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False Doctrines Exposed In JesuitInfiltrator Videos!

Posted by Job on July 21, 2008


4 Responses to “False Doctrines Exposed In JesuitInfiltrator Videos!”

  1. These are videos are interesting. I first heard about them many months. Educational about theology and the world around us is a fair description about the subject found in those videos. I’ve noticed in recent months that more and more real Christians are exposing the World faith movement. There is a backlash against false doctrine by many authentic Christians.

    By Timothy

  2. Well Job, he puts up so many good ones, might as well just list a bunch instead of trying to cite one at a time 😀 .

  3. Thank for telling the truth.

  4. Jesuitinfiltrator said

    I am jesuitinfiltrator….

    I collected those videos from all over youtube and made my channel to bring them together into one location so everyone can see them, because I felt they were important enough to feature under one theme. I was surprised the channel lasted as long as it did before it was deleted by youtube a few weeks ago… I am just thankful for all the people I did meet on youtube… and I made some real friends also, but I also found out who are my real enemies… hate mail .. got plenty.. I got tired trying to answer it all… it was actually a fascinating look into the mind of roman catholics to see what they actually think and believe about the lies they have been taught. For instance most catholics who emailed me thought, that the roman catholic church actually gave the world the bible due to what they call Patristic evidence and Pre nicene church fathers. Yes 2,000 years of lies concerning church history the vatican has foisted on the minds of men doesnt change the fact truth is truth, we have to fight for it… there is no neutral ground.. especially with phariseeism and ecumenicalism… could say a lot more but that will suffice for now.

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