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The Larry King Story: Why Evangelizing All Children With The Message Of Jesus Christ Is A Must!

Posted by Job on July 20, 2008

From Newsweek we see the problem of a neglected, abused, and mentally ill teenager who exhibited sexually aggressive tendencies towards his male junior high school classmates and is killed by one of them: 

Young, Homosexual and Murdered

From Child Evangelism Fellowship, the world’s oldest, largest, and most successful child evangelism ministry (and yes they are Reformed/Calvinistic!) we see the solution: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Child Evangelism Fellowship Videos

Folks, we have to get the gospel of Jesus Christ out to children. It is now legal to proselytize children in to homosexuality in public schools (gay clubs, gay pride month, gay is great sex education classes, etc.), which means that soon it will be ILLEGAL to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with children ANYWHERE (child experts all basically agree that it constitutes improper indoctrination, brainwashing, child abuse, etc. EVEN WHEN PARENTS RAISE THEIR OWN CHILDREN UP IN THE FAITH!)

And incidentally, kids like Brandon McInerney – who viciously murdered an innocent human being in cold blood, an abomination in the sight of the Lord and a violation of the Ten Commandments given to Israel through Moses and the universal covenant given to all mankind through Noah – need the gospel of Jesus Christ as well. Remember: God only destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone because of the abomination of homosexuality, BUT HE DESTROYED THE WHOLE WORLD WITH THE FLOOD BECAUSE OF THE ABOMINATION OF VIOLENCE AND MURDER. 

The Three Step Salvation Plan


4 Responses to “The Larry King Story: Why Evangelizing All Children With The Message Of Jesus Christ Is A Must!”

  1. Brian Garrett said

    Jesus said “Do not fear those who can kill the body but not the soul. Instead fear him who can destroy body and soul in hell.”
    In other words, “humans can only kill you, but God will torture you forever!” (But he LOVES you…)

    Brandon McInerney is not the real villain. The real villains are those who believe the Larry King is now suffering unspeakable torments in an eternal hell. Teaching kids Christianity produces more Fred Phelpses, not more Brandon McInerneys. The last thing any of our children need is the intellectual cyanide that is the Christian gospel.

  2. Mike said

    Ugg this drivel is sad. While I feel for both sides of this tragedy, Christianity is a religion, being gay is not, and gays do not (and should not) proselytize. The only things gay citizens want is to be accepted, and have the same rights as the majority (I.E. Marriage), which is why we have been trying to educate that concept through media, gay organizations, and gay clubs.

    It’s disgusting hearing that “gay people are merely recruiting” when all we’re doing is saying it’s “OK to be gay if you know that you are”. Christians are more guilty of recruiting. One could argue they start at birth, but more importantly they do it through missionaries (which is how Baptism spread to Korea). What? Can’t christians be nice for the sake of being nice, instead of helping with a stipulation that the help was “sent by God”, and then building a church. Give me a break on the recruiting nonsense…

  3. Dan said

    How do you know that CEF is reformed/calvanistic?

  4. Job said


    They say so on their website.

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