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Muslim Feminist Melissa Robinson Equates Honor Killings With Wives Submitting To Husbands

Posted by Job on July 12, 2008

See this “column” from the worst newspaper in the country, the Atlanta Journal – Constitution. In order to defend her false religion and the culture that it comes from, does she claim that similar things happen in Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, and Judaism? Nope. She only goes after Christians, especially Baptists.

As a co-founder of the American Islamic Fellowship, an Atlanta-area organization of more than 200 Muslims, I can tell you that our organization does not subscribe to any interpretation of Islam that condones murder in the name of religion or honor. To me and our membership, this is an abhorrent expression of misogynistic thinking that targets women as the guardians of a community’s honor.

It has come from the mouths of Christian saints, Italian philosophers, American revolutionaries, French existentialists, Baptist preachers, modern historians, European scientists, English poets and Muslim imams, just to name a few:

“It is still Eve the temptress that we must beware of in every woman.”

“It is said in the state of adultery, the responsibility falls 90 per cent of the time on the woman. Why? Because she possesses the weapon of enticement.”

“A wife is to submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her husband.”

Who said which comment? The first came from St. Augustine, the second from an imam in Australia and the third from a Baptist preacher.

This evil liar – which is precisely what she is – wants to claim that the Christian doctrine of wives submitting to husbands leads to honor killings or the cultural suppression of women. It doesn’t. Also, when interpreted correctly, it is obvious that a woman’s submission in Christianity should only be to her own husband. A Christian woman SHOULD NOT submit to just any fellow on the street. That IS NOT the way that it is in Islamic cultures, where ALL WOMEN must be demure and submissive before ALL MEN. Even if the Koran does not call for that, the cultures of most Islamic countries do, and as a result the religion is interpreted into the culture. Compare that to Christianity. The teachings of Jesus Christ and the writings of the apostles SPECIFICALLY ELEVATED the status of women (and children) within the Christian context that recognizes that God made the covenant with Adam, an adult physically and intellectually mature male and further Christianity has TRANSFORMED cultures. The dirty little secret that atheists, liberals, and religious pluralists don’t want told is that before the introduction of Christianity, the west was just as brutal as the rest of the world. The Roman Empire had some degree of culture, true, but it was still legal for the head of a household, the paterfamilias, to kill all the women and children in his house. Women and children had no protection or legal status. And as for the pre – literate European pagan and animist tribes outside the Roman Empire … let us just say that they were called “barbarians” for a reason, for they did not even have the pretensions of culture or rights that the Roman Empire did.

Now Christianity transformed those cultures. That is why honor killings do not happen in Christian cultures, not even in the so – called third world. By contrast, Islam DOES NOT transform brutal, cruel cultures. That is why you see such atrocities against women, children, and yes men also even in some of the most modern and best educated Islamic cultures. It is also why when Muslims move into western cultures, people like the Kanwal family have difficulties adapting that Christian immigrants from places like Asia and Africa LACK. Islam IS NOT the true faith, so IT LACKS the ability to transform cultures.

This Robinson woman knows this, and that is why she is raising the specter of fundamentalist Baptist preachers in order to strike fear in the heart of every progressive man and woman that has been conditioned to believe that the evil white Christian men are going to take away their antinomian “liberty.” Were the truth actually taught in our schools and reflected in the media, it would be impossible to get away with this. No one teaches how cruel and brutal Europe was before Christianity, and how Christians brought people all over Europe everything ranging from human rights to things like medical training, modern agricultural methods, and written languages. The people running our schools and the media would rather have you believing that these things always existed – or that they came out of the Enlightenment – and Christianity opposed or slowed it.

Now please, do not mistake this for a religious right culture war screed about how we must defend our “western Judeo – Christian heritage” from this threat and that agenda. This is simply about my seeing yet another example of the media promoting a knowing lie in order to use it to claim that all religions are basically equal. They are not. Christianity came from God and when done according to the Bible reflects his character. Islam came from a man obviously possessed by an evil spirit – a fact that Mohammed initially did not deny until his human resistance wore down, and since he did not have God on his side he did not have the power to continually resist the evil or drive it off available to him – and reflects not the character of God, but of the fallen world, and that includes the Arabic/Middle Eastern/north African culture where it developed. (By the way, false forms of Christianity also reflects fallen worldly culture. First, take a look at the Roman Catholic Church, then state churches in Europe and wherever else they appear, and finally the American suburban seeker – sensitive megachurch scene.)  

Were it not for the gospel of Jesus Christ, the entire world would be trapped in cultural darkness, and there would be no light anywhere. Melissa Robinson knows this, and that is why she is equating a woman submitting to her husband to honor killings. But it is the job of Christians to oppose this lie where it occurs and thereby defend the truth of the Bible. It is not a political or cultural battle against liberals and Islam, but it is a faith battle against Satan and all of his evil in the world, and the warfare weapon is the gospel of Jesus Christ and our willingness to regularly boldly witness, evangelize, proselytize, and testify of how Jesus Christ transforms the world one soul at a time, how this same Jesus Christ is returning again, and how He will set up a kingdom of peace and righteousness that will never end.


3 Responses to “Muslim Feminist Melissa Robinson Equates Honor Killings With Wives Submitting To Husbands”

  1. Karen Scales said

    I wrote a book titled “Women : Status of women in Islam, Hinduism and Christianity” under the pen-name, Keren Soel, which was placed last September. You can find my book on and it gives an insight to the teachings of the quran which results in the subjugation of muslim women.

    I also show in my book the blessed position a christian woman enjoys in the bible. In my book, I explain that when a wife submits to her husband, he does not have the right to abuse her or mistreat her. The husband is commanded by God to love, honor and cherish his wife. People who do not understand the Word of God consider submission as a bad word. Children are commanded to submit and obey their parents and the parents have responsibility to care for and protect their children.

    Karen Scales
    P.O. Box 541
    San Angelo, Tx 76902

  2. Diane said

    Job, those passages in Ephesians are used quite often to subjugate women. Women are told to suffer in these relationships in order to bring a wayward man to Christ. Paul was not sanctioning abuse, but men and women use those passages to subjugate women. These are undeniable truths.

    Just from the portion of Melissa’s writing above, I believe she is honestly speaking about the problem of misogynistic behavior in ‘people’ of all faiths, and is not attacking Christ and His teachings at all. Concerning the topic of “oppression of women”, how is Melissa a liar??

  3. Diane said

    is a husband’s respect, love and honor of his wife conditional upon her agreeing and going along with everything he says, or is he commanded by Christ to love her as himself, whether she agrees with him or not?

    Abigail did not submit to her husband and is an example of a woman following after God and being a strength and blessing to her family.

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