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The Biblical Jesus Christ Versus The Counterfeits

Posted by Job on July 11, 2008

Here is an excerpt:

     Far too many people today ignorantly receive and worship ‘another Jesus’ — a counterfeit Christ who cannot save sinners from sin, the power of Satan, or hell. Preferring to recognize Jesus as ‘just another prophet for our own age’, people everywhere are saying the wrong things about Jesus. In fact, the late Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat considered Jesus to be a non-Jewish Palestinian. This lie has now grown into Jesus being a “Palestinian Messiah”.  Many people involved with Witchcraft will tell you that Jesus was ‘a super witch’.  Eastern gurus say Jesus is a master guru who has been ‘enlightened’.  Christian Science teaches that Jesus was a man in tune with the Divine consciousness, that He was not the Christ, but a Divine idea. Jehovah’s Witnesses go so far as to teach that Michael the Archangel became Jesus and that “The man Jesus is dead, forever dead.” [1]   According to the Roman Catholic Church, ‘Jesus’ has been mystically transformed countless millions of times through transubstantiation. In the sacrifice of the mass Jesus becomes a tiny breadwafer to be adored, eaten and ingested.  According to the Quran, the Jesus of Islam is a ‘Prophet’ but not God’s Son, not the Savior of the world, and not God manifest in human flesh [God Incarnate]. To spirit mediums [necromancers], Jesus is ‘an advanced medium in the sixth sphere’.  The list goes on and on.  Even Dan Brown, author of the ‘fiction-called-fact’ DaVinci Code thriller has blasphemously cast Jesus of Nazareth as one who had sexual relations with Mary Magdalene. Dan Brown’s ‘DaVinci Code Jesus’ is not the New Testament Jesus of Nazareth but a Gnostic gospel counterfeit– a fantasy ‘Jesus’ that is a blasphemous perversion of the Jesus of Scripture.  All these false Christ’s are simply “re-definitions” of the true Jesus–they are spiritual frauds.


4 Responses to “The Biblical Jesus Christ Versus The Counterfeits”

  1. Kyle said

    Sadly the deception does not stop there. We also have the “false” Jesus of the many, but not all Protestant denominations worship. I have argued in the past that the God of the Prosperity Gospel/WoF is not the biblical Jesus either.


  2. Job said


    Oh clearly! The primary contributor of that website talks about things such as what you are speaking of as well.

  3. escapeetoo said

    Good post JC and I am feeling the topic. Far too many so called pastors play like they know Jesus Christ. But few really dig into the O.T. scriptures to understand His true essence. The Law of Moses in fact is nothing more than a tutor to understand Christ and His redemptive poser. I blogged about it a little here:

  4. rulookingforjesus said

    Great post, so many people miss the importance of taking time to read and study the Bible in order that they can begin to have true understanding of Jesus. We can’t grow in our faith without Jesus. There continues to be a need for what you write about.

    Grace and Peace to you

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