy in the areas that Dobson allegedly cares about. This is about … well you go ahead and guess.

Incidentally, Janet Parshall, a Christian talk show host that I spoke positively of last year here and here, has been playing the “we like Hillary Clinton better than Barack Obama” game for months now. In the past, she vouched for Clinton’s Christian views as being “more mainstream” than Obama’s. She also would state that Clinton is “more in tune with middle America and blue collar voters” than Obama. And last week, the show made claims to the effect that Obama was part of the anti – American left that was seeking to destroy this country, BUT THE CLINTONS LOVED THIS COUNTRY AND WERE NOT. Now were this a secular right wing outlet, of course all of this is part of the “beat Obama” campaign. In other words, they have the luxury of pretending that Hillary Clinton is anything other than a new world order globalist totally opposed to Biblical Christianity. In short, THEY CAN LIE. But Dobson, Parshall, and the rest? They are supposed to be CHRISTIANS, right? 

But then again, what am I talking about. The same people that were burning McCain in effigy a few months ago (rooting for the Mormon to beat him I might add in many cases) are now talking about what a great man of faith McCain is, how he attends a Southern Baptist church and everything. One thing these Christians pumping McCain won’t tell you about: His actual religious beliefs! Seems that when McCain was a prisoner of war, he served as the “chaplain” in the Hanoi Hilton. Good, right? Well check out this sermon that he delivered:

One day I talked about the parable of when they asked Christ whether they should pay taxes and he held up a coin and said, “Render unto Caesar, etc.” My point was and still is that when we were flying in combat, we weren’t doing God’s work. We were doing Caesar’s work. So for us to go to prison and then ask God to get us out was not fair to God, to our religion, to our beliefs and to ourselves. It wasn’t a miracle that sent a SAM [surface-to-air missile] to hit my airplane. It was a guy, a technician at a SAM site.

I think it was important, a little bit for the stability factor, that it wasn’t God who was going to perform a miracle, end the war and bring us home. It was men. It was Caesar. I think the majority of those guys felt the way I did but we just had some, just as people turn to faith healing and that kind of stuff, we had some of that. A lot of times I would pray for strength and I think sometimes I got it. Pray for patience to get through the next minute when things were bad. I just don’t think it’s fair to expect too much out of what is basically not the Lord’s business.

So, because you sinned by fighting in Viet Nam (and if you believed that why were you over there in the first place!?!?) God won’t forgive your sins if you ask Him to? And we also have here a complete, total, appalling rejection of God’s providence, even to the point where McCain told his charges to give credit to EVIL MAN instead of God. Now this is why knowing the social location, time place and culture, of the Bible is often important. When McCain was telling his fellow prisoners that Caesar was going to rescue them, most will not have a problem with that, because to most Americans our government is good old Uncle Sam! But that was not the context that Jesus Christ meant. To Jesus Christ, “Uncle Sam” was the Roman Empire, a wicked, brutal, pagan fascist ruled by a man who claimed to be god, and in a short time would start slaughtering Christians who refused to worship him as God! Further, it is relatively clear that Revelation allegorically refers to the Roman Empire as a representing not necessarily Satan himself, but definitely Satan’s using the wicked rulers and governments, religions, economies, militaries, etc. of the world to accomplish his ends. So, when McCain was sermonizing to his prisoners of war that they should not expect God to help them but rather look to the fallen world controlled by Satan for their salvation and deliverance … wow!

But hey, don’t expect to ever hear this from Janet Parshall, Ann Coulter, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, or any of the rest of the religious right. They are going to keep telling you that you have to choose the lesser of two evils. They are going to make you think that by choosing a lesser evil you are somehow doing righteousness because they are withholding from you the truth: no matter whether the greater evil or the lesser evil is chosen, EVIL STILL WINS AND THEREFORE RIGHTEOUSNESS IS NOT ADVANCED. They want you to believe that choosing Stalin over Hitler (or Hitler over Stalin) is somehow more righteous, more Christlike, the mark of a spiritually mature Christian. 

Reading this, I honestly do not see how the liberal deist god of John McCain that does not forgive sinners or answer prayer and forces us to go to Satan for help is any better than the black liberation theology atheist Nation of Islam god of Barack Hussein Obama. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE BOTH FALSE GODS AND THEREFORE ONE IS NO BETTER OR NO WORSE THAN THE OTHER. The religious right will not tell you this, because they lust and whore after this world and the things of it, and do not have their eyes on the next life.


3 Responses to “What A Surprise … Dobson Is Laying Groundwork For Endorsing John McCain”

  1. Devon said

    Again, you see it in terms of bad is still bad…I and many other Christians see it in terms of the lessor of 2 evils of which McCain is when compared to the even more odious Obama…

    I fully support McCain with my nose plugged…he is worse then Bush…but the alternative is worse then Clinton…..

    If you stay at home Job, Obama wins and you will by default have the most radical left wing socialist that America has ever had….far far worse then a McGovern or Gore even…

    I think we Christians have to be realistic…the chances of a True Born Again Wonderful leader running and winning the U.S. elections in these decadent days is next to impossible…

    So I still say…vote the better of the 2….

  2. Polycarp said

    Job, God help me, but you seem to be making some sense, except for the unfounded Islam remark on Obama, but you seem to be making sense… help me…

  3. Job is right on this issue. If you vote the lesser of 2 evils in this instance, you still get evil.

    Also, both McCain and Obama aren’t too different when you look at their policies. In my opinion, they are the most identical Presidential candidates in policy in decades.

    Here’s examples: Both agree on gun control of law abiding citizens, both are for embryonic stem cell research, both voted for the anti-Fourth Amendment FISA bill, both are for the anti-liberty USA Patriot Act, each are similar on immigration, and each support warfare in this contrived war on terror.

    You’re getting 2 favor of the same thing. ON abortion, McCain feels that killing babies is fine for rape and incest. Now, with Bush with similar views on abortion (and no radical drop in the babies being killed), there is no guarantee that McCain would do the same. People have a right to not vote or vote their conscience and pull the lever for a Third Party candidate. Both Barack Obama and John McCain accept globalism, but differ on the means to get their. Also, I have no fear if Obama or McCain is elected. The Bible says we fear nothing but God. Under worse circustances during the Roman Empire, Christians were a shinning light in spreading the Gospel. So, if either person are elected, we just have to work harder to fight for the truth.

    By Timothy

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