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Kentucky Snake Handling Pentecostals Arrested

Posted by Job on July 12, 2008

Note how the article wrongly misidentifies these practitioners of false doctrines based on wrong interpretations given by a criminal and an adulterer as “fundamentalists.”


15 Responses to “Kentucky Snake Handling Pentecostals Arrested”

  1. Adam said

    Although I do not necessarily condone snake handling, nor do any of my fundamentalist preacher friends, I feel that this sting operation was both a violation of our first amendment rights of freedom of religion as well as a violation of separation of church and state. Furthermore, if the animals are not endangered, I see no harm in the snake-trading, especially since Texas has its annual rattlesnake round-up. I believe those involved should seek relief under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

  2. Job said


    I am sympathetic to your viewpoint. However, using these snakes in religious rituals endangers innocent human life. What if one of these snakes were to get loose during one of their services and bite a small child? If it didn’t have the possibility to kill innocent people I would agree with you 100%. But since that threat is there, I can only agree with you 50%.

  3. Shallel said

    I strongly support the use of snakes in CHristian Worship! Can you say religious freedom?
    Besides, the more Christians who are killed by snake bites, the less there are to vote for McCain!

  4. Job said


    So, you support killing people to advance your own political objectives? With that, you reveal the hard heart and a dark soul devoid of the love of Jesus Christ.

  5. Shallel said

    It comes from being subjected to your War God, Jehovah-Allah-Yahweh-Satan, Christ’s sworn enemy!

  6. Job said


    Yahweh (Anglicized transliteration Jehovah) is not Allah or Satan. Further, Christ is Yahweh, and Yahweh is Christ. The meaning of Jesus is “Yahweh saves.”

    And yes, my God is a God of war. One day, the God of war will declare war against and easily crush and overthrow the wicked. The question is whether you will be counted as wicked or as righteous. If you are made righteous through Jesus Christ, you will be righteous, and you will share in the glorious victory of Yahweh over all evil: man, state, and spirit. But if you reject Jesus Christ and with Him God the Father and God the Holy Spirit, you will be one of the very evil entities that God will crush and triumph over.

  7. Walking across the street is a lot more dangerous than this ritual. WV didn’t ban it and it mostly has gone away. Let people have freedom. It works in the long run everytime it is tried. Tyranny fails everytime in the long run.

    We don’t want government interfering in our churchs.

  8. Job said

    David Anderson:

    If a church is violating the law, then is it a church? If there was a law that infringed upon the free assembly and worship of religion, then fine. But that is not the case here. When the government starts preventing Mormons from baptizing people or Jews from circumcising their baby boys or Muslim minarets from issuing the call to prayer, then we can talk. Until then, my stance is that churches should obey the law just like everyone else, and yes this does apply to the statutes governing the financial affairs of churches that choose to organize themselves as nonprofit organizations according to the LAWS set forth in 501(c)3.

  9. E.S. said

    Religious Freedom is what this country was first based on!

  10. Job said


    Show me where in the early church the believers picked up snakes to show each other how holy and righteous they were.

  11. Let’s see it is okay to be a television host and handle snakes but not a preacher. I don’t see any good reason to handle snakes as part of worship. I don’t need to argue why I think it is mistaken because I don’t see that as an issue here. Snake handlers aren’t likely to be big bloggers.

    My issue is religious freedom. The Bible clearly said in one verse that you shall pick up deadly serpents and they shall not hurt you. The Apostle Paul was attacked by one and shook it off in the fire. He was unhurt and an entire island came to the Lord (notice he didn’t seek out a snake nor drink deadly poison on purpose to tempt God). These people have an understanding of Scripture. They have a right to follow it. The government has no right to single them out with special legislation. If it can do it to them, it can do it to anyone. Look at the Indians and Peote. It is wrong.

    As for the law, it is the government breaking the law. If a law is passed which violates the command of God, I have a duty to obey God rather than men. We as Christians don’t seek to break the law, but when the law targets our Faith, we must stand true. Daniel was the most loyal man in the kingdom, but he choose God when prayer was banned. Theology is not a matter for public vote.

  12. Shallel said

    *Things go better with new “Christ”*

    Your Jew god got you down?

    Feeling blue? Try new “Christ”! He’s no son of a Jew war god!

    He said “you are of your father the Devil!” to those Joos!

    Things go better with new “Christ”! Patent pending.

    Your Jew god got you down?

    Feeling blue? Try new “Christ”! He’s no son of a Jew war god!

    He said “you are of your father the Devil!” to those Joos!

    Things go better with new “Christ”! Patent pending.

  13. Ev. Duane Williams said

    *Things go better with new “Christ”*

    “Your Jew god got you down?

    Feeling blue? Try new “Christ”! He’s no son of a Jew war god!

    He said “you are of your father the Devil!” to those Joos!”

    Ah, nothing like a little gnostic anti-semitism to round out the day. You are truly a pathetic excuse for a member of the human race. Jesus said the Temple of YHWH in Jerusalem was His Father’s House. He also said “before Abraham was I AM, which is EHYEH(first person YHWH) in Hebrew.

  14. Shallel said

    Make that a pathetic member of the pathetic human race who worship a pathetic god.

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