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That every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!

God’s Decree of Election

Posted by Job on July 18, 2008

From Youtube user JesuitInfiltrator


4 Responses to “God’s Decree of Election”

  1. Yea I saw this one earlier today and might post it myself at some point. That video is the truth.

    You had better be downloading copies of everything JesuitInfiltrator has been putting up…

  2. Job said

    IC: Yeah, I know … he is next …

  3. micey said

    Amen! How awesome!

  4. Kyle said

    Arminianism was one of the biggest stumbling blocks in my life. It was one of the most painful time in my life in regards to my Christian walk. I never experienced so much confusion between the years of 1996 – early 2000? Everything from losing my salvation, being let down when I would witness and the person would not accept Christ, and not having “supernatural” power of the Holy Ghost were all cleared up once I understood TULIP. It was one of the most profound burdens lifted off my shoulders. everything made sense after that. Everything!


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